Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jessica's Guide To Dating On the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
I have noticed this book floating around out there amongst book lovers, but for some reason or another it never just reached out and grabbed me, moved me, or spoke to me. Maybe it's the title, not really what it says, but visually a little long (okay so that sounds crazy, but I am very visual). I am soooo glad though that I found this at the 1/2 price book store and gave it a chance. It has become one of my favorite vampire books next to Stephenie Myers "Twilight" series. I loved the dialogue, and emotions that I felt while reading this wonderful story. My heart reacted to the sad and happy times that Jessica and Lucius experienced, and oh how it ached sometimes. To me this was a different take on the vampire story Jessica early on finds out Lucius is a prince vampire and she is a destined to be a princess vampire, how they deal and feel about that knowledge is what makes this story. I loved Lucius, I love that whole old world chivalry, cloths and good manners, which is totally Lucius in a vampire kind of way. A quote or two that I loved provided by Lucius, "Jessica, he said. Allow me to do at least one common courtesy for you. In spite of what women's lib teaches you, chivalry does not imply that women are powerless. On the contrary, chivalry is an admission of women's superiority. An acknowledgment of your power over us." so sweet! I love this quote to by Lucius, "American women. Why do you all want to be nearly invisible? Why not have a physical presence in the world? Women should have curves, not angles. Not points." Is he not the best at wooing a woman. Jessica, is great in this story as well, she is a typical teenager trying to figure out her world, which continues to change and becomes more and more complicated. I liked how Jessica responds to her situations, they seem real and not forced or typical for her age. She is smart, carrying, confused, loving and kind. Never thought I would say this, but wow Lucius makes fangs look sexy lol. Great story I completely enjoyed it and couldn't put it down, flows effortlessly. Enjoy!

Mild language issues
clean romance some sex talk

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
Zoe and Matthias wow what a story! This story was really jam packed with all sorts of wonderful and sad happenings. At first I had a hard time getting settled into the story. This story deals with a wide assortment of issues, that in some ways are sad/depressing. Zoe is a teenager who has a good family, that like all have their challenges. Their challenge is her little sister Abria, who is autistic. I don't know anyone with an autistic child so this was enlightening, I imagined it would be tough, just didn't realize how overwhelming. We get to watch as Zoe and her brother Luke deal/not deal with their emotions and family. Abria has a very handsome heavenly guardian whom Zoe can see. This is her gift to be able to see guardians. Zoe's not perfect, but her heart, and love of others, and willingness to try and over come the bad things she does makes her a rather endearing character. Matthias is amazing and well perfect, he is heavenly :) and handsome, did I say that already! I really enjoyed this first book in this series, really well done. I liked watching how this story played out, definitely and emotional roller coaster ride. Really polls at the heartstrings. This story is not like the rest of Mrs. Laurens works, this one is much more series in its tone, where the others are light and fluffy chic lit. Still really good!

language clean
romance lots of sexual talk, hooking up, underage parties and drinking, drugging with intent to rape. no details not for my teen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jane by April Linder

I love Jane Eyre, so I thought a modern version might be kind of fun, and it was. It is definitely not Jane Eyre quality or level of greatness, but it was a fun, light, predictable, and a witty read. Just what I was in the mood for at the time. I really liked the character Jane and Mr. Rathburn. Their banter was fun, and watching their relationship grow was interesting. I also enjoyed the writing it flowed very smoothly.

language moderate
pg-13 no details

Elemental Reality by Cesya Marae Cuono
I love the cover on this book, so beautiful! With that said, I can't say the same for the inside in my opinion. This is really not my type of book. In all fairness I did read 107 pages of this book out of the 248 pages. It took 90 or so pages to actually get to the main plot of the story, where they actually find out who, what, where they are/come from. I really did not like these characters especially Callie and her sister Lola, the two main characters. They were whinny, crude (they were looking for some "man meat" really do people really say that) and I had a problem with the sisters saying they wanted to help get the other one laid, just can't imagine even thinking that one. The sister seemed to immature for the situation they were put in. They didn't seem to take it series, they just seemed to think it was all cool and scary at times. Just didn't seem to fit the story. Way to carnal and crude for me.

language mild
clean romance, crudeness, sex talk not sure what happens after page 107. not for my teen

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Trove of the Passion Room by Marcia Lynn McClure
This has become one of my top 5 Marcia books. Don't get me wrong I actually love and have read and own all of them ( don't remind my husband). This is one of Marcia's contemporary stories mingled with the old, which I love.
Sharlamagne works in her parent's small antique boutique shop along with her sister and parents. Sharlamagne loves people, is kind, sweet, and she loves old things. She loves old things not just because they are old but because of their story and the people behind the objects. Elisaveta is a regular at the antique shop, and they have become fast friends since both share a great love of all things old. One day Elisaveta brings her grandson along, Maxim and Sharlamagne is intrigued. Maxim is just gorgeous, and kind and strong, finds himself lacking (which is adorable)and is the perfect swoon worthy guy. He has had a tuff life in some ways, his parents are a definite piece of work. I love their relationship in this story and how it all builds up. I love Marcia, and the way she describes things, especially the kissing lol. I really felt like I was in the lavender room, or at the wonderful WWII ball. That ball was just beautiful wish there was one for real every year were I live. And that dress she wore and his Navy Whites WOW. Some really great scenes and moments in this story. What is the secret of "The Trove of the Passion Room"? Read and find out! Once again another great book from Marcia!

mild language
clean romance

Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren
I loved Torrent just as much as the first two books (Waterfall and Cascade)! This is quite an amazing series. This review will be rather short for I want to let you the reader experience it all for yourselves. I have hope that this may not be the last we see of some of our favorite characters ( check out Lisa's website) she hints that there may be more books:D
The adventure that Gabi and Marcello go on this time around just had me shaking my head and talking to my book, hurray this is awesome, and then NO, NO, NO, NO, THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING! The ending was perfect and at the same time, I want more just because, I do.
Great series Mrs. Bergren, and oh please let us have the rest of the stories of these characters.

Clean read

Vanish by Sophie Jordan
What a great sequel to Firelight. This story immediately picks up were Firelight left off. Jacinda had done what she felt necessary to save the boy she loved, Will. With that will come consequences, she has endangered the Pride,and possibly lost Will forever.
As Jacinda and her family arrive back home they are immediately meet with hostility,question, and judgement. Thanks to Cassian punishment is lighter, as long as Jacinda, stays in line, fallows the rules and gives up on Will, the human, the hunter. Can and will Jacinda do that? Jacinda's sister Tamra has suffered, and gained some in all this, however since being brought home she has been sent to live with Nadia. Jacinda's mom has a hard time back with the Pride as does Jacinda. She isn't exactly the favorite amongst the Pride any longer. In fact Cassian is the only one who is still friendly to her. She is actually greatful for him. She wonders at moments if there might could be more to the two of them. She knows she should forget about Will and be happy, so she tries. Events happen and Will appears, What will this mean for Jacinda, Cassian, Tamra and the Pride?
This was a wonderful written story and I couldn't put it down, read it in one day. I just had to find out what was going to happen to them all. This continuing story didn't disappoint. It was full of adventure, romance, and tension. I felt for Jacinda and what she was going through. She is so strong,courageous, a little selfish, hopeful and so in love. Will is amazing goes after what he wants, sacrifices, loves deeply, and is swoon worthy. Cassian is one of my favorites in this story, he is so amazing with Jacinda he protects her, full of chivalry, kind, sacrifices,courageous, and in love. Tamra, Tamra...lots happens with her in this story sometimes I was so frustrated with her. Many twists and turns in this wonderfully crafted story, that I totally enjoyed. I am already looking forward to the next book!

One or two language issues
Clean romance

ARC given to me by publisher Harper Collins and  Netgalley