Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beauty From Love by Georgia Cates

Thoughts so far about 10% done: Pretty good, glad to be back with these amazing characters. They are on their honeymoon at a surprise location, and enjoying themselves.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brutally Beautiful by Christine Zolendz
*****Brutally Beautiful Stars!

5 Brutally Beautiful Stars!



This story had me from the first pages, I had to know what was going on. Why was Sam and Jennifer running? What kind of monster had them this frightened? What had they done? Does it look like a lot of questions, well let me tell you this is only the half of it, because Kade has just as many. I felt like I was in a maze of unknowns, yet I was given just enough to keep me flying through the pages. I loved the relationship between Kade and Sam they are both very broken, tortured they see similar in each other and are drawn to the other. Theirs is a brutally beautiful love story. I really enjoyed watching these characters find their happy/calm. Really well done! Can't wait for book two:D

Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley
***** Fantastical Stars!

Frey Drakkar


Where to begin this was such a delightful read. I loved everything about it. The story was sexy and romantic (just a heads up not a lot of sex scenes) Sjofn aka Finnie who lives in the present world decides that she would like to go to the parallel world to see certain people one last time. She pays a fortune to a witch to make this happen. Seoafin is her twin in the parallel world and she to has reason to want to escape her world. Arrangements are made and the switch takes place. Finnie is in for a huge surprise when she lands in the Kingdom of Lunwyn....Frey Drakkar in all his sexy frighting glory. She should be scarred because he was scary when they first meet. Yet there was something more as well. This story had treason, mystery, and intrigue a plenty. With wonderful characters who you just grew to love. The secondary ones were really well developed and interesting also. Drakkar and Finnie's love story was sweet, sexy, heartbreaking and beautiful. Story not to be missed!!

Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde
*****Fan myself Hotness Stars!
Wow this cover is HOT!

Read in one sitting, could not put it down!! Loved Ruger and Sophie were hot! I loved watching these two figure out their crazy complicated life as a couple. I can definitely see why Sophie was so hesitant about being in a relationship with the hot man whore Ruger. His life has all sorts of complications because of his association with the Reaper's, and his not wanting to keep it in his pants and give her a monogamous relationship . We see time and time again why their relationship is a bad idea for Sophie and her son Noah. However when Ruger is just Ruger he is hot, sweet, and possessive caveman. I loved his sweet interactions with Noah, those were some beautiful moments. Then at last when they work through all of the crazy YAY! They are perfect for each other, and the sparks really fly. 

Sophie and Ruger!

Taste of Torment by Suzanne Wright
***** Love this Series Stars!

So excited! Love this series!!:)

All good things must come to an end....or maybe not. I hope there is more to this series totally loved every minute of it. You get a kick but heroin and hero, steamy hotness, auction galore, and characters that I loved. The secondary characters are even wonderful, and I would really love to have some of their stories as well. Yes I am totally fangirling over this series, it was just a lot of fun. okay enough of with me.

 Jared hot caveman!


Sam and Jared have some huge things coming up. It will test them as a couple and the Hollow. Sorry that is all I can say, I just don't want to ruin it for you. Loved it!

My overall feelings on this series! *sigh*

 Saving Dallas by Kim Jones
 **.5 Love that cover stars!
 The cover is hot the story is just okay, I liked it but it is a different kind of MC read. My biggest problem was that Dallas our heroine is a multi-millionaire, who falls in love with the President of a local MC. For the life of me I just can not see that happening, now the mob maybe,lol. Dallas is a strong woman but becomes a weak, and insecure woman with Luke. Now some stories this work for me but this one it just didn't. The MC sided of things was just a little weak and didn't have a lot of credibility to it. I felt like the author's knowledge of the MC real world was lacking. The characters were likable and the story line was okay and I think could have been good, if some sort of element outside of the MC would have been used. I did find that I was reinventing the story in my mind to make it more believable. For me not all the pieces were coming together.
by Belle Aurora ***** Wowed Stars!

Wow! What just happened with that ending......need to process. If that is the ending and there is no more, then that is brillant and cruel......sounding a little like Twitch. More PLEASE!

This is not a love story. This is a story of a love gone wrong. Author Belle Aurora



Alexa/Lexi has done all the right things in life,she has overcome her passed, and now is a working as a social worker helping others have a better life. Then one the unthinkable happens, well all most happens, but Twitch a guy she has noticed around town saves her from the attack. Twitch on the other hand is all sorts of messed up. His past was a horrific one, but he has gone one and made a name for himself. He is not a hero he is the villian the bad guy, the one we love to hate, but in this case you just can't help but to love him, well kind of, he still made me nuts at times. Their relationship was so buzarre it was interesting. He would come and go as he liked in and out of Lexi's life, and yet she was comforted and happy with the time he gave her. Well up to a point. Things progress and all may not be what it seems. Let me tell you in more ways than one is that statement true!