Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot
This was a really fun, cute, sweet regency romance. A really quick read when you want something fun and light to read. This story is about Nicola who is orphaned yet has some means in which to survive, her father did not leave her completely destitute. She does somewhat rely on friends to take her in, so she can go to all the amazing social outings that they had back in the day. Her best friend Eleanor and family are wonderful and take good care of her. Both girls have a crush on the God (yes they refer to him as this,P please rolled my eyes.) Nicola is naive, and after one thing because of her station, a man well not any man the God to be exact. She is not a very deep person, very in the moment, proper, shallow, but she does get a little better, and the story is still a good story. Eleanor, is a little more grounded but not much, they are both just silly girls and typical for the time period. The god is gorgeous, and a little to agreeable in my opinion, but for good reason. The characters and the story are both written really well and were fun to read. There is a mystery that Nicola is trying to figure out as well, someone is trying to take something from her that she holds dear. Plus an added surprise that I will not say anything about. Fun and Cute!

Language maybe one or two mostly just god referring to this guy
romance clean

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
This is one of those books that you ponder and mull over in your mind days after you are finished reading it, it was that interesting/intriguing. I love books like this were it really makes you think. At first I had a hard time with the concept of assassins nuns. Their whole mission to do Lord Mortains (Lord Death)will was hard to swallow. How do they know what his will is? Hmm do they....? In a christian world today this was hard to digest at times, but....once I put it all into context it helped. This story opens in Brittany 1485 the clans of this region were still in the process of switching from Pagan Gods to Christianity. Lord Mortain for this story is a Pagan God of Death, and then becomes Saint Mortain of this particular Abby.
From the very first page I was hooked, I wanted to know what would become of this girl who had suffered and endured such sadness, pain and heartache. The first few pages were really intense, and Ismae isn't a strong women at this point, but she is a survivor. As the story progresses we get to watch Ismae grow and turn into a smart independent thinker, strong, she losses her naivety, she learns that she is of worth and is lovable. She ends up at St. Mortain's Abby, were she is asked if she wants to serve Lord Mortain. In doing so she will be called upon to be his mercenary. She excepts and is put on trial, and away the story goes. There is plenty of political intrigue, assassinations, murder, suspense, romance, and self discovery to make one fly through these pages. The story really did just flow beautifully from page to page, I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to know what would happen next and how it was going to happen. Mrs. LaFevers weaves a wonderful tale that I completely enjoyed. The characters all had depth and felt real to me. The plots were intricate and simply woven, for a very nice climax and ending. I have to talk about a few of my favorite characters besides Ismae. I really liked Annith, she was smart, witty and a good friend to Ismae. Sybella was another favorite, who was constantly misunderstood in my opinion. She was portrayed authentically, she was strong, good friend, and a survivor. I felt sorry for her and the situation she was in. Duval, swoon, loved him....that's all I am going to say about him.
Quite a captivating tale, can't wait for the second book.

language: not much
romance: abusive husband, know what's happening but no details, murder, Lord Death you feel is a good guy when in reality this particular character of death has others kill for him instead of letting nature take it's course so to me he is still on the side of evil, this could be confusing to younger readers. Recommended adults and older teens.

Thank you Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing and Netgalley

Shayla Witherwood: a half-faerie Tale by Tamra Torero

This was a really fun and cute faerie, fairytale read. It is a contemporary Fey tale. Shayla has been home schooled her whole life and has lived a somewhat sheltered life. Her circumstances change and she is thrust into public high school. Shayla is not your normal teenager she is half human and half faerie. Shayla doesn't know much about her Fay magic which makes for some humorous moments in the story. As she learns to navigate high school she makes some great friends and learns a little about her magical self. There is also something strange going on, someone keeps whispering to Shayla that they know who she really is. This alarms Shayla because she has been told to keep her faerie identity hidden.
I thought this was a cute tale, and enjoyed it. Shayla is sweet, funny, a good friend, naive, a little unsure of her self at times, and endearing. I enjoyed the sweet romance that occurs in this story. I enjoyed all the characters, I thought they were really well done and relatable. Towards the end the pace really picks up as secrets are revealed and pieces click together. The story is fun, and quick paced light Fey read.

Clean language
Clean romance

Thank you Cedar Fort and Netgalley.