Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hope you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year!!

Forever & Always by Jasinda Wilder
***** Heartbreaking Stars!

Read from December 27 to 30, 2013

Oh my gosh my heart can't take this...

Review to come. Have to go read book two that was a crap ending! 

After Forever by Jasinda Wilder
***** Soulful Stars

Well that was just heartache and heart break written all over the place! All that takes place in this book is just I don't know painful, wrong, sad. Where do you go when there is no hope? I don't really know, and hope I never do know that feeling. But ugh Cade has it in spades, and it sucked. My heart bled for him and his situation. To have felt such loss over and over and over how does one even go on. And to feel so alone, like really alone the pain and heartache. I found I wanted to figure away to reach through the pages and be just a friend to him. Do I want to judge him sure I do, but I won't.
The essence of this story is really the quote

"I will love you forever and after forever"

This story is full of angst, sorrow, and it is beautifully told the emotions, and characters were so real. Jasinda develops a characters that you just become and feel their love and their losses. And I love to feel those deep emotions. Leaves me a blubbering mess, but it is worth it.

Me most of this book


Friday, December 27, 2013

Beck by Harper Sloan
***** Patient Stars!

 Fell in love with Beck and Dee!



I loved everything about this story, but Beck he is just perfection. He is strong, confident, way to handsome *fans self*, and PATIENT. I think a part of me fell in love with how patient he was with Dee.

"Patience wasn't even a factor. When you love someone, you fight. You fight for them, and you fight with them. She needed me to fight for her then, and I'll continue to do that until she can fight for herself again."

Beck's love for Dee ran deep and was completely unconditional and beautiful.

"It's always been Dee fighting me, fighting herself, and running from her fears. And I've been fighting the world for her while she does it."

Really just a beautiful story about two people one damaged and wants to push the man she loves away because of the past. And one man who will stand by her through it all.

"Yeah, I can do this. For this man who has been fighting for us alone, I'm finally ready to start fighting with him."


"My wildcat is back, and I'll be damned if I let her go again."

adult read

Friday, December 20, 2013

So I am official hooked......David Gandy is in my opinion one of the sexiest men alive....next to my hubby that is!

Why is he not Christian Grey???

   Swoon,lol    Those eyes!

I think I will stop for now. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iced by Karen Marie Moning
***** Icy Stars!

I actually started reading it and had a hard time getting into the story. I decided to download the audio version, and fell in love with it. Love the English accent. Really well done. Love Dani's story and can't wait for more:D
After the Rain by Lisa De Jong
***** Yes Stars!

These two are just so beautiful together! All the love, devotion, emotional understanding, pain, and heartache have brought them to were they are. Oh and it is just so exquisite. I am so glad they both were able to have their Happily Ever After. Beau, Kate and their story gave me so many happy moments as well as happy tears....what a story.

  Kate        Beau

Their Happily Ever After!

 Torn from You by Nashoda Rose

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! With an intensity that had my poor heart beating out of my chest the first 50% of this book.
   I was alone and fighting to survive.
   When I heard his voice, I thought he was there to save me.
   I was wrong.

Emily will have the fight of her life ahead of her, emotionally as well as physically.  Thrown into the sex traffic/slave world by one she trusted. Devastating!
I loved Emily's will to survive, she is naturally reserved but extremely strong willed. She wants to be a horse trainer. She has a wonderful and supportive self made family in her friend Kat and Matt. She does do stupid a couple of times and I just wanted her to play by the rules, so I wouldn't be so stressed out.
Logan I wanted to kill in the beginning, and then I understood him. He is a hot up and coming rock star and underground fighter which pays his way into the music industry. He is all alpha male, strong, and confident in everything. My relationship with him seemed to be what the heck help her, fix this, and then the last 50% good luck making this right, and your amazing.
The second part of this story is just as intense but in a much different way. It was really well done and interesting to see how these two characters would handle the past, present and future.
The writing was so well done could not put this down the story had me on edge the whole time. The characters were all just amazing, even secondary ones. A couple of my favorites were Deck and Georgie. Deck is scarey, loyal and his story I can only image is going to be hot. Georgie is fun loving, great friend and sweet. Can't wait for their story. I am hooked Nashoda Rose, I want more of your stories! Loved it!!

Logan/Sculpt hotness   Emily/Eme

Friday, December 13, 2013

With You by Nahoda Rose
***** Mysterious Stars!

Saying I was excited to start this one is an understatement. As soon as I saw it fly across my goodreads feed I knew I had to read it. NOW! Thanks Nashoda for the privilege of reading your book.

Emily and Scouts story is one of and emotional, soul connection. Scout at first is not into her, but then he sees something in her that makes him think differently. In a matter a few short moments spent together you feel there is something that tethers these two souls together. Scout sees the insecure, yet strong, resilient, giving women that is his Eme. "Lego building." I jerked at his words. "What?" "You think to much."
 I love how he gets her and can see through half of the secrets that she tries to keep from him, especially the ones about how she feels towards him. Emily understands Sculpt his need for his secrets, she has them too. His need for control. Yes he is an amazing Alpha Male.I kiss you Emily...there's no going back.  No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what's mine. I don't share."
Sculpt is just hot, sexy, confident, illusive when it comes to his past, and a gentle giant when it comes to Eme. It was hard at times not knowing anything about Sculpts past, however knowing that Torn from You will be coming out at the same time helps with the not knowing. We do know that he is an illegal underground fighter who fights for the money which he pours into his band, hoping they will make it big. The secrets that Sculpt holds onto could they put the love of his life in danger.......
Yes this is a huge cliffhanger so get both books at the same time. And enjoy this Sexy, mysteries story.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson
***** Beautiful Stars!

This was an audio listen for me and it was so enjoyable. The reader had an English accent and it was just wonderful. If I would have actually read this I would have lost the accent, so I loved listening to it. Mrs. Donaldson writes beautifully. Her writing has a Jane Austin flair to it that was so enjoyable. I was so entranced with the story that I didn't want to turn off my ipod. I loved her description of the Moore's, and Blackmoore itself. Characters were wonderful and the story was great.
Kate is a reserved, smart, doesn't see her own beauty, and feels caged by the restrictions of the time. Her mother is cruel and doesn't fallow as she should the customs of discretion towards her pursuits of men, and yes she is married. Her mother is willing to connive with the best of them to get what she wants no matter the cost. Kate has wanted for years has wanted to go visit Blackmoore. It is home to her childhood friend Henry. Every year Henry and his sister Sylvia come to visit and every year excuses are made as to why she can not go. Finally an opportunity presents itself and Kate makes a bargain with her mother. As you can imagine this has disaster written all over it....but she finally gets to go to her beloved Blackmoore.
While Kate is at Blackmoore she starts to recognize Henry as a very handsome man instead of the childhood friend he has always been to her. However she refuses to ever marry and keeps pushing away her feelings. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. Kate has secret that she feels she must keep. The way she put off Henry at times was frustrating, but as the story unfolds you see that her heart was always in the right place. Henry he is so sweet and handsome and completely smitten and in love with his childhood friend. I loved the part in this story where he makes a replica of Blackmoore for Kate while they are apart over the summer and what that all meant, so beautiful. The end was a little rushed or maybe the problem was that I just didn't want it to end. I loved watching all the secrets come to light. Loved it!
If you are a Jane Austin fan you won't want to miss this one. Really a sweet and beautiful story.


clean read

Gabriel's Redemption by Sylvaine Reynard
***** I am In Love Stars!

I absolutely love this series!! In book three we get to see how Gabriel and Julia grow and relate to each other now that they are married. Their past will come to haunt them in more ways than one. Each of their  insecurities are brought center stage, and must be dealt with or relapse into old coping mechanisms. There is a big surprise as well.  I love, love Mr. Reynard's writing it is pure beauty, could read, listen to it forever, in other words I will be stocking your next release,lol. This felt a little slower in movement, but I didn't think it was a bad thing. Gabriel and Julia are comfortable with each other so we aren't really waiting for any major plot craziness. With that said, I think it was fine and didn't affect the over all movement of the plot. There are plenty of sexy romantic moments with the two, that sizzled the pages. I have enjoyed this series so much watching how Julia character has grown into this bright confident woman who loves her man unconditional and she has grown to love and respect her self and won't allow others to walk all over her. The growth that has come from Gabriel's character has been amazing he is still all that he has been it is all just refined and he has more self control.  The ending felt complete, but a little lacking I wanted more closure, or just for the story to not end. Luckily it sounds like Gabriel and Julia will be mentioned in Mr. Reymard's new release, so YAY!  
Favorite quotes
"Darling, I've gone to run errands. I'll be back in time to get ready for the exhibition opening tonight. I love you, and I like my body when it is with your body, G."

"You want to protect me, You want justice. I love you for that. I still wish I'd killed him. You have. she pressed her cheek against his shoulder blade. His muscles tensed. How so? You love me, you're kind to me, and you treat me with respect. The longer I'm with you, the longer I'm with you, the more everything having to do with hem seems like a bad dream. So in many ways, you have killed him. You've killed his memory. Thank you, Gabriel."      
                                     MY GABRIEL AND JULIA!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Before We Fall by Courtney Cole
*** Conflicting Stars!

I normally love Mrs. Cole's books but this one had me so conflicted. I think my main problem with this story is that I didn't like the heroine, Jacey who was in the previous books. She is selfish, especially when it came to Brand, she was way, way, way out of line considering her friend only status with him, so unfair to him, I really hope he get's his own story. Someone has already lost a life because of her actions. I just found my self not liking her, but it wasn't one sided, because I didn't like the hero Dominic either. He is a well known rich actor who knows he is hot and thinks all the women want him (which they do). He is not very humble and incredibly arrogant, and not nice in general to others. Dominic blames himself for a tragedy that happened a few years prior, it left him broken and feeling unworthy. He decides to turn to the darker pleasures of life because he feels this is all he deserves. Jacey happens to run into him at one of his brothers parties, he gives her a ride home which leads to jail. The whole jail incident really showed off his jerkiness. They end up having to spend a lot of time together which allows them to see the broken as well as the good in each other. Jacey feels as though she can help/change him. Over time Dominic does make peace with his demons with Jacey's love and support.
The story is written well and is interesting I just had an incredibly hard time finding these two characters cheer worthy. I know many will love them and I am glad, and I hope you do, just didn't work for me.

mature read

Wanted by J.Kenner
***** Sexy Stars!!

Love the Cover!

I really enjoyed this story it was fast paced with one twist, turn, mystery or secret that needed to be resolved. I couldn't put it down took me a day to read. I love Mrs. Kenner's writing it has a sophisticated quality to it, her stories are all well rounded, and scorching hot, Wanted was no different.
Jahn, Angie's wealthy, and beloved uncle has suddenly past away. This has left Angie bereft and confused. She start's to examine her life, who she is, what she wants out of life and with whom. Her current life has her feeling caged and lonely, know one gets who Angie is. Well know one that is except her uncles long time friend Evan. He has admired her from a distance for years. Angie has always loved Evan and admired him. Not until now has she been willing to try and open up to him. Once these two finally get together watch out the chemistry is electric, and sizzling. They really are just beautiful together. Evan understands her so completely and helps her unlock her true self. He is control, fierce, handsome, self made, broken and scorching hot. Yes, another book boyfriend for me,lol. Angie to is strong, a little lost do to past events, sweet, and goes after what she wants. This was such a wonderful story, loved it!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Longing For Home by Sarah M. Eden
****.5 Sweet Stars

I love Sarah M. Edens they are all so good. Her other books are regency so this was a fun break away from her previous genre. I actually really enjoyed the historical side of this book, learning more about the Irish in America and how they were not received all that well. Katie Macaulay is a young women headed to the wild west of Wyoming to save up money to go back to Ireland and make retribution for something she feels was her fault, which had a devastating fall out for her family. Did she do it or didn't she? Once she gets to Hope Springs not all is as she expected it to be. The Irish are treated hostel in town, but do have their own little community where all is lighthearted, and they help each other. Katie is a really brave, sweet, broken, smart young women. Katie meets Travish (love the name) who is Irish hot, strong, chivalrous, and hot hehehe. I really liked him! Now for the triangle there is also Joseph Archer who is American he too is hot, chivalrous, stubborn, and widowed. I liked him too. These men are very different in many ways but similar in ways that count. It was fun to watch their stories unfold. Who will she pick, can she over come the haunting of her past? My only complaint was it was a little slow in the middle, not to bad though. Really an interesting, fun, sweet love story.

clean read

Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren
***** Happy Stars!

I am sad to see this story come to a close, I have really enjoyed it. I love Mrs. Bergren's writing, and will be anxiously waiting her next new adventure. Cora Kensington and the the Morgan Family are wrapping things up with their Grand Tour and are now in beautiful romantic Italy. Once again Mrs. Bergren paints a beautiful picture on pages were I feel as though I am there and apart of it all. Things are a little strenuous this stretch of the Tour. Cora is being bothered because of who she is or better yet, now that she has money. She is trying to figure out who her heart really belongs to and what that will mean for her future. It has been fun to watch Cora grow into a responsible, smart, compassionate young woman. She has always had these attributes, she has just grown into them more fully. There are all sorts of twist, turns and mystery to keep the pages flying. In the end all lose ends are tied up nicely and I was clapping happily. Wonderful, adventures, sweet read!

clean read

Unspoken by Jen Frederick
**** Stars

I didn't read the first book, and found that overall this can stand alone. Anne Marie who goes by AM is smart fun out going until one event her freshman year of collage changes everything. I was so mad too! MA retreats from the social side of college not wanting to be noticed and have to deal with all the harassing she is dealt. I have to say I loved Bo he is confident ex military, hot fighter and doesn't put up with crap. They both are a little broken and have things to work on, which really makes this story. I loved watching them grow in their love, relationship and overcoming past wrongs. Really well done, and enjoyable!

Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson
****.5 Fun Banter Stars!

Lake Branson, former special ops man for the Royal Army is in for an adventure when he moves to Invertary, Scottland. He is there to get the money back that he had loaned to his sister Raine to open up her own shop. Raine's store is not your average store but is a lingerie store. Raine is a free spirit who as absolutely no business smarts at all!! Silly girl, lucky for her she has such a hot sweet talken brother who has come to the rescue. Part of the problem with Rain's business is that it is right across the street from a more put together and upscale lingerie store. Invertary is a small town and you can only have so much lingerie right.... Well Lake is out to make this store produce income he tries all sorts of tactics to bring in the sales as well as seduce Kirsty the "other" lingerie shop's owner. This story was really cute. I loved the banter and the crazy things that Lake was up to through out the story. Kirsty has some mysterious issues that influence her behavior towards Lake. Really a fun, fun read!:)

clean read some description foreplay, sex behind closed doors

Me, Cinderella? by Aubrey Rose
***.5-4 Cute Stars!

3.5-4 Stars
I have to say I love student, teacher fall in love stories as long as they are age appropriate, which this is. Brynn is pretty and really smart she excels at math and has fallen for her math professor. Not all is easy for the two of them there love story is one of heartache and pain, but also hope. These two both carry a lot of emotional baggage that keeps them from their dreams.
The story is a cute, sweet take on the original Cinderella story. I like Mrs. Rose writing style. However I did feel that the story had holes or just that information was missing for example her mother dies but we don't know what happened to her, there were just little things her and there that it would have been nice to have known about. Overall I enjoyed it.

Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren
***** Amazing Stars!

Grave Consequences starts right were the first book left off, and boy is it a start. I love Mrs. Bergren's writing style and her attention to detail. All these beautiful places that Cora and her group go to are told in such vivid detail that I felt like I was an observer in the back ground right there with them, love it. I also enjoyed watching her relationship with Will grow. I really like Will he is so sweet and chivalrous. I really like Cora's character a lot she stays true to who she is. Great story!

clean read

Sworn to Raise by Terah Edun
***.5 Stars

This story has a really good premise and was interesting. Ciardis is and orphan from the Kingdom of Algardis. She has magical powers that are sought after, by the Nobility of her kingdom. She is being trained to be a Companion to these Nobles, were she will become their protector. The back history on Ciardis is interesting and enjoyable. The problems for me with this story came with the prince who is not very princely, just didn't like him very well. I was hoping for a little bit of romance as well, but there wasn't any. I will hope that book two will have some. The ending felt a little rushed, especially since this is already a short novel.

clean read