Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

I love this cover, so romantic. I like that you can see her prince charming in her mirror. This was a wonderfully done retailing of Beauty and the Beast. The writing was well done, and the characters were what really kept me turning those pages. The good ones as well as the villians. Let me tell you there were quite a few villians in this story including Annabel's own family. I wanted to throttle all of them. In my opinion they get the worst family award, yes they were that terrible.
Certain events transpire leaving Annabel in the service of Lord le Wyse, who is a scared physically and emotionally. Annabel becomes more to Lord le Wyse through their Bible readings together. I really liked this aspect of the story. Mrs. Dickerson was true to history, at this time not everyone even priest had access to the bible (story takes place 1300's) Annabel had always wanted to read the bible, even willing to go to a convent in order to do so. She is very emotional over the fact that she can touch and read from this divine book. Their relationship grows from these and other little encounters. I really liked Annabel she is sweet, naive, sacrificing, kind, and patient. Lord le Wyse is flawed, self doubting, ornery, just, and honorable. He was quite the character at times! I really enjoyed watching their relationship and feelings grow for one another, very sweetly done.
On top of the wonderful romance and historical information there is also an almost murder attempt on a secondary character. This book kept a great pace and I loved this particular retailing, it was done with out the magic ( I do love the magical ones too) but it was fun to see what could happen with two regular people.
Great story, well done! I was sad to see it end. I look forward to reading more of this author's works.

Clean language
Clean romance

Copy provided by Netgalley and Zonervan publishing Thank You! 

Legacy by Cayla Kluver
***** I would give it 10 stars! This is my all time favorite book!

WOW! This book was amazing! I loved everything about it, the characters were well developed, the storyline was intriguing, the romance was great, descriptions of surroundings were wonderful. It was the perfect book for me. I love fairy tales and fantasy books and this just became my favorite. I am trying to think were to begin it was all so good,and I don't want to give anything away. Princess Alera of Hytanica Kingdom is coming of age to marry. Her father is ready to relinquish his title to whom ever Alera marries. However who ever Alera chooses to marry must be approved by her father, and their is thus far only one man that he feels can take his place, Steldor. Steldor is handsome and full of chivalry but.... he is also full of himself and rightly so. Steldor is amazing he is the best of the best. Best Knight, best in his class,he is charming, all the women adore him, and he drives Alera crazy with his arrogance. Then enters Narian a handsome and mysteries young man. He has arrived from a rival kingdom, many questions are raised about him, is he a threat, why is he their, what does he want? On top of all of this there are secrets of ancient origins that threaten to tear Hytanica apart and bring her to war. This book is a wonderful romantic, intriguing, adventures, mysterious gem of a book.

I loved Alera, she was the perfect 17 year old, she was strong, witty, knew what she wanted but wasn't sure how to get it. I liked this aspect of Alera, to often books of this kind the lead woman character is so strong and things just happen because they can. With Alera we see her coming of age and trying to over come some of her immaturity, and naivety. Her father is king and she shows him the respect he deserves, even when she doesn't want too. At times this frustrated me, but if I looked at it from a 17 year old living in her time period, it was very real her emotions and reactions. I really appreciated that Ms. Kluver kept Alera true to who she was. Alera wasn't wimpy she stood up to her father and others, but she was respectful of protocol,and her kingdom. Steldor is gorgeous and swoon worthy, and utterly irritating. Yet at the same time he does try to be good to Alera and win her over. so I do have respect for the guy. I developed a love hate relationship with Steldor. Narian is handsome to but not quite as much as Steldor. He is smart and witty full of chivalry and good to Alera. Another of my favorite characters was London, he is Alera's bodyguard and he is tuff, sensitive, and just amazing with Alera, he was one of my favorites. There are many other wonderful characters in this story that I will save for you to explore. The ending of this book was just unbelievable, I am in aw, I don't even know what to say, with out giving to much a way. I am still shaking my head and have re-read the ending over a few times already wow! As you can tell I really loved and enjoyed this book. If you haven't read it go get it! I can hardly wait for book two and three, please hurry and release them!!

Clean language
Clean romance

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Before by Cambria Hebert

Tease! That is what this delightful little Novella is. It's amazing, that in a short amount of time how invested I felt in these characters. Their story is very captivating and well written. I really really want to know what Sam's secret is? He is such a tortured soul, good, and mysterious. Heven is pretty, sweet, good and popular life is good to her then......??? I liked Kimber too, she is Heven's sassy best-friend. I completely enjoyed this prequel and am anxiously awaiting it's sequel Masquerade.
I love who Cambria dedicates her book to " To anyone who's ever been carefree; and then hasn't." Perfect!

Clean romance
Clean language

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
I really love this series, and this third book was just as great except....what happened to Kishan? His character drastically changed on me. He has always been this bad boy with passion, magnetism and did I say passionate nature. He always goes after what he wants, which is Kelsey. However he does go after Kelsey just that it's a shell of who he really is. At one point I thought maybe I had missed a page, I wondered if he had been hit over the head and I had missed it. That was not the case though. Ren's character at times took more control over situations than was fair to him and Kelsey. This all made me frustrated yet it did not take away from the story that much. It is very well written, and the adventures that they go on are great. I loved the parts about the dragons they were all very interesting and enjoyable characters. The descriptions of them were so well done I wanted to reach out and touch them. Mr Kadam is one of my favorite characters, and I was glad he was able to have a few neat experience of his own this time around. The research that is put into these stories is amazing. I love learning about India's folklore through this wonderful series. All in all a wonderful read couldn't put it down, and wish it was July all ready so I could be reading number four.
I also really liked the original cover better with my two tiger's on the front.

language clean
romance clean

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey
I was really excited to read this book after finishing "Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side." I loved that book! Jekel Loves Hyde just wasn't the same experience for me. It lacked that special something. I found that I just wasn't as invested in these characters. I liked them but they didn't move me. I like the concept of the story, a re-tailing of Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde. It kept my attention, and I kept wondering how it all would turn out. Well written. Just missing something for me.

Language not clean lots of F word
Clean romance When as Jekel some crudeness

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Lola and the Boy Next Door, was so much fun to read I enjoyed every minute. It made me so homesick though I grew up in the Bay Area, and visited San Francisco often. After reading all of Stephanie's amazing descriptions of City life I am ready to go back NOW. I really felt like I was really wondering the streets, and peaking into the shops with Lola and Cricket, so much fun! I often pose the question to friends, if you could live in any big City in the US which would you choose? My response is San Fransisco, it is gorgeous, not as scary as most, friendly, old, fun, amazing food and people, ocean, great weather, and a million and one things to do. I LOVED it their....okay I will now quit being a commercial for them and get off my soap box.:)
Lola lives in a non traditional home with two dads who were really funny and really great parents to Lola. I was somewhat worried how Perkins would portray or come off preachy with this but she doesn't, it is very tastefully done and I really appreciated her approach. Lola has this want to be Rock Star boyfriend who I have to give a little credit to he really put up with her dads, those Sunday brunches, yikes. Max her boyfriend was just something else I had moments I liked him and then moments I hated him. I found him to be a little manipulative to Lola, and she just couldn't seem to see his flaws. I was glad when Cricket moves in next door. He is smart, cute, sweet, awesome with Lola, funny,and endearing. I really like his name, very different and wouldn't work on just any guy. I like that their relationship grew from previously having known each other to some warming up. They didn't just instantly fall into love. I really liked Lolo she was smart, fun, goofy, good friend, flawed and charming. There is a lot of things in her life for her to deal with and she does a pretty amazing job at it. I loved her corky style of dress, she was so true to herself and it showed in her everyday attire, so fun. I liked that she felt sorrow for things lost that can never be gained back. Lola and Crickets coming together was a lot of fun to watch, all the tension and expectation of the first touch and then kiss which was an amazing scene. They both really cared for each other and really showed us this in the simple things they did for each other. I thought they were perfect for eachother.
Anne and Etienne make several appearances in this story which was wonderful. It was great to see what was happening in their world. Great story lots of fun! Greatly anticipating her next. Maybe we will get to see all of these great characters can hope.

Mild language
clean romance few bedroom scenes no details

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
I just feel like I was wrapped around Cynthia Hand's little pinkie and spun around and flung off,such was the emotional roller-coaster ride I have been on. Wow is all I can think to say, I just finished and the emotions are running high. This second book in the Unearthly series was perfect for me. It feels like a bridge book, Unearthly set up everything, characters, and purpose, but nothing is really explained. However in Hallowed we get a lot of answers to just about all the questions you could think you possibly might of had concerning Unearthly. I really loved that about this book and it also made it near impossible to put down. I kept thinking what more could possible be revealed, and then wow okay didn't see that coming. It makes me excited to to see what the third book has in-store for us the reader.
Like I said before this was very emotionally intense read, it made me laugh, but mostly cry, the author has such away with writing these emotionally rich scenes, that will have you coming undone. The writing was just amazing! It was so good to be back with Clara, Tucker, Angela and Christian. Tucker, Tucker,Tucker he is so the perfect guy. I love his strong masculine, farmer, tough guy when needs to be, but gentle and so understanding of Clara, and vulnerable. Perfect! I loved all the amazing scenes with him and Clara they were awesomeness. I was glad they had each other which makes me so team Tucker... but then there is the other amazing guy Christian, and wow I really learned to appreciate and get him in this book. I see how good, strong, confident, and attuned to Clara he is, so then I feel like I want to be team Christian. I think I like them both, boy I am glad I am not Clara decisions, decisions. I also really liked the family dynamics in this story they were portrayed very realistically. We have all had moments with our parents when we are frustrated and visa versa but in the end we are family and we love each other. That was portrayed nicely I thought in this story.
Hollowed has left me spinning and wanting more. It was richly written and woven masterfully. I felt like I was there with them watching their world/story unfold before my eye's and I was glad I could be apart of it all. So good!

language LNV few times
romance clean one scene not appropriate but no details

copy provided by netgalley and Harperteen publishing. Thank you!