Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Twelve Houses By Olga Soaje
***** Heart Felt Stars!

This was a little bit of a different read for me, and I found I really enjoyed it. Olga Soaje writing style is really beautiful, she draws you in emotionally, and I felt so invested in her characters. Amelia's story is a familiar story of loss of a loved one that is not only your bff, but your lover, confidant and husband.

He made promises.

"You promised you would never leave me. Thirty-five years ago, I looked you directly in the eye and heard, "I will never leave You."

Amelia was so in love with her husband and his death really rocked her world. She is completely devastated and completely lost to the pain, and anguish of losing her husband. A huge part of her died with him when he was gone. Her pain was tangible, my heart ached for her. I can't even imagine nor do I want to imagine that kind of pain and loss.

"I'm lost. I can't...I just can't"...

"I don't want to forget this feeling I want to always feel this love and peace between us."

Her family tries to help her, her two kids are understanding, but see that if she doesn't choose to move on there could be some series problems.

Well then life happens and Amelia is needed by someone else she loves. Now at that T in the road what will she choose to do? What will be the ramifications of those choices for not only her but others?

Really an engaging and heartfelt story of love, loss, making choices, moving forward, and service. As a side note I really enjoyed learning more about the Jewish religion and customs.

Thank You Olga Soaje for letting me read and review your story!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Pure Will by Kristi Pelton
****.75 Sexy Alpha Will Stars!

I know there are mixed reviews on this one. I really did like it. I will have to say though that the first 17% was a little rough. I thought he was an abuser, but I promise that is far from the truth. Will is actually a total hot sexy, alpha male, which I totally loved. The first 17% the writing seemed just a little disjointed, but after that it was fine. Rough start with an amazing ending 4.75 Stars!

Camden and Will have a rocky start, Will is hooking up with her best friend and roommate. The first night as he is doing the walk of shame he sees her, Camden. Little petite angel sleeping on the coach with a pillow thrown over her head. Something about her calls to him, and he wants to see her again, but he doesn't even know who she or her roommate are. They find that they start running into each other at college and decide to see what this feeling they are both experiencing is about. But....they need to break it to her roommate and bff, that they like each other and want to pursue a relationship....

These two were great together both of them are strong, smart, sexy and funny.

"Not simply kiss me either, she straddled my lap as we kissed and I literally giggled like a little girl. I quickly did a check for my man card but it was gone! Toast...."

Will Call it osmosis of sorts. Call it bullsh*&. I don't care she had my heart that's the bottom line.


Camden has a past that still haunts her, some of those fears and insecurities are brought to this knew relationship. Will though is perfect with her, he is just the sweetest thing ever. Everybody else though watch out. I liked the family bond that Will has with his dad and mom. His dad has some heroic moments as well as Will. Yes swoon to both men and their alpha male hotness,lol.

Will too has a past that has lead to some self destructive behavior but Cam seems to be his new drug of choice.
"Her wanting me...needing me was like heroine to and addict. Hearing her say that sealed the deal."

"They think with their peckers. And Cam was living in a Will only pecker zone."

"Her dad needed to know who I was and that he could be relieved of duty...I would take care of her"

And he did take care of her wonderfully!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

Just a short little synopsis for you:D

At the end of Falling Under we get a short little chapter on Alpha. Let me tell you I was all kinds of frustrated that, that was all I got. This book is going to be really really good, how could it not be Jasinda wrote it.
Little synopsis:
Kyrie is seriously down on her luck she has lost her father, her mother is in a mental hospital, and her younger brother chooses to stay away at college with his head buried in the sand so he doesn't have to cope with their mother. She just recently lost her job that a temp agency had provided for her. Her bosses boss was a total jerk, and she leaves him with a broken nose. You go girl! Behind on all her bills, about to get evicted, power is turned off, college tuition is due, last yogurt in the fridge will be her dinner....she is near destitute. While looking through the piles of bills the mailman left she notices one that is handwritten with no return to sender. Upon opening she gets the shock of her life $10,000 dollars with n you in the memo. She runs though the mental list of all the things this could fix and help in her life. She is excited and apprehensive because nothing is free. And won't someone come to collect something from her one day. For one year each month she receive and cashes a $10,000 check. The first three come with a message and then nothing after that. Until the anniversary of the letters then someone comes a collecting........

Kyrie's shocked

And I am soooo EXCITED!!

Release date is this April 29! Thanks Tee for that info:D

Teaser from Jasinda

Monday, March 24, 2014

Geek with the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir
**** Sam Stars!

I wasn't sure what to think of this one, but the synopsis sounded cute and it was. Sam is a cat in search of a new owner. He finds an owner in the shy geeky Emerson. Emerson struggles with relationships, but Sam is there to lead the way surprisingly. Yes, Sam the cat seems to have matchmaking qualities. Emerson really likes Lola but man he struggles when he is around her. It was difficult to be apart of sometimes, but it was really beautiful and sweet. Theirs was a really sweet and magical love story.

Blindness By Ginger Scott
*****Sexy Cody Stars!

I really fell in love with this story, it mad me happy, sad, mad, and it mad me cry.

Charlie hasn't had it easy her mother was a druggy and her father didn't know she even existed, until the day she arrived on his door step. She is just a little girl and her father is a cop he doesn't know the first thing about raising a child. He tries in his own way, but it isn't very good. Then a situation provides itself and it changes their relationship. He finally figures out how to be a father and from there they grow close. Then fate decides to derail everything and break Charlie's heart. He is gone.
Charlie has a hard time dealing with the loss of her only parent, but she knows it is all her now and she is off to college to become and architect. While there she meets and falls in love with Trevor who is studying law. Honestly I don't know what she saw in him, he is just really boring. But she is in l-o-v-e with him. I think he is more security than anything. The guy still lives with his uptight messed up parent. She losses her roommate and ends up having to move in with Trevor and the parents. She is falling behind in her math class and decides she needs a tutor. From the moment they meet you can feel the electrical current between these two. Cody is hot....he also has some issues do to his motocross days. And he and Trevor no each other really well. They are stepbrothers and totally different in every way. Cody too lives on the property which makes for an interesting story.
The thing I loved about this story was that it had so much heart. Charlie doesn't want to fall for Cody, but she knows he is her soul-mate. She fights and fights her feelings for him. Trevor is good to her and loves her but the connection is just not the same. These characters were so real and believable, I loved them. My heart broke for them and my eyes sobbed for them. Really a wonderful story. There was a lot of things going on in this story, Cody has some one trying to take is car maintenance garage. Cody's friends were a delightful addition to have a secondary characters, loyal through and through. Great story! Loved it!


Severed by Dax Varley
***.5-4 Scary Horseman Stars!

3.5-4 Actual Stars for Young Adult Book

I always thought the story of Ichobod Krane and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow was fascinating. This was a quick fun little read. Katrina is full of all sorts of whimsical dreams of leaving her village and all the adventures she will surely have once she leaves. However her plans are throttled when the handsome Ichobod moves to town. They fall quickly into like/love with one another. There relationship was really sweet. Then enters the crazy Headless Horseman. He is wrecking havoc all through out the village, and among Katrina's friends. He seems to have pin pointed Ichobod as a target. Why? I think this question really had me curious, could he have feelings for Karina and want Ichobod out of the way or something else. There is mystery and mayhem a plenty with a dash of sweet romance.

Heart of Stone by Christine Warren
**** Sexy Gargoyle Stars!

Sexy Gargoyles who new. I don't think I have read a story about sexy Gargoyles before. If they are all like Kees I want more,lol. This was a really fun, sexy, with a little mystery story.
Ella is a little bit of an introvert she doesn't like people, parties or crowds. Occasionally her job as a curator at the local museum puts her in a position to raise funds. One night after one of these events Ella finds a man that she knows in the shadows. He approaches her and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word no.
This massive Gargoyle statue, Kees awakens from his 1000 year slumber. Kees is confused as to why he has been awaken. All he knows is he needs to protect the human before him. That is his purpose to defend against the demons and protect. He has questions though how and who had awaken him from his long slumber.

This mystical creature turns into...

Kees is really sexy hot!


Ella is more than she knows she is, but what does that mean. Kees has an idea as to who and what she is. He is also surprised at his need to protect her. He isn't use to emotions.
These two were hot together both in the bedroom and out. They work together to fight the evils that are all around as they come to terms with all their feelings for each other.
Really enjoyable read! Look forward to the rest in this series:D

Taste of Darkness by Maria V. Snyder
***** Fantastical Stars!
I loved the first two in this series and this third book did not disappoint. The cliff hanger in book two about did me in. So yes I did a happy dance knowing that Kerrick was still alive...but were. I have to say I really love his character as well as Avery's they are amazing as individuals and as a couple they are sweet, and a force to be reckoned with. I love there little band, they mad me smile and cringe at times. There are still old as well as new threats that face the kingdom that most be reconciled/taken care of. This was such a fun and great story I love all the mystery, fighting and intrigue in this story. The characters and story are well done and interesting. I loved the insight into Avery and Kerricks relationship and how all the loss ends were tied up nicely...but not to nicely...could there be can hope.

Destroyed by Pepper Winters
*****Mind Mussing Stars!

Well where to begin....
Pepper Winters knows how to write beautifully stories that mess with your heart, mind and emotions. Hazel and Fox's story had me wanting to root for their love one minute and the next, just let it go, but don't let it go at the same time have faith in him. Oh this one was just brutal at times to read. My heart went out to them as a couple as well as individually.
Hazel is the product of the foster care system she did what she had to do to make it out alive. Fox is the product of abuse at the hands of those who enslaved him to carry out there purposes as an assassin for hire. Both of their lives are haunted by their pasts. When they meet there is recognition in each other they feel familiar, they are both hiding and keeping secrets. This recognition is what pulls them together and is the story of something beautiful and haunting.

Obsidian Fox


"My temper exploded, I'd had enough of idiotic male testosterone. Shoving Oscar off me, I hissed, I'm not yours. I'm not his. I'm mine."

"Your dying inside when I'm trying to help you live"

"The strange compulsion, the unknown need. Maybe it was purely lust-two bodies who recognized a person with similar wants and urges. If it was, I'd never been affected so violently."

" I thought she was a saint.
She thought I was a sinner.
Too bad we didn't try to find the truth.
We both paid the price.
We destroyed each other.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spin by CD Reiss
****.5  Mi Copo Stars

What Spin wants Spin gets, well usually unless it is the smart,hot, firey tempered red head Theresa. Then it is game on.

"This is how you say "not pushy"? You can run. I won't chase you. You won't? I handed him the bottle. He smiled. Yeah. I will."

I loved that about Spin he new what he wanted and he went after her with everything he had.

"His eyes were black as a felony...But the slight cleft in his chin, the powerful jaw, the swoop of dark hair falling over his forehead seemed right. Just right."

Mi Copo Spin

Contessa Theresa

Theresa is drawn to Spin but is not about to be burned by another man. She is intrigued by all the mystery behind the man. He answers questions with questions or with just sheer avoidance. She is a wealthy woman and wants to be able to get to know him and be able trust him with her heart. He too has trust issues, and is not totally willing to let her into his world. At times this back and forth I want you I don't want you got on my nerves. Also Theresa giving Spin the run around was frustrating in the beginning. This isn't really a bad thing it is something that just bothered me, I am sure lots of people will not think twice about it. I did love it when they connected wow!

“I am afraid I won’t have you, and I’m afraid I will."Spin

About sums these two up...

“I’ll break you with my love and put you back together.” Spin

Monday, March 10, 2014

Knight by Kristen Ashley
***** 10 Amazing Knight Stars!!!

Ah where to begin......This book had me at hello,lol well at the first page. I was standing in the corner I was curious and from there things kept getting infinitely better. This story is HOT,SEXY AND SWEET. Knight is the man that women love because he is who he is

"It's what she raised me to be. It's all I know Anya. Protection, I was born then I was raised to be a shield." Knight

"There are very few women who meet men like that in their lifetime because there are very few men like that alive. And there are fewer women still who recognize it, take care of it and move heaven and earth to keep it. Now, listen to me.Hold. The. F&*^. On."

Knight is all that and more...

"He's sheer, raw, aggressive masculine beauty from head-to-toe." Anya

Anya Baby

"Wars fought over a face like this"

Anya was at a party that she had no desire to be at but being the good friend that she is she went to keep her best girl friend safe. While there she wonders into the bedroom to find a phone since hers decided that it was time to not work properly so she could get a cab ride home. That's were she runs into Knight and he is really not happy to have her in his room, or all the other people in his home parting. He is gruff but kind to her. He insists on taking her home, walking her to the door and checking any and every nook and cranny in her tiny apartment for any unwanted guest. See the man is hot, doesn't even know her but is willing to do what it takes to make sure she is safe. Then he walks out the door and well that was it...
Then she happens to be at his club and he sees her in that dress,lol. And he just cant take it he wants her. Yes physically but because she is who she is she is good. He tells her later that she should end up with a guy that is good and will give her the home with the white picked fence and that he is not that guy. And she gets that about him, and boy am I glad because these two are perfect for one another. Life is not with out it's ups and downs for these two. Knight has his secrets that could cause him problems before it is all said and done.
These two are perfection together all hot, sexy and gorgeous, quite the lethal combination for an amazing read.

Loved it! Knight is my all time favorite book boyfriend!

Read 3/16/13
reread 3/10/14

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beauty From Love by Georgia Cates

Thoughts so far about 10% done: Pretty good, glad to be back with these amazing characters. They are on their honeymoon at a surprise location, and enjoying themselves.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brutally Beautiful by Christine Zolendz
*****Brutally Beautiful Stars!

5 Brutally Beautiful Stars!



This story had me from the first pages, I had to know what was going on. Why was Sam and Jennifer running? What kind of monster had them this frightened? What had they done? Does it look like a lot of questions, well let me tell you this is only the half of it, because Kade has just as many. I felt like I was in a maze of unknowns, yet I was given just enough to keep me flying through the pages. I loved the relationship between Kade and Sam they are both very broken, tortured they see similar in each other and are drawn to the other. Theirs is a brutally beautiful love story. I really enjoyed watching these characters find their happy/calm. Really well done! Can't wait for book two:D

Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley
***** Fantastical Stars!

Frey Drakkar


Where to begin this was such a delightful read. I loved everything about it. The story was sexy and romantic (just a heads up not a lot of sex scenes) Sjofn aka Finnie who lives in the present world decides that she would like to go to the parallel world to see certain people one last time. She pays a fortune to a witch to make this happen. Seoafin is her twin in the parallel world and she to has reason to want to escape her world. Arrangements are made and the switch takes place. Finnie is in for a huge surprise when she lands in the Kingdom of Lunwyn....Frey Drakkar in all his sexy frighting glory. She should be scarred because he was scary when they first meet. Yet there was something more as well. This story had treason, mystery, and intrigue a plenty. With wonderful characters who you just grew to love. The secondary ones were really well developed and interesting also. Drakkar and Finnie's love story was sweet, sexy, heartbreaking and beautiful. Story not to be missed!!

Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde
*****Fan myself Hotness Stars!
Wow this cover is HOT!

Read in one sitting, could not put it down!! Loved Ruger and Sophie were hot! I loved watching these two figure out their crazy complicated life as a couple. I can definitely see why Sophie was so hesitant about being in a relationship with the hot man whore Ruger. His life has all sorts of complications because of his association with the Reaper's, and his not wanting to keep it in his pants and give her a monogamous relationship . We see time and time again why their relationship is a bad idea for Sophie and her son Noah. However when Ruger is just Ruger he is hot, sweet, and possessive caveman. I loved his sweet interactions with Noah, those were some beautiful moments. Then at last when they work through all of the crazy YAY! They are perfect for each other, and the sparks really fly. 

Sophie and Ruger!

Taste of Torment by Suzanne Wright
***** Love this Series Stars!

So excited! Love this series!!:)

All good things must come to an end....or maybe not. I hope there is more to this series totally loved every minute of it. You get a kick but heroin and hero, steamy hotness, auction galore, and characters that I loved. The secondary characters are even wonderful, and I would really love to have some of their stories as well. Yes I am totally fangirling over this series, it was just a lot of fun. okay enough of with me.

 Jared hot caveman!


Sam and Jared have some huge things coming up. It will test them as a couple and the Hollow. Sorry that is all I can say, I just don't want to ruin it for you. Loved it!

My overall feelings on this series! *sigh*

 Saving Dallas by Kim Jones
 **.5 Love that cover stars!
 The cover is hot the story is just okay, I liked it but it is a different kind of MC read. My biggest problem was that Dallas our heroine is a multi-millionaire, who falls in love with the President of a local MC. For the life of me I just can not see that happening, now the mob maybe,lol. Dallas is a strong woman but becomes a weak, and insecure woman with Luke. Now some stories this work for me but this one it just didn't. The MC sided of things was just a little weak and didn't have a lot of credibility to it. I felt like the author's knowledge of the MC real world was lacking. The characters were likable and the story line was okay and I think could have been good, if some sort of element outside of the MC would have been used. I did find that I was reinventing the story in my mind to make it more believable. For me not all the pieces were coming together.
by Belle Aurora ***** Wowed Stars!

Wow! What just happened with that ending......need to process. If that is the ending and there is no more, then that is brillant and cruel......sounding a little like Twitch. More PLEASE!

This is not a love story. This is a story of a love gone wrong. Author Belle Aurora



Alexa/Lexi has done all the right things in life,she has overcome her passed, and now is a working as a social worker helping others have a better life. Then one the unthinkable happens, well all most happens, but Twitch a guy she has noticed around town saves her from the attack. Twitch on the other hand is all sorts of messed up. His past was a horrific one, but he has gone one and made a name for himself. He is not a hero he is the villian the bad guy, the one we love to hate, but in this case you just can't help but to love him, well kind of, he still made me nuts at times. Their relationship was so buzarre it was interesting. He would come and go as he liked in and out of Lexi's life, and yet she was comforted and happy with the time he gave her. Well up to a point. Things progress and all may not be what it seems. Let me tell you in more ways than one is that statement true!