Friday, January 22, 2016

Knight by Kristen Ashley

*****+++++++++Doesn't get any better than this Stars!

Ahhhhhh where to begin......This book had me at hello,lol well at the first page. I was standing in the corner I was curious and from there things kept getting infinitely better. This story is HOT,SEXY AND SWEET. Knight is the man that women love because he is who he is

"It's what she raised me to be. It's all I know Anya. Protection, I was born then I was raised to be a shield."Knight

"There are very few women who meet men like that in their lifetime because there are very few men like that alive. And there are fewer women still who recognize it, take care of it and move heaven and earth to keep it. Now, listen to me.Hold. The. F&*^. On."

Knight is all that and more...

"He's sheer, raw, aggressive masculine beauty from head-to-toe." Anya

Anya Baby

"Wars fought over a face like this"

Anya was at a party that she had no desire to be at but being the good friend that she is she went to keep her best girl friend safe. While there she wonders into the bedroom to find a phone since hers decided that it was time to not work properly so she could get a cab ride home. That's were she runs into Knight and he is really not happy to have her in his room, or all the other people in his home parting. He is gruff but kind to her. He insists on taking her home, walking her to the door and checking any and every nook and cranny in her tiny apartment for any unwanted guest. See the man is hot, doesn't even know her but is willing to do what it takes to make sure she is safe. Then he walks out the door and well that was it...
Then she happens to be at his club and he sees her in that dress,lol. And he just cant take it he wants her. Yes physically but because she is who she is she is good. He tells her later that she should end up with a guy that is good and will give her the home with the white picked fence and that he is not that guy. And she gets that about him, and boy am I glad because these two are perfect for one another. Life is not with out it's ups and downs for these two. Knight has his secrets that could cause him problems before it is all said and done.
These two are perfection together all hot, sexy and gorgeous, quite the lethal combination for an amazing read.

Loved it! Knight is my all time favorite book boyfriend!

Read 3/16/13
reread 3/10/14
reread 3/19/15
audio listen 5/22/15 Loved the audio just as much as the book. Did a great job with the voices.

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

**** Sexy Kulti Stars!

I am finding it hard to rate this one. There were many things I really like about the book, yet there were some that I didn't. I think the length of this book was a definite issue 495 pages. I like long books if the plot can support it, but this could have easily been shortened. The soccer stuff went on and on and on, as did the media bump intos. On the down side was also the lack of romance in a touchy feely way. It is all implied by actions, which some of those actions were awesome. But. At around 60% They openly admit to feelings to each other, and I think a kiss happens, but nothing else physical happens until around 96%. I don't like books that build up to an explosive ending like that. I like it peppered throughout a story line. The reason they can't be physical with one another after they admit they like each other is because he is her coach and she has signed a no fraternizing clause.
Now the stuff I did like. I really like Kulti he is a hot egotistical man. He says it how it is and does what he pleases...mostly. Really like the characters in the story, they were great, found I was thinking about them a few days later.
So plot 3.5 stars The rest 4.5 stars.

Reiner Kulti


Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

***** Hopeful Stars!

Okay so I took a break before reading the epilogue thinking, this was such an awesome chic flic and I loved it what and awesome story, and yay I didn't cry. Well that epilogue just did me in (I cried), beautiful perfection...the whole book. A unique story, crash landing in the rain forest, realizing what love really is, surviving the elements, letting go. Ah is was just wonderful. Loved the writing really descriptive and eloquent. This is one of those that I will reread many times it is that sad yet hopeful happy good love stories with heart. I don't have to many books that make it to my very favorite list but this one has been added to it.

Tristan "I used to believe that the experiences life throws at us shape us. Now I think that it's the way we cope with what life throws our way that shapes us."

Aimee "Tristan slipped into my soul the way mist travels in the forest after the rain: unseen, unstoppable,and ubiquitous."


Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole

*****+++++++ Incredible Stars!

This series is amazing! This book is not for the faint of heart!
I loved, loved Flame's and Madd's story!!! They broke my heart over and over again. They had so much combined pain from life that it was hard to bare at times, yet I wouldn't have wanted to have been any place else. They heal each other from the outside in. It was beautiful and tragic to watch, and I loved it. The writing was phanominal which added to the ease and flow of their story.


Holding You book 1 and Releasing Me book 2 by Jewel E. Ann

***** Hold my breath Stars!

I don't want to give anything away, I went into this book not knowing much about it and I was really glad. You will want to have both books on hand, because book two picks up where one left off. Thought this one was beautiful, tragic, sexy, funny, frustrating, and wonderful. Another one of my all time favs for the year. I already want to go back and reread it. Loved it! Enjoy!

#Heart by Cambria Hebert

***** Amazing do not want this to end Stars!

This is one of my all time favorite series! I love everything about it, and I don't want it to end!!! They have become some of my favorite book characters ever. Cambria has such a way of writing these characters into your heart. She makes you feel like you are one of them, on this journey of their lives. Can't wait for it to come out on audio,lol. Such a beautiful series of friendship, family, love, loss, growth, and pain. Enjoy!

Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

*****Beautiful Stars

Well I love Harper Sloan's books and this one is no exception, it was sooo good. I loved that it was in a lot of ways her story, and it was perfectly imperfect, because that is life. Life is what makes us who we are today, the good the bad and the ugly well and hopefully the pretty too. A must read! Thanks Harper Sloan for giving us your reader's a little bit of you in your book. :)