Monday, June 6, 2011

**** Keturah and Lord Death

Keturah follows a legendary hart deep into the forest, where she becomes hopelessly lost.  Her strength diminishes until, finally, she realizes that death is near-and learns them that death is a young lord, melancholy and stern.  Renowned for her storytelling, Keturah is able to charm Lord death hovering over all, until she confronts him one last time in the harrowing climax. (synopses from book cover)
What a great fairytale! I loved the characters, wonderful romance, the ending was amazing. I was glad the way it all turned out. Quit a delightful read!

***** Matched by Ally Condie
This was a great dystopian book. I loved the characters, and the writing was good.  Cassia, was sweet, strong and courageous. Her love interest were great too Xander her best friend and her match, totally swoon worth guy. Ky who is mysterious, and charming and swoon worthy. Who will Cassia, choose and were will that choice lead her.... I really enjoyed this story and can hardly wait for the next one to be released.

language 0
Clean romance
 Sapphique by Catherine Fisher **** 4 stars  Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Right away we are swept off on Finn, Keiro, Claudia, and Attia's adventure. This sequel was really good I liked it. It was fast paced and had me contiualy wondering how this was all going to work out for both the Outside World and Incarceron. Is Finn,Giles? How does the warden fair in Incarceron? What becomes of Keiro and Attia? Claudia who does she belive and who can she trust? In the end all the tangles are undone, and I was left with a satified read.

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clean romance 

By Orson Scott Card 
3 of 5 stars
status: Read from January 03 to 10, 2011

I have mixed feelings on this book. It seemed alittle slow starting out. However there were interseting twist to the old fairtale of Sleeping Beauty. The characters were all really well developed and intersesting. The story it's self was good. I am just not sure I am a huge fan of Card's writing style.
mild language
not clean romance, nudity but no discription not for teen