Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dant's Girl by Courtney Cole
This looks really cute! Well it was really cute that's what I said even before I read the book. This is a fun giggly girly chic lit book if I have ever read one. It was perfect for my mood just what I was looking for. The writing was refreshing and witty. I loved some of the things Reece would think in her head, most of which stayed there but upon occasion would come spewing out of her mouth.... thus the giggling or out right laughter. This is obviously a story of boy meets girl or I should say girl meets boy and they fall in love. I have to say how they get to the falling in love part is a lot of fun. Reece is not a wimpy girl she is strong, confident and boy does she speak her mind, she is very American as Dante would say. Dante okay ladies you might as well just swoon now. He is perfect! Well okay not quite, but pretty darn close. He is chivalrous, gorgeous, a gentleman, strong, confident and yet he is a little insecure which made him all the more adorable. As Reese would say "Sweet Baby Monkeys" That ending was awesome!!
I can't wait to see what will happen next!

content: handful language,under age drinking, sexual tension, sex no details, all in all clean read

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Broken City  by D. D. Chant
This is my second D.D. Chant book and I really enjoy her stories and her writing. I will say this one started just a little slow for me but then picked back up. I like the fact that this is a pretty relatable dystopian it is futuristic but could it happen the way this story describes it, sure. This story takes place in England, everything has fallen apart the government is gone. The Military generals have taken over the military bases, and the rest of the people have grouped together to survive in clans, or groups of families. We learn the daily functioning of the Deeta her group and how taxing it is on them, but yet they are happy. Deeta's best friend Tomasz always seems a little sad, short but caring towards Deeta. He is always going away for long periods of time and then returning. Deeta and her little group have been doing pretty well until someone comes and takes one of their own. Then all breaks loss, secrets are confessed, danger is abound, consequences will be payed.
Tomasz was an awesome character I loved him, not so much in the beginning but as time goes on. He is always chivalrous, brave and courageous. He just has a hard time admitting to himself and Deeta that he really cares about her. Deeta on the other hand is naive, sweet, caring,and stubborn. It takes her quite sometime to figure out that she really does have deep feelings for Tomasz. At times this drove me a little crazy, but at the same time it worked. There are many other wonderful characters in this story that I will save for you to explore. All of them were well rounded and interesting, loved them all. This was a really enjoyable read and am excited for the rest of the story to be released.

content: clean read

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
This book was so much fun full of romantic tension, and had an interesting story line to-boot. There are Aliens that have cool powers and are all drop dead gorgeous. Humans that if find out about the Aliens, well that just wouldn't be good. The government knows about the Aliens and are supposedly "helping them"? Hmmmm.
Daemon and Kate are awesome so much tension between the two. I kept thinking kiss her already. Theirs I am afraid was a love hate relationship. One minute they were civil and really seemed to understand each other and the next they wanted to kill each other. The times when it is important though they pull through for each other. This is what helps to bring them closer and helps their friendship grow into something more. There were some really funny moments in this book, really well rounded with great story and wonderful characters.

language medium, F word, sex talk, sexual tension, underage drinking, sex no details

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
This was a great audio book, loved the voice and the story. Sanderson has a great ability to build this amazing world that you feel completely apart of. I really wanted to go and see the City of Elantris and its people after it was restored to it's former glory.
The people of Elantris as well as the city have become ill to the point of near death. They are ghastly to look upon and are left in the city or thrown back into it for fear that it is contagious. Roeden the Prince ends up with this illness and cast into Elantris just a few days before his wedding. The poor guy and his poor fiance Serene I felt bad for them. Worst yet Serene thinks her husband to-be is dead. Serene is such a likable character she knows she is different from the other girls, not quite as pretty, overly tall, smart, feisty and thick headed, she fights for truth, and things that are right. She is very courageous, and loves her people. Her husband to-be well he is quite handsome (well when not inflicted with the illness of Elantris), smart, kind and chivalrous. He becomes a leader in the hopeless Elantris, he cares for these people who are his people. He sees how hopeless and sad, and pained the people have become and he wants to give them hope, which he does. Without hope life would be miserable, hope is what gets us through the rough times in our lives, realizing that it will pass, or learning to find the good in a bad situation. Hope is like a life preserver, keeping us buoyed up until someone or something comes along and relief is found. That is Roeden to these people. Outside of Elantris there is conflict of power going on between the king and his lords as well as Hrathen and his god. There are plenty of twist and turns to this story that keep you guessing. Quite an enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

content:clean read, some minor violence

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

" So little time is left. "Take this." He folds the locket into my hand. It throbs as if it has a pulse, giving off a faint white glow. "I'm sorry for putting you in danger." I would do it all again, I tell him. "A thousand times." He kisses me, softly at first and then so fiercely I can hardly breathe. Rain falls, soaking us, splashing into the canals that twist through the hot, dark city. His chest heaves against mine.....He aims the wicked barrel of his pistol at my head. Inside me, something bursts.
I always knew this story would break my heart."
I love Mr. Lawrence's writing the prose were beautiful throughout the whole story. I will say though that the first five to ten pages where a little bumpy for me, as we get accustomed to Aria and what has happend to her. Arie as a character comes off superficial in the beginning of the story but she will quickly redeems herself. Arie Rose is brought up as the daughter of one of the most powerful families in the city. This story takes place in a futuristic New York City were Mystics and humans live side by side. Mystics are magical peoples who have this amazing light/energy force and are capable of healing, manipulating the elements, taking on identities, amongst other things. Mystics were blamed for the war of Confederation and now must under go a terrible procedure twice a year to make sure they will not harm any of the humans. Let me tell you this was barbaric, I couldn't believe the humans could do this to another species whether human or not. Humans have never done anything like that have we in the name of a better good/safety for all.(cough,cough) Aria suffers from memory loss and now finds that she is engaged to her parents most hated enemy's son Tomas Foster. Does she love him? Why are their families best of friends now? What will this mean to the Mystics? Who is her handsome champion who is constantly coming to her rescue? Fun story to watch unravel somewhat predictable but still really enjoyable. Great kissing scenes too:)
I have to talk about the character because they are what make a story for me. Like I said before, Aria comes off in the beginning being superficial, poor little rich kid, but she quickly changes into a courageous, lost at times, strong, kind, caring, and deeply in love individual. Thomas on the other hand is pathetic piece of work, follower, cheater, handsome and knows it, not very humble, or very like able. Turk is a friend of Arias and he is handsome and has an amazing bike, he is also a mystic. He is one of those guys that would either terrify you or put you at ease right away depending on if he liked you or not. Kiki is Aria's best friend, she is an okay friend a little on the flighty side, but means well, immature, but sweet. Hunter is another mystic and my favorite, he is handsome, mysterious, chivalrous, flawed, kind, and  amazing.
Aria and her love interest are fun to watch as they fall into love and help and inspire one another to make the best out of some crummy situations. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

content: language mild handful, sex talk, inappropriate touch no details, drug use and overdose not today's type of drugs used.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck

No, it did not just end right there.....yep it did. How many days until the book releases six. Well then exactly six days of sheer TORTURE! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to read this as an arc from the publisher, for my honest review. The arc that we reviews received did not have the last three chapters thus torture until release date time. I loved this story so much that I found myself at B&N at the crack of dawn so I could sit in their hard chairs and read the ending, before I even bought it, I HAD TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.
Boy I was not disappointed this book delivered all the way around. The quest for the last artifact is one not to be missed. (Sorry I am going to be very vague in this review so that I do not ruin it for any of you). In my opinion it was the best one. We also learn who Durga really is and what that means..........that was a revelation let me tell you. We learn the fate of our Tigers.........another oh my heck kind of moments. Mrs. Houck had me laughing and on verge of tears a few time in this one. Her writing is just as beautiful in this story as the the others. Kelsey comes to some realizations which was torturous for me too. I felt her pain and frustration for loving them both. Ren and Kishan all I can say is WOW. Kishan is still my favorite. These tigers do some major sacrificing in the name of love. Mrs. Kadam is just amazing in this story as usual.
For those of us who struggled with the strange non Ren and Kishan behavior in book three, well in book four they are back to there beautiful selves.
This is book has become one of my favorites out of the series really well done!
Cover is just gorgeous!

Thank you Sterling Publishing Canadian Manda Group