Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dragonfly by Leigh T. Moore
**.5-3 Stars

I really struggled with this one, just could not connect with Anna the lead character she just drove me crazy. To me she came off weak and indecisive. And I usually love, love triangle stories. I didn't like Jack though Arrogant with a capital A. Now Julian I really liked, he is cute, artsy and romantic. See the problem though liking just one out of four characters leads to a problem. Lucy, Jack's twin was just kind of fake with Anna, at least that was how I felt. Amongst the love triangle Anna finds out a secret that could effect a whole community. What should she do and who will she choose?
For me it came down to the characters the story was pretty good, I just couldn't connect or didn't like to many of the characters.

Claimed by Stacey Kennedy
**** 3.5-4 Stars

This was a really fun light BSDM read. Presley (I like this name:D) she just broke up with her boyfriend who broke her heart. Her best friend Cora lives the lifestyle and had invited Presley to check it out. Cora is such a cute overprotective best friend, I liked her. Presley is a little unsure if this is for her but she wants more in her relationships than what she has got in the past. So she decides to go for it. Presley is invited to meet with Club Sin's owner Dmitri, and boy does she like what she feels and senses from this man, pure control and sexiness and a little of something else. Let me tell you he is really hot handsome, and caring, and in charge. Their scenes were all sizzling scorching hotness! I liked how their relationship evolves into more than just master and submissive.
The story is pretty predictable but was still interesting how it played out. One thing that drove me a little crazy was the build up to the final scene" that" I felt should have happened a lot sooner. After all it is Club Sin. Overall an enjoyable read.

adult read

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
***** Deliciously Intriguing Stars!

Oh no it can not end just like that! I want more I need book two now already. Really loved this story of Amy or is it another name. Amy is in hiding from what or whom we do not know nor does she know for sure. Someone one night saved her from one of the most horrific nights of her life....but did he? I love stories like this where it is hard to figure out all the loose ends. Ms. Jones does and amazing job of keeping you on your toes, not knowing who to trust. I love her writing style it is captivating.
Now for Liam he is 100% Alpha male deliciousness,lol. He is what Amy needs whether she knows it or not and well she does know it. He is Mr. Tall dark and handsome personified, and like all Alpha males he wants what he wants and he gets what he wants which is Amy....or does he get her?
This story starts off quick and just keeps going at a wonderful pace. Amy and Liam's meeting I wondered if the like/lust at first sight would work, but it does I thought in this situation. They feel a connection when they first make eye contact, which seems real enough to me, I have felt that before with different people so, like I said it worked.
Amy has a lot to try and sort through and nothing seems to be as it should or has been in the past with her friend who saved her. She feels an uneasiness with all those around her except Liam...or does she?
Wonderful story with intelligent, intriguing and hot characters with lots of unanswered questions and scorching hot love scenes.
Book two please:D

adult read

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flawed Beauty by L.R. Potter
3.5-4 Stars for me I know I could have rounded up and I really do like the story but for me it lacked a cohesive quality over all. Not that it wasn't good it was, it just lacked something for me. The ending was to abrupt for sure, not a cliff hanger or anything, and we do get an epilogue but I just felt like thats it, it ended, I want more.
Tate has had a horrific past worse than even what she can remember, but she has pulled herself out of it with good grades and a scholarship her future is looking brighter. Tate has sever trust issues thanks to her past, she has vowed never to trust a man. Well she also never thought she would meet a man quite like Jace Staton either. He is more handsome than any man has the right to be, a doctor, and a musician, chivalrous, and patience and he is pursuing her. Let me tell you the man was a saint in the patience department. Tate is a strong woman in many ways but lacks confidence that any man would want he,r add in her lack of trust towards men, well you see the man that would pursue Tate would need a lot of patience. I really liked Jace he was awesome with Tate and all her corks. I liked all of their quoting of authors, it was a great way for them to communicate at times. Oh and when Jace would sing to her I melted too.

Would I recommend this story yes, just realize it may not be as tightly done as other books, but still good:D

Adult read

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas
***** Jessie Stars!

Okay well wow this was quite the book of confessions. Just when I thought there could be no more confessing bam there is another one more astonishing than the first. Gees Jessie the crazy man that we all adore. Poor Ava I am surprised she can breath or that her heart still beats after all the confessions come out. She is awesome though, oh she does some trampling of her own still but as John would say " Its all good girl". I really liked him, so calm, cool and collected.
Let me back up a bit when this story started off I was so mad at Ava I wanted to scream. I was about ready to shake her and say can't you see how much he loves you and quit all this running, yes she runs again. Once all that is ironed out though the story moves along really beautifully with Jessie in all is hot glory,trampling and retributions hehehhehe. What an amazing caveman he is!
Really enjoyed all the twist, turns and confessions. If you enjoyed the first two books you will not want to miss how this one ends. Speaking of endings loved the epilogue which is in Jessie's POV woowoo and I want to go to Paradise:D
Adult read not a clean read

Monday, July 8, 2013

Complete Me by J.Kenner
***** Loved It!

Loved this series! Damien is one of my favorite Alfa male heroes. He and Nikki once again sizzle up the pages in this last book of the series. This story picks up where the last one left off. We are headed to Damien’s murder trial, and wow that was really interesting how it all turned out and why. We get all of our loose ends tied up nicely in this one. Who is stalking Nikki and why? Will she get her business up and going? Can she control how out of control she can become? What would happen to them if their world came crashing in around them?
I don’t want to give anything away but this last book was really good, really intense with lots of scorching hot love scene, Damien style. Hehehehe. Wonderful conclusion to a wonderful love story.

Two hearts that beat as one.

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
*****Amazing Stars!


Yay! So very pleased with how this turned out, it was amazing. I was a little worried how it would come across from Holders POV being the same story and all. But Hoover let Holder own his own story it was really well done. We get insight and fist hand knowledge to why Holder did some of the things he did before he and Sky meet. It really helped round out the whole story. Hoover adds a diary to the story which was great because we were able to really feel all the emotions Holder goes through and it is brutally honest. I loved that we were able to get inside Holder's head and feel all those feelings with him it was wonderful. Again really impressed how Mrs. Hoover was able to bring so much to a this story it didn't feel like it was just a repeat book with Holder's POV. This is such a heart wrenching and heart felt story. Holder is pure awesomeness!!

If you haven't read Hopeless read it before you read this book:D