Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

I really enjoy Sophie Kinsella stories. She has this wonderful way of taking every day life experiences adds a dash of chaos to it for good measure and you have a wonderful delightful story. Wedding Night was no different super fun with great characters.
Lottie is such a fun character full of life, a romantic, in love with Richard her long term boyfriend, and she is slightly compulsive when things don't seem to go right. What do I mean by this is Lottie and Richard are headed to dinner where Richard wants to talk to her. Well her idea of what should be talked and asked about at dinner is a completely foreign thought to Richard. She expects a wedding proposal from him, and has psyched her self up for it. You can imaging Richards thoughts on the matter as he tells her no not going to happen, and he tells her his big news. Lottie is so heart broken being the romantic she is, yet she is strong and gives Richard what for in her head, stupid man. Lottie is quite cute as she process all of this. Fliss is Lottie's sister who has just been through a gut wrenching divorce and is bitter, bitter, but trying slowly to overcome the bitterness. Surprisingly she was hoping Richard and Lottie would get married, she really likes Richard for her sister.
Well Lottie is as if she were the waves of the sea being tossed to and fro she is devastated about Richards rejection. One day she gets a call from an old summer fling Ben, and decides to meet up with him. They were once very good together well so she thinks. Over dinner they decide that it would be a great idea to just get married. What was she thinking, she is a crazy girl. Anyway Ben is rich, sexy, and a dimwit in my opinion. He is so puffed up on himself sometimes I wanted him to get a reality check. His puffed up self really came from his lack of self confidence. There friends and family are none to happy about the upcoming wedding. Fliss is trying to talk sense into her sister but nothing seems to work. Lottie and Ben decide just to eloped and go spend there honeymoon where they first meet. This is a honeymoon like no other, it was hilarious, frustrating, and ends well with all. I loved how it ended. There is also more than one relationship going on in this story. Richard he has somethings on his mind too.
Really a fun and enjoyable read!

content: clean read, sexual things talked of but no details, fair amount of language

If You Stay by Courtney Cole

Well I was hit with the unexpected from the first page, did not see that coming. Pax is a complete mess do to an early childhood trauma. It has left him emotionally and physically a mess. Don't get me wrong he is a very handsome bad boy. None the less his actions are emotionally and physically harmful to him and others. Pax and Mila story is one of hope, for two people in love and faced with odds that may leave them alone. Pax has a history of narcotic and alcohol abuse, which has lead him to emotionally shut down and go into the deep oblivion of nothingness. He thinks that he is undeserving of good in his life....but then Mila walks into his life and he wants for the first time to be more than what he is. Mila is the polar opposite of Pax she is good, and bright, cheerful and full of life. These attributes draw Pax too her. Mila is drawn to Pax as well she knows he is troubled and yet she senses something within him that is broken and good. They decided to give a relationship a go knowing it could have a devastating ending for both there hearts.

This was a pretty intense read and not one for the faint of heart, it starts off pretty over the top. I didn't like Pax in the beginning because of it all, but I grew to really understand him and feel for him. I kept hoping that all would work out for him and them. Pax has a ton of emotional issues due to his past, would he have the desire to work really hard to over come it to keep Mila. Would he do it for Mila or would he do it for himself. This is an action packed story for the heart, with plenty of romance. I loved how much they really did love each other and try desperately to not give up on one another. The road for them is not easy, but I believe it was worth it. One of my many favorite quotes in this story is "Love Never Fails." This story is a beautiful story of love, change and hope. Make sure you read the authors notes at the end, she gives us insight for the inspiration and how this story all came about. Really a beautifully written story.

content: not a clean read

Relentless by Cassia Leo
***** Beautiful Stars!

What a story! Claire has had a hard life her mother dies when she is seven, and she is bounced around from one foster care home to the next. She finally arrives at her last home wondering how long this will last. She is very hesitant and anxious around boys/men. Her mother has taught her how to "be safe." This has lead to many problems in previous foster homes. Her new home though has Chris he is about her age and really gets her. Over time they fall in love. Claire wants to go off to college and Chris wants to go on the road with his band and music. Claire and her amazing big heart decides that she will break up with him so he can his dream. I loved Claire she is a beautiful tortured soul, she has secrets that she holds on to that almost ruin her relationship with Adam. She is no wimp, but yet she is goodhearted, and someone you find yourself cheering for and hoping everything will turn out okay. Sometimes I wish she would just tell Adam her secret because gosh darn it I wanted to know too. Clair is great though she is corky, silly and meditative. I also loved how she would quote movies, and Adam would get it. Adam the man is hot and stalkish in a good way. He is so sweet with Clair, but he to has secrets and serious anger issues. I loved how they are patient with each other and don't give up. They give each other the space they need yet are there for each other. Their's is a beautiful love story of hope, love, loss, secrets, and trust. It is beautifully written, I didn't want to put it down. Characters where all wonderful besides Adam, Chris and Claire, Clair's best friend Senia, is the best friend a person could have. Clair with all her issues is blessed with a wonderful, fun , smart friend like Senia. Senia tells it how it is and helps Clair see how life is and could be is she will have a little faith in it. Really a wonderful story, go read it:D

Fighting For Flight by J.B. Salsbury
***** Amazing Stars!

This is not my normal read but it sounded so interesting. Raven's mom is a prostitute and her father is her mothers pimp.....and then they have Raven. Raven's father Dominic has a purpose for this and he is, ugh the worst/evilest/grossest book villain, hated him, but he definitely keeps the story interesting. Really your own flesh and blood....HATE,HATE, HATE HIM!!! Raven is amazing, she grows up with a mother who doesn't want her a dad she doesn't know (good thing)and yet she manages to be a good person. She works for Guy at his car garage as a mechanic, he is more of a father figure to her and a really good guy. She lives above the shop in a little flat. One day while working a truck pulls up, she can tell the make and model just from the sound. Guy haulers for her to come help, and the next thing she knows she is staring into the beautiful gray eye's of the Assassin UCF fighter Jonah Slade. Immediately you can sense the electric pull these two have. Jonah is hot, beautiful, and has some major women issues. It was fun to watch how he reacted to these issues and over came them, made me laugh. He is really an amazing guy, and how he treats Raven, perfection in a book guy. Raven is a wonderful character I loved watching her grow in her confidence. She was a strong confident woman before Jonah but with him you see the confidence bloom into something even more beautiful. Jonah is like a warm balm to her life long pain and loneliness. When they are together it is amazing and hot! They definitely have their ups and downs, but they are magical when they realize how much they love each other. They do have to deal with her dad which puts Jonah in a compromising situation, and what will he do. This story has some twist and turns that I did not see coming. In fact couldn't believe the one, yikes. Really well done, enjoyed every minute of reading it didn't/couldn't put it down. So excited for book two.

Restore by J.L.Mac

Restore Me picks right up were Wreck Me left off, and I remember that ending in book one. Right up there with one of the most torturous cliff hangers ever. It was worth the wait though because wow this one is just really really gooooooood! I don't want to give anything away, if you enjoyed Wreck Me you will love this one even more, I did. There were lots of revealings and answering of questions that we had in book one. One of those is a huge revelation. I have to say J.L. writes wonderful characters that you just love and adore. I really love Damion and Josephine characters, the secondary characters Brian, is hilarious and wonderful, Noni, Grams I feel invested in all of them and love'um all. Really well done, couldn't put down, and now I want more! Please!!

Wreck Me by J.L. Mace

So the first 10% of this book was rough for me. It felt a little disjointed, slow and I really wasn't sure if I was going to like Josephine our main character. I decided though that I would not give up, there were so many glowing reviews so I kept on reading and guess what......I am so glad I did. This really was a good story, the characters were amazing and the writing and disjointedness just disappears. Maybe the book just had stage fright for the first 10% then it just settled write in to something I really did want to read.
Josephine is orphaned young do to a devastating accident. She is put in an orphanage and foster homes, but she runs away and takes care of herself. I don't want to give the plot away so I think I will for go it. If the book summary sounds good to you then you will definitely like the book. Now as for the characters: loved them. Suttan Is Josephine's boss at the book store. I loved their banter and their none conventional relationship he was her, boss, father figure and family rolled up into one. Yet they never let the emotions really show, just a nice gentle understanding that they are there for one another. Gramms is Damon's grandmother lol she is quite the woman, I will save her for you to read about she is great. Damon is hot and way way Alpha male!! He is hot oh I said that already...he is. He is such the package tall, dark, handsome, rich, generous, kind, giving, sensual, needy/hungry for Josephine, oh and one last thing hot,lol. And tortured, simply perfect. I really liked his whole Alpha male, me cave man, you cave woman I will take care of what is mine. Made me smile, I know I am so predictable:D On to Josephine, she is a mess, that I at first didn't appreciate. I get her life was a mess and boy it would be after all that she went through. I found in the end I really did come to like her, and understand her. Loved her fierce devotion for those she loved. She is way flawed, tortured, and endearing. She says it how it is in a not so politically or polite way most times. I liked her. This ended up being a really enjoyable read for me. Oh one more thing yes there is instant love, and it works, I thought. As funny as this sounds I will probable reread this one at some point, I really like the magic and relationship between Josephine and Damon.

Up In Flames by Nicole Williams
***** Original and Different!

Ah what a nice change of pace, this was a really fun read, lighter than my previous read just what I was in the mood for. I liked the premise of this story too, smokejumpers, a girl in a small town and a boy she thought she was in love with since kindergarten. Yes the love triangle is alive and well, and I was excited for it. They are both amazing guys just in different ways. One is more conservative in his views, kind, and the all around Mr. American type. While the other is a risk taker and smokejumper, passionate, gorgeous, and sees things in Elle that no one else seems to see or get. Elle is the good girl who does everything right and tries to please everyone else, to the point she doesn't know what she wants for herself. She is promised to one, but finds she likes what the other brings out in her. One expects her to be what he thinks she should be and the other sees the real Elle trying to figure out what she wants. Really enjoyed this triangle of love as Elle searches her heart and lets it lead the way.

Damaged by H.M. Ward

Actually 3.5-4 stars

This was actually a cute story with two damaged souls. I liked the whole forbidden fruit if you will Peter ends up being Sydney's Professor at the university and her boss. However they did not know this at the time of there meeting, which ended up being quite the embarrassing moment, and really cute at the same time. They are instantly drawn to the connection that they feel for each other that first night, yet their past seems to still have a hold on them both. Yet they both see that through their connection there might be a chance to heal and move forward. Dealing with university codes and being drawn to each other proves to be overwhelming to them both and makes for waisted time apart. They do find unexpected ways to connect through a swing club that he oversees. Sydney's past comes to the present to haunt her once again, I was so angry for her grr. They both have choices to make, live in the present or the past, I know easier said than done. There are some great humorous moment as well the that had me laughing so hard I was crying. I do look forward to book two, not sure why could not be just one book,hmmmm.
Why the 3.5-stars? Part of the problem was that I came off reading Real which is just amazing. This book was good just not maybe as in depth as the last book.

content: clean read mild language. I don't figure that the next book though will stay clean.

Real by Katy Evans
***** Amazing Stars

Really, Really enjoyed this one! Loved,loved,loved!!! This was just great,okay I think I have gushed enough. I loved all the sexual tension between these two. This book has you drawn in just from the first few pages, and then its all over after that, could not put this one down. The writing is beautiful and the characters are tragically endearing. I loved Remington, he is flawed, damaged, broken in someways, possessive, kind, and totally sweet and at times over the top with Brooke. I loved it all. The emotions that run up and down and around with Remi are just crazy endearing. He is a underground fighter and is totally hot, his body is machine and a weapon that he takes care of and makes a living with. Brooke is at one of his fights, which is not her normal venue but her friend drags her along. When there eye's connect there is an instant connection or understanding of each others brokenness. Remi hires Brooke as his sports physical trainer. Brooke is just great too, you see her struggle with her feelings and do stupid a couple of times,as she tries to understand Remi. I loved there emotional connection and how they both try so hard to overcome there hurts. I was always excited when the scenes would come were they would share music with each other. I loved how it was how they spoke to each other this way, it was a safe way to tell each other how they felt. Remi is supper crazy possessive when it comes to Brooke and as you read you will understand, its not a bad thing, it is just the way he is. My heart went out to Remi he is so broken and perfectly flawed, and has made something out of himself, I was proud of him. They love each other so much and are really good for one another. Really, really good read, not to be missed!

Tangled by Emma Chase
***.5 -****
3.5-4 Stars
This one was a little bit of a rough start for me. I normally love, love love the male POV in stories, I love that we can have insight into their inter workings. With that said though, I had a hard time liking Drew's voice. For me he came off so arrogant, as well as confident. I get why he was arrogant being doted over and made a little prince as a child. It still just annoyed me! His perspective on women or most women,was a little harsh basically only good for one thing and that would be sex. However as the story progresses, I get use to Drew's voice and enjoy watching him humbled by Katherine. It was fun to watch them fight, banter, tell each other no way and make up. In the end it was a hilarious, eye rolling, LOL, sweet, enjoyable read.

The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
***** 5 Stars Loved It!

Loved it! Amazing!

"You and I, good or bad belong together. We make each other whole." Yep that is Ella and Micha and I love them. There relationship is real and raw. Jessica does an amazing job making me vested in these two characters. Micha, Micha, Micha bad boy with heart and eyes only for Ella. I have to say I love his pet name for her "Pretty Girl" on any other character I don't think I would like it but imagining him saying it to her makes me all gooshy, lol. Not to say they don't have there problems because they do between the two of them there is a huge pile up of issues past and present. They both do their share of stupid to ruin it. I have to say though that Ella about broke his heart and mine. She has such a hard time trusting that she is worthy of being loved by someone. *she needs more hugs:)* Mich though is a champion at reassuring her and loving her through it all. I loved how he gets her, knows what she is thinking and know exactly how she will react. I was so happy to see Ella find her inner strength and work on healing and finding happiness.

The did feel a little rushed, just a little. I would have loved to have been part of the wedding elopement whatever it was to be, and I would have loved to see them both a few years in the future. I picture Micha as a major recording artist and Ella as a psychologist helping others become strong. Okay my ending and closer. Whew!

Excited for book three!

Epilogue (The Dark Duet) book#3
by C.J. Roberts

Wow that was such an amazing epilogue to a beautiful story of love, horror, sacrifice, redemption, and trust. I really loved having James be the voice in this story, it gave us more insight to who he is and who he was becoming. I liked that he was a little bit of both the past and the present. Their love is one that has truly been tested, endured and has grown from something that could have been ugly to something they both cherished. Quit the unique story! And beautifully written. Would love to see where it goes from here:)


Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines
***** Loved It!

Rush enough said the man is unbelievably all Alpha male craziness and I loved it! He is so in love with Blaire and their unborn child it was so sweet and beautiful. I loved his caveman self lol. He was wonderfully overprotective and concerned with Blaire's needs. Their love is that once in a life time kind of love that neither of them took for granted. It was wonderful to watch that love grow and strengthen. Rush is my newest book gush man:D
On to the story: Rush and Blair are together and oh so in love. Nan sister hasn't dealt well with all the new information she has be sideswiped with. Nan has decided she wants to go live with her dad and get to know him, and make him make up for lost time. Well that is a huge problem sense Nan is such a witch to everyone, and her dad Kiro is just like her. Neither seem to care about anyone but them selves. Nan needs help and Rush is the only one who knows how to handle her, so off to L.A. he and Blair go. Rush is embarrassed about the life his father Dean and Kiro live and the stuff that goes on in their rock star home. He can't wait to see to Nan and get Blair out of there. As you can imagine Nan is a mess that even Rush can't fix. Nan is so hurt and sad that she makes some really desperate choices.... Blair is under to much stress as is Rush who is try to juggle a crazy sister and a very pregnant hormonal wife.....
We get to meet some really interesting characters that I hope we will get to hear more from. I really liked Harlow she is so not like her dad, wow. Hope we get to see if she ends up with you know who(yep not telling you,hehehe) but it would be good::) Della is an interesting significant other to some one as well, who I think just might have a few skeletons in her closet that we need to know about. Great story loved it! Want more!!

Rush is one amazing daddy too!

Leo's Story by Mia Sheridan

Yay Leo gets his side of the story (POV) and it was awesome. Loved being in his head, he is amazing and so in love with Evie. Their lives were so messed up, it is a miracle that they turned out as good as they did. I really enjoyed some of the poignant moments when Leo was in the hospital with Dr. Fox, ladies have tissues ready. The ending extras were amazing and more tissues will be needed. What happens at her old house had me smiling and crying, and what they do to her old house was just awesome! Really fell in love with both these characters and going to miss them!