Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Girl With The Iron Touch by Kady Cross
***** Love this series!

Yay! It was so much fun to be back with Finley and her gang of misfits. What a wonderfully well written engaging and creative story. The characters I love them all, they are so well developed and interesting. Just can't get enough of them, especially Jack Dandy and Griffin,heheh. This story caters to Emily and I was really glad because she is one of my favorites, she is small, large in spirit and passion, intelligent, creative, hurt, flawed, sweet, tough, you get the picture she is pretty amazing. Really the whole gang is. We finally get more glimpse into the emotional and romantic side of our favorite couples. Hurray!!! It is nicely paced through out the story line and I was so happy......finally!
This book takes off about two weeks after they arrive back home from there trip to America. Everyone is feeling a little strained from there adventure and loss of Jasper's friend. Griffin has isolated himself to his rooms and claimed he is "under the weather" but his good friends feel that there is more going on than meets the eye. Finley is especially feeling all sorts of confusion after all their kissing and now nothing. I don't blame her I would be confessed too. Griffin needs to make things right and quit being so secretive. He needs to let his friends who love and care about him help carry his burdens.
While amiss the calm comes the storm. This misfit gang is not allowed much time just to enjoy life they get thrown into the fire right from the first pages. Remember that awful machinist Garibaldi that we all hoped was dead when the roof caved in on him.....well he isn't and he wants vengeance. Emily is unaware that he plans to have her help restore him, weather she wants to or not. As we know Garibaldi has a way with getting his way......
There are many wonderful moments with and Jake Dandy and his roguish self. Griffin and Finley as the share their hearts with one another, with Sam and Emily as they sort out their feelings for each other.
Loved, Loved, Loved!!! We also get an unexpected hint that there could be another book, I hope so. Really a beautifully crafted story with lots of creativity and heart.

content:  clean read know things are happening no details

Thanks Harlequin!


Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick
***** One of my favorites for this year:)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED! This was a really fun, interesting, educational and unique read. I love it when one of a kind books come along and you just can't get enough and don't want it to end. That is how I felt about Daniel and Lisanne's story, in fact I found my self slowing down my reading just to savor it and make it last longer.
Lisanne is in her first year of college away from home. She is a very conservative person in her thoughts and actions. See where this is going, hehehe. She is a sweet heart just a little naive. She meets notorious hottie bad boy Daniel in her business class. They are soon paired off together for a business class project. Now Daniel is known to be distant, rude, easily provoked, and loves the women. As you can imagine they are a little like oil and water. He drives Lisanne crazy with his rude matter of fact behavior, and he could careless what she or anybody else thinks. Let me tell you I was even a little annoyed with his behavior it did come off rude. Some of the stuff he did, I was thinking he did not just do that and leave her there....JERK! Lisanne had a very stereotypical way of thinking towards Daniel because of all his tattoos and piercings. Just think if she would have stuck to that way of thinking she would have missed out on an amazing man and love.
One day while working on their project Lisanne is enlightened to why Daniel is the way he is. Once she knows all the facts their love story starts to unfold. Daniel is awesome! I so admired him and how he coupes with the life he has. Lisanne is awesome in that she sees the beautiful man that he is no matter what.
I liked her family and all the drama that went along with it, it was lol funny at times. Her brother was hilarious, I liked that he could do his male bonding thing with Daniel. Her roommate Kirsty a great roommate, who helped give most times really good advice to Lisanne, and was just a fun loving person.
Great story really well written love her writing style loved other books that I have read by this author. Great story with a beautiful, unique twist. The romance was hot and sweet, he was just awesome! Want this one in paperback so I can put on my shelfs. One of my top favorites for this year.

Adult read-not clean

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Point of Retreat
***** 5 Butterfly Fantastic stars (read it and you will understand the butterfly thing:D)

Butterfly Amazing!! Were to even begin, this series is just amazing! Colleen can write such vividly real, relate able stories. I am transported to Will and Lake's life, and I am so happy to be apart of it. Just Brilliant Mrs. Hoover!
Love being back in Will and Lake's world they go through so much in this book, and it all seems to make them stronger and solidify their need and love for each other. I love this great connection they share. They have some tough circumstances to deal with, and more trusting/faith issues to work on in this one. Have tissues handy Mrs. Hoover knows how to pull every possible emotion out of me....and I loved every minute of it.

Thank you Simon and Schuster!

content: clean read


Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller
*****  5 Huge Stars Loved this one!
This is such a beautiful series that just captivates the reader. Brilliantly done and can't get enough of Ethan *swoons* The man is hot in all his English glory. He is a the perfect package, flawed do to his time spent in the Afghanistan War, chivalrous, gorgeous from head to toe with the most beautiful azure eyes, the English accent gets me every time, his passion for all things pertaining to love and the bedroom, his 100% alpha male is hot, *sighs perfection* and he is just the most perfect English gentleman. Yes, crushing just a little on Ethan *blushes* I would have to say that Ethan Blackstone is my all time favorite leading male character.
This story takes off were it left off, Ethan has taken Brynne to his sister Hannah's home in the country to ensure she will be safe. I love how he takes charge and takes care of Brynne all alpha male. Ethan is already just perfection, but to see him interact with his niece, Zara was just adorable. She is quite the spitfire and just full of all kinds of information that should have been kept quite, oh boy did she put a smile on my face.
Ethan comes up with a more permeate plan to keep Brynne safe.....marriage. He loves Brynne and wants to do this to protect her, and also make her his. The man is so intense and so in love, you see through this story that she is everything to him and has awaken him from his nightmares. He is a man who is completely and totally smitten and in love. Well you can imagine Brynne's reaction, she is a little concerned with giving all of herself to him, inlue of her insecurities. I admire Brynne she gets scarred and insecure a lot, but she works through it and continues forward. She tries really hard to not let the past corrupt her future. Which is challenging since there is still the mad man that is after her. There are a lot of things going on in this third book. Will they get married? Who is after Brynn? Will Ethan open up about his past? and a few extras that make the story none stop enjoyable.
The relationship part of this story is my favorite. These two wounded souls that find each other, and come to realize over a period of time that they are each others other half. They work for their relationship. They struggle through the bad times, but are always looking out for the other even when they don't see eye to eye. They know what they need from each other and give it willingly which makes for some beautiful scorching love scenes. Their's is a love that is a live and beautifully intertwined with the other. Beautiful series!

content: not clean