Thursday, April 11, 2013

Belonging by Karen Ann Hopkins
Belonging, will Rose belong amongst the Amish? Does she have what it takes to live amongst the Amish? Well I have to say Rose does a good job, and I do mean it was a job. Washing, baking all by hand and from scratch, but she does it, yay for her. I don't think I would have faired to well, to spoiled now with all the modern conveniences that are in my life. She has Noah though the love of her life and she is willing to sacrifice and go the distance for him. Rose has to do it alone too, she is not aloud to spend time with Noah other than a few chance moments they are able to steal, until they start officially courting. There are some HUGE surprises in this one. Plenty of heart wrenching moments, hold your breath moments and jump up and down moments. I love the chemistry between Noah and Rose it nearly left my kindle scorched. I love Noah he is so chivalrous, as well as thick headed. Rose is such a good friend too, I was so proud of her subtle ability to comfort Miranda. I love the way Mrs. Hopkins wrights its so engaging and beautiful. I love this series and anxiously await the third.

Clean read sex no details

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt
Way cute story! It all starts off with a nosy girl named Mallory who is to tempted by her boyfriend Jeremy's alluring computer sitting unsupervised, locks are off and Mallory is cruising his accounts when it happens she finds evidence that he has cheated on her in a not very conventional way. Yet it is a form of cheating and I can see why she is upset. Rumors are flying via testing, phone, e-mail and Mallory has had i,t she decides she is going Vintage giving up her modern technological conveniences for a simpler time. She has been helping her father clear out his mother's home when she runs a crossed an old notebook that has a list from 1962. Reminded me of a bucket list yet different. Mallory decides she is going to complete her grandmothers list she enlists her sister into doing some off it with her. I really liked their relationship they are sweet and silly, and get each other. And the adventures begin, as well as a little romance with Jeremy's cousin. Really a fun light hearted read. Made me want to give up my phone for....well just a day. It was fun to see the lengths she would go in order to stay true to her commitment of no technology. Cute, fun read!
Love the cover!

clean read

Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein
Dear Cassie is one of those books that just squeezes at your heart. Makes you wish parents would be parents. Cassie has gotten herself into a little bit of trouble which lands her at Turning Pines camp which is for teens that are in trouble. (Her parents needed a camp, called pull her head out and parent up) Cassie is a lost soul in a lot of ways just looking for someone to love her and want her. She is close with her brother but he has his own life too. Her dad is off at war and her mother is drunk on the couch not coping with him being away. I liked how the author didn't sugarcoat Cassie she is a little more than just rough around the edges, and boy does she have a mouth on her. She is not all bad by any means she just has these tall thick walls up, and you can see why. A friend that lies and gets her in this mess to begin with and parents that aren't there for her, and a guy who is a total jerk. Aaron the jerk guy plays on her being naive and wanting for love and attention and well catastrophic events will fallow and leave her more broken than she already was.
While at Turning Pines, Cassie starts to understand herself a little and tries to put her past in perspective and move forward. It is a slow and painful process. She meets Ben there and he too has a dark edge to him that she wants to stay away from, but seems drawn to. He is very patient and understanding, and over the coarse of their stay Cassie finally opens up to him, and through this begins the healing process. Their's is a light romance, with a lot of heart.
This is not a light fluffy read. It is about a girl who is trying to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life.

mature teens
clean read , heavy issues, lots language

Claim Me by J. Kenner
All in all I really enjoyed this book, but I did struggle through the first 20% of the story. I had a hard time settling into Nikki's sense of humor, and it was just a little disjointed. BUT....the other 80% was great! I love the chemistry between Nikki and Damien they are sizzling hot on the pages. Damien is all about control he is very alpha male and knows what he wants and that is Nikki. Nikki needs his control in her life. They are a perfect match.
There is a great story along with all the sensuality. We end book one with Nikki having completed the nude portrait for Damien, it is tastefully done and her identity is hidden or so she thinks..... Then there is Damien and his dark past. We the reader have a few ideas as to what that might be but don't know for sure, more is revealed on that in book two along with other twists and turns. I loved the ending and how Nikki stands up for herself and fights back her demons, that was a great moment. Loved also how she tells Damien how it is going to be. I love how Damien would slowly reveal little pieces of himself to her, I especially like the story about his favorite author and the two books. This was a really enjoyable read I love Damien and Nikki and look forward to book three.
Thank you Bantam books/Random House Publishing Group!