Thursday, August 23, 2012

Princess Academy Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale
I really liked Miri in Princes Academy, but I like her even more in this story. She is growing and struggling to find her place in the world. Trying to figure out who she is and what that will mean for her life. Miri receives and invitation to go to Britta and the Princes wedding along with opportunity to study for a year at the Queen's Castle University. There is also someone else who is special that will be there too, sorry can't say anymore. Once their the since of political unrest is felt. Tribute's have been raised and sides are being decided. Poor Miri she is trying to wade through it all and make the right choices. You see how important education is and the influence those that are educated play in Miri's thought process. Mira is such a wonderful and sweet character I really loved her. She has such a desire to do what it right, she is honest and loyal, she also learns the great importance of family and ethics. Miri also has a love interest or two, it is sweet. Not going to say anymore don't want to spoil it. All in all a great sequel and it was nice to be back with Miri.

content: clean

In The Dark by Farleigh Greyson
This was a fun werewolf story. I loved Marek and his brothers they were pretty darn chivalrous. David especially! Some of them also had other senses or abilities that were interesting. Marek could hear the inner thoughts of everyone except his mate. David was hyper sensitive and aware of peoples emotions to the point that it was a problem for him. Zoe on the other hand doesn't even know what she is, until she meets Marek. They have an incredibly strong bond towards each other, almost like a remembering of each other. Romantic and a little insta- love, but it worked for me. Did have to skim some pages. I liked the plot of the story the Hunter's are after the werewolves to annihilate them basically, because they are not human. The wolves in this area had been left alone or unknown of for years, but all of a sudden the Hunters are there in force. Hmmm why is that? Any way it is an adventure with twist and turns, they are predictable, but the journey was interesting and enjoyable. I liked Zoe and how she took over the cooking for the pack, some interesting and humorous moments.

not clean

The Selection by Kiera A. Cass

I had no plans to read this one, I kept picking it up at the library and book stores and reading the synopsis and thought it might be my kind of story. In the back of my mind though, I kept remembering how the author reacted to a review a fellow friend on goodreads had given. Just because it had been a non favorable review. That bothered me, but what really bothered me was the lengths the author went to undermine and discredit this friends review. Shame on her. My understanding is that the author has apologized. Let's just be respectful and greatful we all have opinions and that we have the freedom to express them, please.

On to the book, I actually really liked this story. It has princes and will be princesses right up my alley. It is a fun fluffy chic-lit story, which I was in the mood for as I listened to it as we traveled to California on vacation. This story is a crazy mix of fairytale and dystopian combined, which surprisingly worked.
America is one of the girls who is up for the picking to be the future Princess, but there is a catch or two. Does she even want to marry the Prince? Then there is Prince Max, I have to say I liked him better than America. He is more grounded and real. He is of course handsome, kind, chivalrous, sweet, confused, loyal, and just awesome. He is trying to figure out who he loves and will that love be reciprocated. At the same time the country is having political mini conflicts from within the different social classes. He is trying to help keep his country together and find his perfect match.
I thought it was a really fun, light read. I look forward to reading the second in the series.

Audio book well done, enjoyed the voice telling the story.

content what I remember clean, pg13

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry
This is one of those books that just grabs you from the beginning and says, "hang on for the ride." What a great story of making the best under some of the worst situations, and coming out of it better than just okay.
I love the fact that this story is told in both Echo and Noah's point of views. I really, really like feeling emotionally connected to both of my favorite characters. Having both perspectives, I feel adds another layer of depth and understanding to them. Echo is a beautiful and smart girl she would be considered an over achiever,(not necessarily all her choosing) and a very lonely person. She has few friends and no desire to put her self out there to change any of it. Her life before the "accident/event" she was the in girl, she was a cheerleader, and in with all the popular kids and had a boyfriend. There is not only the accident but also some other losses as well as a new stepmother to deal with. I will just say there are huge family dynamics that are going on and help make the story. Noah too has lost much, his parents died and he and his two younger brothers ended up in the lovely state ran foster care system. What a mess that system is. Noah being significantly older has a hard time finding placement. When he is placed it is not in a "loving family." They are abusive and neglectful homes. Noah is handsome, chivalrous, frustrate, flawed, loved and lost deeply, awesome in the brother department. He use to have it all as well, he was on the football team, smart had great grades and was popular. Now he is constantly in trouble and has a chip on his shoulder. Who could blame him though, he has lost so much and stands to lose even more. There is no one there to help him to succeed and help him out of the mess that is now his life. I think it is a very frustrating and over powering place to be when you feel that there is no hope, and that is were Noah is at. To have it all and then to have nothing, I felt for the poor guy. Just wanted to tell him to hang in there. Well hope comes in the way of Mrs. Collins, the schools clinical social worker and she rocks, loved her. Noah is such a good guy he wants to try and get his brother's back so they can be a family and he is trying to make sure they are safe. He scored big points with me in the big brother awesome department.
Now for Echo and Noah, to emotionally scarred people with lots of baggage and problems. They have lots of hurdles to overcome, and they work through them. The big thing they have going for each of them is that they really trust the other. They give each other time to work through their issues and are there for each other. There is a ton of romantic tension between the two, thought they might com bust at times. lol
I really loved Echo and Noah they are great characters. I enjoyed watching them fall into lust and love, and also to watch them over come their deepest darkest secrets, and losses. To watch them regain hope in life and have dreams come true. A great story with a lot of heart.

lots of sexual tension, sex no detail, drugs, alcohol, wandering hands, pg-13 red.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly

I am in complete ah of this story and it has now become one of my very favorite books. This story has so much heart, and I felt like mine was being tugged at continually. It brought me to tears several times. The emotions that are felt and brought to life in this story are so true to life. I love all of the characters and just wanted to reach through the pages and hug them all. I know, sounds a little over the top, but this story and it's characters is one I will not soon forget.

Della is a simple but beautiful young women raised by her uncle Karl and aunt Caroline, who are premier residents in Salt Lake City. Tragedy had taken her father, and her mother had left them when she was a young girl. Della's aunt was a nasty mean women, and that is putting it lightly,grr she made me so mad I wanted to reach through my kindle and do bodily harm to the women. Uncle Karl should have been more aware of what was going on concerning the care of his niece. I think the man must have been blind, but in truth I think he is a coward. Della has an opportunity to teach in Winter Quarters a coal mining community in Colorado. She wants to go there to start a new and do some personal healing of her heart. I loved these people of Winter Quarters they were amazing. Everything isn't perfect in the little town. There were definite social class prejudice that were brought to light in this story and were dealt with very well. Della makes friends and begins to start her life here. She also begins to loss her heart to a wonderful man.....but? The journey with Della in this little mining community was fun as well as heart wrenching, and I am so glad I was apart of it.

This story resonates with me on a personal level, my great-great grandmother was a child of the mines. Her father was a coal miner from England who came to America to work the mines with his brothers in Kimmer, Wyoming,. He brought his wife and Daughter Sarah (my grandmother) by ship. His wife decided to leave him and departed the boat with another man. He would not allow her to take Sarah with her. Sarah grew up in the mines and took care of her coal mining father who was a drunk. Her father would have her walk the rail tracks in search of spilled coal that they could use to keep warm with. My great-great grandfather found her with two buckets of coal tide to a pole around her back lying in the freezing snow almost dead. He took her home to his family and they nursed her back to health. Years later they would be married. She never went back to live with her father, he new were she was, he died later in a mine explosion. Sara later became a well known midwife in Star Valley, Wyoming. Mrs. Kelly helped to paint a picture with words for me of my grandmothers life through her story of Della, and I am very grateful, Thank you Mrs. Kelly.

I know I rambled some with this review, but if you love historical fiction, romance, beautiful writing, witty, strong, frustrating, chivalrous characters you will probably love this story too.

clean read

warning lots of tissues for the happy and sad times:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Promise by D. D. Chant
This was definitely my kind of story, chivalrous men, impending war, romance, and strategies aplenty. The writing was rich and flowed smoothly didn't want to put it down. I loved the friendships of Lord Rafe, Finan, Leofric and Rand, their unwavering loyalty to each other was amazing. Each character was nicely fleshed out as well, you came to admire, hate, love, them all.
This story is about Lord Rafe of Valrek and his betrothed Lady Adele of Berron and much, much more.War had left Adele at the age of two the only survivor of her family. Lord Rafe of Valrek who was ten was betrothed to her for political reasons. Adel is kept hidden in safety until Lord Rafe comes to take her as his bride. Lord Rafe collects Adel and her companion and then the real adventure begins. Original plans are changed enemy boarders are crossed, pursuits are followed, enemies turn friend, lies are told, alliances are made, and broken. There are many twists and turns to this wonderful tale that I do not wish to ruin for you.

The characters as I mention really make this story Lord Rafe of Valrek he is courageous, naive when it comes to womens emotions, loyal, kind, strong, and humorous. He was awesome, at times I would get aggravated with his inability to communicate or miss communicate his feeling to Adel. His loyalty and love of his friends and they of him was a crucial part to this story and very endearing. We all have or want friends like Finan, Leofric, and Rand. They worked so well together like the intricate workings of a clock, and they would forfeit their lives for each other. I loved it! Now Adele she is delicate, strong, thoughtful, unsure of herself at times, patient and a good choice for Rafe. They made me smile, and want to scream at times for they had a hard time articulating their feelings for one another....but when they did it was sweet. Finan he was great he got into more trouble than need be and it wasn't even his fault. I loved his unwavering loyalty to Rafe, awesome friend. Leofric was one of my favorites he comes off less than he really is, and I loved that about his character for he is far more than what his father sees in him. He was soooo endearing one of my favorites. Rand is a nice complication to the story and friendship, he takes a calculated risk and it pays off. Eda is Adel's friend and companion and quite the spit fire, she takes very good care of her friend. Her is Eda defending her friend, " Understand this Finan, Lady Adelle means more to me than you will ever know and I can tell when something has occurred to distress her. I care not what you disagreed over, it matters not, but I wish you to understand that your responsibility toward Lady Adelle is not just that you keep her safe, but that you keep her happy as well." Her is a quote from Eda to Rafe, " You should be careful Finan, for that which you are beginning to lose you cannot retrieve and that which you are beginning to crave is not yours to request, In this I have experience Finan, and I know that this path leads only to great heartache....try to do that which I could not and turn from the road before you." There are even more wonderful characters than just these that I will leave for you to explore.
The romance is great in this story to very sweet and is woven through out but does not override the whole story, which normally I would complain about, but it really worked for the story. Great story can' wait for the next in the series.

Clean read