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Sent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder
This series has been my first Maria Snyder experience and definitely will not be my last. I love her writing style as well as this story. The first book Touch of Power was wonderful and intriguing and so was Scent of Magic. This story pretty much takes off where the first one left off. Kerrick has gone back to his kingdom to make sure all is well, which it is and isn't thanks to his brother Isak. Isak is standing in for Kerrick and has made some really dumb choices, in regards to their kingdom, wanted to throttle him sometimes. He does mean well, just a little naive. There is rumored that the Northern tribes are moving south, Kerrick goes off to check things out, and finds all sorts of trouble along the way. I really like Kerrick he is chivalrous, kind, stubborn, handsome, has awesome magical talents, humorous, and he loves Avery. Avery more than has her hands full as she tries to help Queen Etried and her army conquer and defend against King Tohon, heal the injured, try and figure out who is spying for Tohon, get back in the good graces of her sister Noelle, worry over the well being of her soul-mate Kerrick, and find away to stop the undead creatures those things give me the creeps gross. What is up with Tohon thinking it is no big deal to use dead humans and make them the undead. Can't he see this is not going to endear Avery to him, yep he has lost his mind. The funny thing is I want to like him there are moments where he comes off so honest and sincere, gets that he is a total mess thanks to his dad, then he goes and does psychopathic things. His character is written so well the guy you love to hate:) All of our favorite characters are back, and won't you be surprised about some of them. Avery does figure out who the traitor is, oh my. The ending was perfect, tied up the loss ends, and sets up nicely for the third book. This has become one of my all time favorite series.

Mild language
clean read

Thanks Netgalley and Harlequin Teen

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
Avery of Kazan is one of just a few healers left after the plague has wiped out the peoples of the 15 kingdoms. The people are fearful of the healers thinking they are the cause of the plague. Avery has a unique way of healing other's, I thought, cause and affect are well balanced and believable concerning her method, I liked it. She has been in hiding for the past three years, when she is caught, and then offered an opportunity to escape she begrudgingly takes it. At least she will be alive. Then enters handsome, stubborn, head strong, infuriating, and ornery, Kerrick. Sometimes I wanted to tie him to a tree, he was so infuriating. Poor Avery had to put up with him and his continual badgering her to heal his friend. Avery isn't quite sure that she thinks that is the best thing to do. Their banter is wonderful,and fun to watch play out. Avery is smart and will not be pushed, lulled, tortured into doing what ever he wants her to do. She is strong, but not over the top, she has weaknesses, but chooses to percever. I really liked her character. I actually liked all the characters even the bad guys. Maria Snyder has a way of writing amazing characters and a great story. Most of the kingdoms are over run by mercenaries or internal problems,or King Tohon wanting to conquer them. He is the handsome bad guy. His powers are strong and lead to all sorts of problems, one of which is wanting Avery and all the kingdoms as his own. Slight problem for him,the other kingdoms know he is a little mad, and Avery is inlove with someone else. Which is really sweet and takes it's time to evolve. A few of my other favorite characters were Belen, such a sweet teddy bear, Lorin, Quinn the monkey's they were quite funny, and Flea, ah Flea he is such a kid and just so endearing.
Great story with lots of adventure and twist and turns. One of my all time favorite series.

Mild language
clean read

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Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George
I love princess fairy tale stories they always leave me happy and enchanted. This story was a lot of fun to read and speculate on how it was all going to work out in the end. I loved how Mrs. George interweaves Little Red Riding Hood's story with that of Robin Hood. She takes the familiar tale and puts an original twist too it. I thought it was very creative and interesting.
We find ourselves with Petunia who is the youngest of the King's twelve daughter's. She is on her way to visit an old family friend when her coach is waylaid by robbers/two legged wolves. I liked the wolves! (sorry don't want to spoil it for you can't say anymore about them). One thing leads to another and the next thing Petunia knows, she is being abducted by Oliver. I really liked Oliver he is sweet, courageous, thoughtful, and flawed. Petunia is pretty courageous too, sweet, and kind. Once Oliver realizes his mistake he agrees to help her get to her destination which is the Grand Duchess Volenskaya's estate. The adventures continue from here. Petunia's dreams become more and more frightening and insightful. The Grand Duchess and her estate is not all that it seems to be,danger is emanate.
This was such a fun and quick read. All the loose ends are tied up nicely with the King of the Under Stone. We also get to visit with some of our favorite characters from the first two books. I really enjoy it when authors let you revisit previous characters. I love Mrs. Georges writing it flows beautifully and what feels like effortlessly. Would recommend it to anyone young or old who loves a good fairy tale.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Switched by Amanda Hocking
I really, really liked this story! This story is not really all that new in concept but delivery was awesome. Mrs Hocking has a way of just pulling you in and keeping you there until you are finished or absolutely have to stop (in my case I had to go pick up kids from school, eat, and sleep)I wanted to know what was going to happen to Wendy, Finn and Reese. This story makes you feel, you feel their emotions and are not just told about them. This was a fun story in the sense that trolls are the paranormal characters of interest, I haven't run across to many with them as the focus. I enjoyed exploring a world/town full of them.
Wendy has a rough childhood due to who she is, however no one but her mother knows who she is or isn't in this case. Her mother hates her, but her brother Mathew loves her and is very protective of her. Wendy starts to notice Finn a student at school, she is drawn to him and creeped out by his constant watching her. He tells her things that will change her life forever. I loved there relationship it is a little insta-love but still really enjoyable. Finn is very swoon worthy,lol, handsome, smart, and protective. Wendy is strong yet week at times, she is beautiful, and kind. This was a fun, nice, entertaining quick read. Loved it!

language handful
clean read
heads up the first two books are clean and the last book not so much

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Refuge by Carole Rummage
***.5 stars
Laney is a sweet and sad girl she just lost her family and has gone to live with her aunt and uncle who she knows but not well. They don't have any of there own children and are glad to have her. Laney struggles with depression of having lost so much so young. She does manage to find peace and reprieve from the loss as she walks in the woods near her new home. While out walking one day she meets Gabe who is an artist and extremely handsome. They enjoy their new found friendship and help each other out with the pressures of life. Gabe has an illness *cough, cough*. Their friendship does grow into something more but is strained by all the secrets. This story was a fun read, but it is very predictable, and I am not a big fan of lets reveal everything in the last couple of chapters, again that is just me.
3.5 stars

clean read

Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson
I really liked this story about the Valkyrie and all the old Nordic folklore. I like that this was a little different take on the whole paranormal romance story. The story was engaging, entertaining and written well. Really a fun read.
Ellie doesn't know what she is all she knows is that she can do some interesting things. She and her brother Graham, and his friend Tuck all head over to Norway to spend some time with Ellie and Graham's grandmother Hilda. Things start to happen to Ellie that shake her up and send her to her grandmother for answers that she knows she has, but Hilda is very aloof with her. This really drove me a little crazy because her grandmother doesn't answer her but rather makes her think she is just imagining things. Hilda does redeem her self later, but I would be frustrated if I was Ellie wondering what the heck is going on with me and everyone else. Ellie over time comes into her own and with that comes great responsibility. Boys are missing and she has the ability to help will she? It means going up against Odin the god of War. Will she make alliances with the wrong people and who should she trust? There were all sorts of wonderful things going on in this story. I loved the characters too especially Tuck he is gorgeous and knows it but yet he really isn't cocky about it. I really liked his relationship with Ellie lots of bantering between the two of them. There is definitely more to him than meets the eye. Graham is great as well he is very handsome and is the very overprotective keep you safe big brother. Their father died so he takes this to a whole new level of annoyance, guys are actually fearful to ask Ellie out. Astrid is another great character one of those you love to hate kinds. She is beautiful and one intense kick-butt kind of girls. Can't wait for the next one. This one really did finish up nicely no huge cliff hanger, thank you Mrs. Paulson.

language handful
clean read

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
This was a really fun and cute, cute story. Right from the start it pulls you in and you don't want to stop reading in my case listening. Poppy is newly engaged and at a restaurant/hotel with her bridal party. When she losses the heirloom ring that is her engagement ring. After looking high and low for the ring she gives her cell number to hotel management. She then proceeds to step outside for a moment to make a call when her cell phone is stolen. I think this is a sign that you are having a crappy day. Poppy is frustrated at losing her phone an realizes that it is her life line to everything and everyone, and also how is the hotel going to contact her when they find her ring. Well she happens to find a phone in the trash. With the thought if it is thrown away it is free game. She starts to get emails and phone calls from Sam who's assistant the phone Poppy has once belonged to. Poppy is a happy go lucky person, where Sam is much more uptight, reserved. They make a nice balance for each other. The predicaments that Poppy gets Sam into because of some of the emails were funny. Their banter was cute as well. Poppy is able to help Sam solve a pretty major problem for his company as well. As for the will just have to read it to find out. Really a enjoyable light read, with a twist. I like the use of a common house hold item like the cell phone as the means for the story. Well done!
Audio book: good narrator

clean read
language overindulgence of the F word

The Sky is Every Where by Jandy Nelson
This story was just okay for me. I had a hard time relating to the main character Lenin and how she deals with life. Lenin and Baily are twins and the bestest of friends. Then one day the worst possible thing happens Baily dies. Lenin is grieve stricken and ends up in the arms of Baily's boyfriend. I understand we all grieve differently, maybe because they are twins and act similar it could happen, but still.......I just can't imagine ever going there. Lenin doesn't love him, but because of her actions it almost costs her the boy she is in love with. I did really like the random writings that Lenin leaves on random objects, and at the end of the story something pretty cool happens with them.

Audio book: good narrator
content: language mild, lots of sex talk wanting to give up virginity, sex no details

The Secret of Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorensen

Talk about identity crisis poor Ella. Ella grew up in town that has fallen on hard times, which changes the social economics of this community. No the story isn't about that, but it helps to understand why everyone is a little whats the word a depressed over the top in some of their actions. Actually it is a story of love, patients, endurance and self discovery. Ella and Micha are best friends and next door neighbors. They tell each other everything, well almost everything there is one little thing or I should say huge thing they have never discussed. When Micha expresses how he feels Ella makes a radical decision which impacts both their lives. I have to say it was really rather mean, couldn't believe she did it. Ella has a lot of pain in her life do to choices her parents have made, and she somewhat feels responsible for, so on her road to self discovery she tries to forget who she really is. I really liked Ella she is pained, sad, but yet she keeps the pain inside she still gets out there and lives her life. Micha is swoonable, he is a guitarist and singer to small gigs around town, he would do anything for Ella. I loved that they are best friends since they were children. They can't try and lie or pull one over on each other because they really know each other. Once their true feelings are known all sorts of things start to happen, and changes for the better. Can't wait to see were this goes with the next two books.

Content: adult read, not clean

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron
I really enjoyed this story about Hunter and Taylor. It was intense, and sweet. Hunter and Taylor attend the same university and end up spending a lot of time together do to certain circumstances. Theirs is a love hate relationship. Well really Taylor does almost but not quite hate him. Taylor has a secret that haunts her and makes her over react,angry and she doesn't trust men. Taylor is pretty amazing underneath all of the anger, and hurt. I was glad I was able to watch her character grow and change and become more of who she wanted to be. Hunter is awesome from the get go, he does come on a little strong though, but it works because he immediately identifies with Taylor and her pain and sadness. He knows what she needs even before she does. I loved how patient he was with her. Man she was down right mean at times, but Hunter could see past all of her insecurities to the beautiful person beneath it all. Hunter has his secrets too which at times made things really interesting between the two of them. He is afraid of her reactions to past events in his life as well. In the end it all works out awesomely though.

content: moderate language
adult read not clean

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

I am sure many will like this book and that is great. The writing is good. The story is okay post apocalyptic. My problem with the book (beware some spoilers possible)was Arthur he is just way creepy gross, and I could not get past it. He would wait or entice women to whatever home he happend to be living in at the time, and then drug her only enough to make her loss control of her muscles and then he would rape her is implied but no details. Then he would put said girls in his basement for further torturing and eventually kill them cut them up and put pieces of them in glass jars. He obviously is mentally ill. Gross! Sick! Sick! Not my kind of story. I bought this as an audio listened up to chapter 22 mind you there are only 29 chapters. The story goes back and forth between Evie and Arthur I didn't find the story all that compelling and even less so do to the psycho Arthur.

Darkfever, Bloodfever, Dreamfever, Faefever, and Shadowfever
This review is mainly for the first book, but I don't want to spoil anything, I loved the whole series and each book gets ***** Stars.

What an engaging read, I couldn't put it down, and found myself searching for were I had laid down the second book so I could find out what was going to happen next. This story does not disappoint it is none stop action/what is going to happen next. The author isn't overly nice to our heroine either, Mac goes through a lot of intense trials. Things are not only tough physically for her at times but also emotionally, and psychologically. These trials change and affect her in huge and interesting ways.
MacKayla Lane lives in small town Georgia. She is pretty in pink and loves life and the simplicity of it...until the day she finds out that her best friend and sister Alina is dead. Mac wants revenge and heads off to Ireland where here sister has been at college to find out who murdered her. What she finds out will forever change her from right down to her very foundation of life. Mac goes through so much but not to much to push us the reader over the edge. While Mac is searching for Alina she runs into Barron the man is an enigma all his own. I was/am so confused about him and his part in everything. He is one of the most interesting characters I think I have ever read, I am still reeling,lol. Mac and Barron's understanding of each other is humorous, scary, intense, and pragmatic. They remind me of two magnets if you put them one direction they snap right into each other, but if you turn them around they deflect each other. Yet if you turn one magnet around and leave the other one, one of them will do everything it can to smacking into the other one....thus Mac and Barron. Back to the story Mac, Barrons, The Fae Prince V'lane the sensual man who is every woman's dream or nightmare they and many others are all looking for a special fae book that if not put into the right hands can cause universal/other worldly problems.

There seems to be a message that runs through the book as well one of black, white, grey were is the line an interesting perspective. Also we should be careful how we judge a person do we judge them on what others tell us about them, what they tell us about themselves, or on their actual actions. Barron brings this home often to Mac.

Thanks Methrendiel for recommending this series to me really well done.

content: Moderate language, no sex, there were two scenes that would make it an unclean read.

Eve by Anna Carey

This was more of a 3.5 star read for me. Liked Eve and the story, but just didn't pull me in the way I was hoping it might. Just okay!

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Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver
***** or 10 stars

Cover love! This is the most PERFECT cover! This girl actually looks like my Alera ( you know the one I picture in my head) Love the dress. Can't wait for the book to be in my greedy little hands and devouring it's pages.:D

Alera, Narian, Steldor, London, Cannon and Shaselle, Yay they are all in the final book to this amazing series. I was so glad to see Narian back in full force commanding Hytanican with Alera by his side. Narian is just so wise and smart beyond his years. Steldor is back in all of his awe inspiring glory and chilvary, he is so easy on my reading eyes, lol. My heart still goes out to the man, he is perfect! London we all love him don't we. He is so brave, and loves his country and fellow country man, and is always willing to go to great lengths for them to keep them a sovereign country. Shaselle is always finding trouble she is a great character. She is constantly miss understood, causes all sorts of trouble (which I wanted to yell at her for). Alera is Alera she tries really hard to help her country become stable under the Corkian rule. She is still young and naive at times, but she means well. She is so good for Narian she brings out the best in him.
I know I am not giving much of the plot away, because I am sure you want to find out for yourself what happens now that the Corkians are in control of Hytanican. I love how a couple of relationships blossom and grow in this story.
I am sad to have the series end, I became very attached to these characters and their stories and will miss them. However I am sure I will revisit it often after all it is my all time favorite series ever. I have already reread the first two twice, lol. If you haven't read it I would highly recommend it.
As a side not Ms. Kluver could we have Steldor's story.....PLEASE!

mild language
clean romance

Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin Teen

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The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke
(Rubs hands together) Who wouldn't love a good pirate story? Well I love them. I find that they are a little hard to find so this made this story all the more appealing. Adding to the wonderful pirates a little magic, assassins, and a curse, great writing and whoala you have a book that I couldn't wait to read.
This story starts off with a bang and carries all the way through, it is full of action and adventure. Ananna of the family Tanarau and Tarrin of the family Hariri mind you they are both pirate families. Well Ananna and Tarrin are to wed. The problem is that Tarrin's would be bride is not to excited about it. In fact she takes matters into her own hands which leads to miss hap and adventure. Which includes the assassins trying to kill her and a curse that must be broken. I really liked the world that is created in this story it is interesting and really pulls you in. It is well written and flows beautifully.
I loved the characters in the is story as well. Annanna was bright, courageous, witty, humorous, strong, and spoke her mind. She was endearing in the fact that she doesn't see her self as pretty, but she is still proud of who she is. Tarrin he was a little full of himself, and a typical pirate, he drove me a little crazy. Naji, I really liked everything about his character. He is not your your typical hero, he is flawed and really needs his heroine in order to get through it all. It worked really well for this story. Made him very endearing as well.
Those who love a little romance in their story there is some and I am sure the other books will have more. Great little story, wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a classic. Excited to see where the adventures will lead them next.

content:handful language, clean read.

Thanks to netgalley and Strange Chemisty Publishing

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Dant's Girl by Courtney Cole
This looks really cute! Well it was really cute that's what I said even before I read the book. This is a fun giggly girly chic lit book if I have ever read one. It was perfect for my mood just what I was looking for. The writing was refreshing and witty. I loved some of the things Reece would think in her head, most of which stayed there but upon occasion would come spewing out of her mouth.... thus the giggling or out right laughter. This is obviously a story of boy meets girl or I should say girl meets boy and they fall in love. I have to say how they get to the falling in love part is a lot of fun. Reece is not a wimpy girl she is strong, confident and boy does she speak her mind, she is very American as Dante would say. Dante okay ladies you might as well just swoon now. He is perfect! Well okay not quite, but pretty darn close. He is chivalrous, gorgeous, a gentleman, strong, confident and yet he is a little insecure which made him all the more adorable. As Reese would say "Sweet Baby Monkeys" That ending was awesome!!
I can't wait to see what will happen next!

content: handful language,under age drinking, sexual tension, sex no details, all in all clean read

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Broken City  by D. D. Chant
This is my second D.D. Chant book and I really enjoy her stories and her writing. I will say this one started just a little slow for me but then picked back up. I like the fact that this is a pretty relatable dystopian it is futuristic but could it happen the way this story describes it, sure. This story takes place in England, everything has fallen apart the government is gone. The Military generals have taken over the military bases, and the rest of the people have grouped together to survive in clans, or groups of families. We learn the daily functioning of the Deeta her group and how taxing it is on them, but yet they are happy. Deeta's best friend Tomasz always seems a little sad, short but caring towards Deeta. He is always going away for long periods of time and then returning. Deeta and her little group have been doing pretty well until someone comes and takes one of their own. Then all breaks loss, secrets are confessed, danger is abound, consequences will be payed.
Tomasz was an awesome character I loved him, not so much in the beginning but as time goes on. He is always chivalrous, brave and courageous. He just has a hard time admitting to himself and Deeta that he really cares about her. Deeta on the other hand is naive, sweet, caring,and stubborn. It takes her quite sometime to figure out that she really does have deep feelings for Tomasz. At times this drove me a little crazy, but at the same time it worked. There are many other wonderful characters in this story that I will save for you to explore. All of them were well rounded and interesting, loved them all. This was a really enjoyable read and am excited for the rest of the story to be released.

content: clean read

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
This book was so much fun full of romantic tension, and had an interesting story line to-boot. There are Aliens that have cool powers and are all drop dead gorgeous. Humans that if find out about the Aliens, well that just wouldn't be good. The government knows about the Aliens and are supposedly "helping them"? Hmmmm.
Daemon and Kate are awesome so much tension between the two. I kept thinking kiss her already. Theirs I am afraid was a love hate relationship. One minute they were civil and really seemed to understand each other and the next they wanted to kill each other. The times when it is important though they pull through for each other. This is what helps to bring them closer and helps their friendship grow into something more. There were some really funny moments in this book, really well rounded with great story and wonderful characters.

language medium, F word, sex talk, sexual tension, underage drinking, sex no details

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
This was a great audio book, loved the voice and the story. Sanderson has a great ability to build this amazing world that you feel completely apart of. I really wanted to go and see the City of Elantris and its people after it was restored to it's former glory.
The people of Elantris as well as the city have become ill to the point of near death. They are ghastly to look upon and are left in the city or thrown back into it for fear that it is contagious. Roeden the Prince ends up with this illness and cast into Elantris just a few days before his wedding. The poor guy and his poor fiance Serene I felt bad for them. Worst yet Serene thinks her husband to-be is dead. Serene is such a likable character she knows she is different from the other girls, not quite as pretty, overly tall, smart, feisty and thick headed, she fights for truth, and things that are right. She is very courageous, and loves her people. Her husband to-be well he is quite handsome (well when not inflicted with the illness of Elantris), smart, kind and chivalrous. He becomes a leader in the hopeless Elantris, he cares for these people who are his people. He sees how hopeless and sad, and pained the people have become and he wants to give them hope, which he does. Without hope life would be miserable, hope is what gets us through the rough times in our lives, realizing that it will pass, or learning to find the good in a bad situation. Hope is like a life preserver, keeping us buoyed up until someone or something comes along and relief is found. That is Roeden to these people. Outside of Elantris there is conflict of power going on between the king and his lords as well as Hrathen and his god. There are plenty of twist and turns to this story that keep you guessing. Quite an enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

content:clean read, some minor violence

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Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

" So little time is left. "Take this." He folds the locket into my hand. It throbs as if it has a pulse, giving off a faint white glow. "I'm sorry for putting you in danger." I would do it all again, I tell him. "A thousand times." He kisses me, softly at first and then so fiercely I can hardly breathe. Rain falls, soaking us, splashing into the canals that twist through the hot, dark city. His chest heaves against mine.....He aims the wicked barrel of his pistol at my head. Inside me, something bursts.
I always knew this story would break my heart."
I love Mr. Lawrence's writing the prose were beautiful throughout the whole story. I will say though that the first five to ten pages where a little bumpy for me, as we get accustomed to Aria and what has happend to her. Arie as a character comes off superficial in the beginning of the story but she will quickly redeems herself. Arie Rose is brought up as the daughter of one of the most powerful families in the city. This story takes place in a futuristic New York City were Mystics and humans live side by side. Mystics are magical peoples who have this amazing light/energy force and are capable of healing, manipulating the elements, taking on identities, amongst other things. Mystics were blamed for the war of Confederation and now must under go a terrible procedure twice a year to make sure they will not harm any of the humans. Let me tell you this was barbaric, I couldn't believe the humans could do this to another species whether human or not. Humans have never done anything like that have we in the name of a better good/safety for all.(cough,cough) Aria suffers from memory loss and now finds that she is engaged to her parents most hated enemy's son Tomas Foster. Does she love him? Why are their families best of friends now? What will this mean to the Mystics? Who is her handsome champion who is constantly coming to her rescue? Fun story to watch unravel somewhat predictable but still really enjoyable. Great kissing scenes too:)
I have to talk about the character because they are what make a story for me. Like I said before, Aria comes off in the beginning being superficial, poor little rich kid, but she quickly changes into a courageous, lost at times, strong, kind, caring, and deeply in love individual. Thomas on the other hand is pathetic piece of work, follower, cheater, handsome and knows it, not very humble, or very like able. Turk is a friend of Arias and he is handsome and has an amazing bike, he is also a mystic. He is one of those guys that would either terrify you or put you at ease right away depending on if he liked you or not. Kiki is Aria's best friend, she is an okay friend a little on the flighty side, but means well, immature, but sweet. Hunter is another mystic and my favorite, he is handsome, mysterious, chivalrous, flawed, kind, and  amazing.
Aria and her love interest are fun to watch as they fall into love and help and inspire one another to make the best out of some crummy situations. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

content: language mild handful, sex talk, inappropriate touch no details, drug use and overdose not today's type of drugs used.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck

No, it did not just end right there.....yep it did. How many days until the book releases six. Well then exactly six days of sheer TORTURE! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to read this as an arc from the publisher, for my honest review. The arc that we reviews received did not have the last three chapters thus torture until release date time. I loved this story so much that I found myself at B&N at the crack of dawn so I could sit in their hard chairs and read the ending, before I even bought it, I HAD TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.
Boy I was not disappointed this book delivered all the way around. The quest for the last artifact is one not to be missed. (Sorry I am going to be very vague in this review so that I do not ruin it for any of you). In my opinion it was the best one. We also learn who Durga really is and what that means..........that was a revelation let me tell you. We learn the fate of our Tigers.........another oh my heck kind of moments. Mrs. Houck had me laughing and on verge of tears a few time in this one. Her writing is just as beautiful in this story as the the others. Kelsey comes to some realizations which was torturous for me too. I felt her pain and frustration for loving them both. Ren and Kishan all I can say is WOW. Kishan is still my favorite. These tigers do some major sacrificing in the name of love. Mrs. Kadam is just amazing in this story as usual.
For those of us who struggled with the strange non Ren and Kishan behavior in book three, well in book four they are back to there beautiful selves.
This is book has become one of my favorites out of the series really well done!
Cover is just gorgeous!

Thank you Sterling Publishing Canadian Manda Group

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Princess Academy Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale
I really liked Miri in Princes Academy, but I like her even more in this story. She is growing and struggling to find her place in the world. Trying to figure out who she is and what that will mean for her life. Miri receives and invitation to go to Britta and the Princes wedding along with opportunity to study for a year at the Queen's Castle University. There is also someone else who is special that will be there too, sorry can't say anymore. Once their the since of political unrest is felt. Tribute's have been raised and sides are being decided. Poor Miri she is trying to wade through it all and make the right choices. You see how important education is and the influence those that are educated play in Miri's thought process. Mira is such a wonderful and sweet character I really loved her. She has such a desire to do what it right, she is honest and loyal, she also learns the great importance of family and ethics. Miri also has a love interest or two, it is sweet. Not going to say anymore don't want to spoil it. All in all a great sequel and it was nice to be back with Miri.

content: clean

In The Dark by Farleigh Greyson
This was a fun werewolf story. I loved Marek and his brothers they were pretty darn chivalrous. David especially! Some of them also had other senses or abilities that were interesting. Marek could hear the inner thoughts of everyone except his mate. David was hyper sensitive and aware of peoples emotions to the point that it was a problem for him. Zoe on the other hand doesn't even know what she is, until she meets Marek. They have an incredibly strong bond towards each other, almost like a remembering of each other. Romantic and a little insta- love, but it worked for me. Did have to skim some pages. I liked the plot of the story the Hunter's are after the werewolves to annihilate them basically, because they are not human. The wolves in this area had been left alone or unknown of for years, but all of a sudden the Hunters are there in force. Hmmm why is that? Any way it is an adventure with twist and turns, they are predictable, but the journey was interesting and enjoyable. I liked Zoe and how she took over the cooking for the pack, some interesting and humorous moments.

not clean

The Selection by Kiera A. Cass

I had no plans to read this one, I kept picking it up at the library and book stores and reading the synopsis and thought it might be my kind of story. In the back of my mind though, I kept remembering how the author reacted to a review a fellow friend on goodreads had given. Just because it had been a non favorable review. That bothered me, but what really bothered me was the lengths the author went to undermine and discredit this friends review. Shame on her. My understanding is that the author has apologized. Let's just be respectful and greatful we all have opinions and that we have the freedom to express them, please.

On to the book, I actually really liked this story. It has princes and will be princesses right up my alley. It is a fun fluffy chic-lit story, which I was in the mood for as I listened to it as we traveled to California on vacation. This story is a crazy mix of fairytale and dystopian combined, which surprisingly worked.
America is one of the girls who is up for the picking to be the future Princess, but there is a catch or two. Does she even want to marry the Prince? Then there is Prince Max, I have to say I liked him better than America. He is more grounded and real. He is of course handsome, kind, chivalrous, sweet, confused, loyal, and just awesome. He is trying to figure out who he loves and will that love be reciprocated. At the same time the country is having political mini conflicts from within the different social classes. He is trying to help keep his country together and find his perfect match.
I thought it was a really fun, light read. I look forward to reading the second in the series.

Audio book well done, enjoyed the voice telling the story.

content what I remember clean, pg13

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry
This is one of those books that just grabs you from the beginning and says, "hang on for the ride." What a great story of making the best under some of the worst situations, and coming out of it better than just okay.
I love the fact that this story is told in both Echo and Noah's point of views. I really, really like feeling emotionally connected to both of my favorite characters. Having both perspectives, I feel adds another layer of depth and understanding to them. Echo is a beautiful and smart girl she would be considered an over achiever,(not necessarily all her choosing) and a very lonely person. She has few friends and no desire to put her self out there to change any of it. Her life before the "accident/event" she was the in girl, she was a cheerleader, and in with all the popular kids and had a boyfriend. There is not only the accident but also some other losses as well as a new stepmother to deal with. I will just say there are huge family dynamics that are going on and help make the story. Noah too has lost much, his parents died and he and his two younger brothers ended up in the lovely state ran foster care system. What a mess that system is. Noah being significantly older has a hard time finding placement. When he is placed it is not in a "loving family." They are abusive and neglectful homes. Noah is handsome, chivalrous, frustrate, flawed, loved and lost deeply, awesome in the brother department. He use to have it all as well, he was on the football team, smart had great grades and was popular. Now he is constantly in trouble and has a chip on his shoulder. Who could blame him though, he has lost so much and stands to lose even more. There is no one there to help him to succeed and help him out of the mess that is now his life. I think it is a very frustrating and over powering place to be when you feel that there is no hope, and that is were Noah is at. To have it all and then to have nothing, I felt for the poor guy. Just wanted to tell him to hang in there. Well hope comes in the way of Mrs. Collins, the schools clinical social worker and she rocks, loved her. Noah is such a good guy he wants to try and get his brother's back so they can be a family and he is trying to make sure they are safe. He scored big points with me in the big brother awesome department.
Now for Echo and Noah, to emotionally scarred people with lots of baggage and problems. They have lots of hurdles to overcome, and they work through them. The big thing they have going for each of them is that they really trust the other. They give each other time to work through their issues and are there for each other. There is a ton of romantic tension between the two, thought they might com bust at times. lol
I really loved Echo and Noah they are great characters. I enjoyed watching them fall into lust and love, and also to watch them over come their deepest darkest secrets, and losses. To watch them regain hope in life and have dreams come true. A great story with a lot of heart.

lots of sexual tension, sex no detail, drugs, alcohol, wandering hands, pg-13 red.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly

I am in complete ah of this story and it has now become one of my very favorite books. This story has so much heart, and I felt like mine was being tugged at continually. It brought me to tears several times. The emotions that are felt and brought to life in this story are so true to life. I love all of the characters and just wanted to reach through the pages and hug them all. I know, sounds a little over the top, but this story and it's characters is one I will not soon forget.

Della is a simple but beautiful young women raised by her uncle Karl and aunt Caroline, who are premier residents in Salt Lake City. Tragedy had taken her father, and her mother had left them when she was a young girl. Della's aunt was a nasty mean women, and that is putting it lightly,grr she made me so mad I wanted to reach through my kindle and do bodily harm to the women. Uncle Karl should have been more aware of what was going on concerning the care of his niece. I think the man must have been blind, but in truth I think he is a coward. Della has an opportunity to teach in Winter Quarters a coal mining community in Colorado. She wants to go there to start a new and do some personal healing of her heart. I loved these people of Winter Quarters they were amazing. Everything isn't perfect in the little town. There were definite social class prejudice that were brought to light in this story and were dealt with very well. Della makes friends and begins to start her life here. She also begins to loss her heart to a wonderful man.....but? The journey with Della in this little mining community was fun as well as heart wrenching, and I am so glad I was apart of it.

This story resonates with me on a personal level, my great-great grandmother was a child of the mines. Her father was a coal miner from England who came to America to work the mines with his brothers in Kimmer, Wyoming,. He brought his wife and Daughter Sarah (my grandmother) by ship. His wife decided to leave him and departed the boat with another man. He would not allow her to take Sarah with her. Sarah grew up in the mines and took care of her coal mining father who was a drunk. Her father would have her walk the rail tracks in search of spilled coal that they could use to keep warm with. My great-great grandfather found her with two buckets of coal tide to a pole around her back lying in the freezing snow almost dead. He took her home to his family and they nursed her back to health. Years later they would be married. She never went back to live with her father, he new were she was, he died later in a mine explosion. Sara later became a well known midwife in Star Valley, Wyoming. Mrs. Kelly helped to paint a picture with words for me of my grandmothers life through her story of Della, and I am very grateful, Thank you Mrs. Kelly.

I know I rambled some with this review, but if you love historical fiction, romance, beautiful writing, witty, strong, frustrating, chivalrous characters you will probably love this story too.

clean read

warning lots of tissues for the happy and sad times:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Promise by D. D. Chant
This was definitely my kind of story, chivalrous men, impending war, romance, and strategies aplenty. The writing was rich and flowed smoothly didn't want to put it down. I loved the friendships of Lord Rafe, Finan, Leofric and Rand, their unwavering loyalty to each other was amazing. Each character was nicely fleshed out as well, you came to admire, hate, love, them all.
This story is about Lord Rafe of Valrek and his betrothed Lady Adele of Berron and much, much more.War had left Adele at the age of two the only survivor of her family. Lord Rafe of Valrek who was ten was betrothed to her for political reasons. Adel is kept hidden in safety until Lord Rafe comes to take her as his bride. Lord Rafe collects Adel and her companion and then the real adventure begins. Original plans are changed enemy boarders are crossed, pursuits are followed, enemies turn friend, lies are told, alliances are made, and broken. There are many twists and turns to this wonderful tale that I do not wish to ruin for you.

The characters as I mention really make this story Lord Rafe of Valrek he is courageous, naive when it comes to womens emotions, loyal, kind, strong, and humorous. He was awesome, at times I would get aggravated with his inability to communicate or miss communicate his feeling to Adel. His loyalty and love of his friends and they of him was a crucial part to this story and very endearing. We all have or want friends like Finan, Leofric, and Rand. They worked so well together like the intricate workings of a clock, and they would forfeit their lives for each other. I loved it! Now Adele she is delicate, strong, thoughtful, unsure of herself at times, patient and a good choice for Rafe. They made me smile, and want to scream at times for they had a hard time articulating their feelings for one another....but when they did it was sweet. Finan he was great he got into more trouble than need be and it wasn't even his fault. I loved his unwavering loyalty to Rafe, awesome friend. Leofric was one of my favorites he comes off less than he really is, and I loved that about his character for he is far more than what his father sees in him. He was soooo endearing one of my favorites. Rand is a nice complication to the story and friendship, he takes a calculated risk and it pays off. Eda is Adel's friend and companion and quite the spit fire, she takes very good care of her friend. Her is Eda defending her friend, " Understand this Finan, Lady Adelle means more to me than you will ever know and I can tell when something has occurred to distress her. I care not what you disagreed over, it matters not, but I wish you to understand that your responsibility toward Lady Adelle is not just that you keep her safe, but that you keep her happy as well." Her is a quote from Eda to Rafe, " You should be careful Finan, for that which you are beginning to lose you cannot retrieve and that which you are beginning to crave is not yours to request, In this I have experience Finan, and I know that this path leads only to great heartache....try to do that which I could not and turn from the road before you." There are even more wonderful characters than just these that I will leave for you to explore.
The romance is great in this story to very sweet and is woven through out but does not override the whole story, which normally I would complain about, but it really worked for the story. Great story can' wait for the next in the series.

Clean read

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Intangible by J. Meyers
I really loved this story, it was great. The writing was smooth and flowing, down right pretty in places. I didn't want to put it down, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Luke and Sera or what unwanted predicament they were about to embark upon.
Luke and Sera are twins, and they are special. They each have a special gift Luke is a Seer and Sera has the ability to heal. I loved that they were twins and have a deep connection with each other and have these amazing gifts. When they were quite young they relized what they could do and that not everybody appreciated their abilities. That in fact some ridiculed and thought them to be the damned. Luke and Sera learned early on to hide there gifts from everyone including their family. To the outside world they look like any other teenagers. Then there is Marc gorgeous Marc tall blue eyed and red haired and so sweet, just what Sera needs but....he has a secret that could destroy the twins. I really liked Marc he is so sweet and good to and with Sera. He feels familiar to her and she can let down her guard a little. With that said at the same time I wanted to knock some sense into him, really how could he grrr. One day Sera heals someone from the other realm which will have catastrophic repercussions for the twins and their friends Fey and Jonas.
These characters are wonderful I loved Luke, he is the perfect guy and brother. He is so good with Sera,he is patient and kind, and willing to sacrifice for those he loves. Sera is sweet, smart, has an uncanny ability to find trouble, doesn't trust easily, artist, courageous, and a good friend. Fey is gorgeous and the best of the best in the best friend department, she has the twins back and she loves them, I would just say you do not want to get on Fey's bad side, she is awesome. Then there is Jonas, I really liked him he too is beautifully gorgeous, sweet, and a terrible force to be reckoned with if need be. I loved his relationship with the twins, and his willingness to help them, which didn't seem to be in his best interest, which of coarse makes him all the more endearing. There are a few other characters that were amazing, Lilith wow do not want to be alone and in the same room. Okay don't want to be any were near this woman she is intriguing and really scary. The Shadows were Marc's worse nightmare, and quit the evil ones.
Great story, really enjoyed reading it and becoming attached to Luke and Sera can't wait to find out what will happen next.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I really enjoyed Throne of Glass, right up there with some of my very favorite books. I love fairytale/fantasy books, this was a perfect fit for me and was so glad to get my greedy little fingers on it.
We start off with our Heroine Celeana working the Salt mines as a slave in Edovier. The work is harsh, with long days. She has been sent to the mines for being the renowned Adarlan Assassin. She is the best of the best in her field, and then she was betrayed. Prince Dorian is looking for her to be his assassin and competitor for the Kings Assassin competition. If she wins she will become the kings assassin and after three years time she will have also won her freedom. Celeana's freedom means everything to her, she has been a slave, but she has really never been free. I like the effaces that was placed on how highly she regards hers and other's ability to have agency. Each member of the royal council will also bring a competitor to the table. Some of these men are ruthless, and some are not sure what they have gotten themselves into. The captain of the Guard Westfall takes Celeana to personally train for competition. I really liked him and his relationship with Celeana he was wise, tough,kind and worries about her. As the competition nears more and more competitors show up dead. This puts everyone one edge. Prince Dorian is trying to figure out what is happening and protect Celeana, even though she is capable of protecting herself he is chivalrous and needs her. The prince is an interesting character. He is not initially interested in Celeana. It's after several encounters and dinner discussions that he and she start to feel something for one another. This is really only a part of the story, there is much more going on than meets the eye. Parts of the royal court, and the king himself seem to be up to no good. There is a lot of tension between King Adaran and other Kings in in the Empire. Princess Nehemia is on an extended visit from a neighboring country. She is awesome one of my favorite characters, she is smart and mysteries. She notices something, about the Glass Castle which are unique, and will prove helpful to Celeana. I loved her strength, and loyalty. Celeana senses things are not as they should be and does some exploring, she is lead to what is truly at the heart of the problems for Adarlan. Her world is shattered as she knew it yet she rises above it to be what the Prince and the kingdom need her to be....the ultimate assassin for good and evil.
If you love high fantasy you will not want to miss this gem of a story, it was really well written and the story was so engaging. Definitely worthy of all the praise it and Mrs. Maas are receiving. I only touched on a minuscule of what is going on in the story.

Thanks Netgalley and Blumsbury Children's Books Publishing

This Scarlet Cord by Joan Wolf

This is a beautiful love story and the coming together of two different people do to race, culture, and religious differences. I enjoyed Mrs. Wolf's writing style. I especially enjoyed the way she writes Sala, he is perfect and chivalrous, sweet, kind, courageous, determined, and comes to cherish Rahab okay so I could go on and on about him. It is more than just these qualities, you since how much Mrs. Wolfed loved this particular character by the way she rights him and gives him voice. Okay maybe that sounds weird, but I really really liked him. Am I write Mr. Wolf?
Rahab, is a beautiful young girl when we first meet her that happens upon a terrifying experience. She is strong and resourceful, and manages to get out of said experience with the help of Sala. I have to say that these early interactions were some of my favorites. I liked that Sala viewed Rahab as different in a good way. Rahab is a girl who speaks her mind, which is not common or necessarily acceptable during this time period. There is also a carefree attitude to her that Sala likes and I think envies a little. She is so very brave, and witty, smart, naive, and very courageous. I really liked their bantering with one another.
Time moves forward and we find Rahab in Jericho with part of her family for the Canaanite New Year Celebration of Baal. At the same time Sala is there with his father as spies for the Israelite's. I enjoyed the relationship with Rahab and Sala and how it unfolds, as well as the classic biblical story. Yes, some liberties are taken with the biblical story, so in that aspect it is inaccurate. However I think the social/culture nature of the story is more accurate. Even though there are inaccuracies to the biblical account it was still an enjoyable read. It made me go back and reread and study some of the chapters in Joshua. All in all a enjoyable read with endearing characters, redemption and love.

Thanks Netgalley and Thomas Nelson Publishing

Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
WoooooW this story was just amazing and full of heart, life and crazy. This was my first Jennifer Echols books and it was quite the experience and did not disappoint. Mrs. Echol's writes so beautifully with a fullness to her writing. I didn't feel I was left out or missing anything. I was hooked from page one, her writing literally takes and transports you from the here and now to Leah's life, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more of her works.
I loved how real this story felt and was. Leah's life story is tragic, yet not. She is a smart girl, with not so smart a mom. Yet at the same time her mom has major issues as well and doesn't know how to be a parent. Not to excuse her completely, I think she could have figured it out better than she did. Leah though takes responsibility for her life and her mothers and makes something of herself. She doesn't just stand by and let the harshness of her life and environment dictate who or what she is, well most of the time.
Leah lives in Heaven Beach, North Carolina in a trailer park, not just any trailer park. This one is run down, unkempt, scary pit bull tied to a tree, hope you make it to your own run down trailer with out any unwanted attempts made on your person, next to the airport. She loves the sound of the planes, and watching them come and go. Because Leah needs to keep a roof over her head and the airport is in her back yard she seeks out a job there working in the office. What she really wants though is to fly. Mr. Hall from Hall aviation, helps her become that pilot she has always dreamed of becoming. He also becomes a surrogate father to her in his own way. Mr. Hall has twin sons Greyson and Alec and Jake who is the eldest. Leah has always crushed on the handsome brooding Greyson, but the boys do not really seem to notice her or like her much....they have their supposed reasons. One day tragedy strikes and then Greyson needs something from Leah, and he is willing to do what ever he has to to make it happen. From here the story continues to unfold.
This story is just so good there is so much to Leah's story besides just the airport, the twins and her relationship with them. Who does she like, and why? Why does Greyson keep pushing her into the arms of another? Okay, I get what he was doing and he is an emotional mess rightly so....but how could he keep pushing her towards another, after crazy. Speaking of Greyson, I loved his character, he is raw, full of pent up anger/energy, smart, courageous, kind, flawed in big ways, but perfect for Leah. Alec is a softer version of his brother, he is not so raw, but still crazy, and kind. I really liked Molly, Leah's best friend, she is the popular girl who Leah feels took her on as a charity case. Their relationship is very dynamic, a little warped at times, but works for them. Mr. Hall was one of my favorites do to his kindness to Leah, he was willing to help her and not pity her, he is flawed and lonely.
I loved all the flying scenes in this story, I felt like I was flying with Leah watching the world from above. I like that this story was so different from my normal read and that aviation was the means used to make it unique.
This was a very dynamic story with so much to it. We the reader get to see in a small way what it is like to grow up extremely poor, unloved, harassed at school and beyond. Why people might make choices that don't make since to the average person, and yet that choice makes all the since to someone living it. Hope for a better way of life and thinking, a healing of sorts. Leah's story is so full of just that hope, and determination to make her dreams come true.....such a rush.

some language
sex no details

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Long Way from You by Gwendolyn Heasley
What drew me to this book was the advertisement that popped up on my goodreads,lol. It just looked like a fun summer read. This is the companion story of Kitsy Kidd, Corrine's friend from "Where I Belong." I had not read the first story and found I could still navigate my way through this story just fine.
I would actually give this story a 3.5 rating.
This story is about self discovery, Kitsy has always been in love with the concept of going to New York and following her dream of being an artist. When an opportunity arises she jumps at the chance. As Kitsy explores New York for the first time by herself, and with a few friends she meets along the way she learns that she doesn't know quite who she is. Is she New York Kitsy or Broken Spoke form Texas Kitsy, and who does she want to be. Kitsy meets some really interesting people in New York and her experiences help her grow and find the real Kitsy. She realizes there are things she needs to fix in her family life. Her mom is depressed and an alcoholic. Kitsy is the mom, and the caretaker in her home, which is a lot for a child to be responsible for. There are things that her and Hands need to discuss concerning what they both want out of life and their future. These things need said and dealt with in order for her to have a happy future. I was glad her experience opened her eyes to a world full of opportunities, and that he could follow her dreams if she desires too. I was glad she was mature enough to see that she needed to confront her family issues in a responsible way. Good job Kitsy!
This was an enjoyable to okay read for me. I enjoyed watching Kitsy experience New york for the first time, and the ah that she felt in the big Apple. Kitsy is a sweet hospitable southern girl, optimistic, naive, flawed, smart, kind and courageous. I really liked her character, her story is sweet,simple, and pretty predictable. Which was okay. Her all most love interest Tad was just that an all most. Which worked for the story, because I found that I didn't want her to be with him, and that I like Hands much better. I was hoping for some romance of some kind in this story but there isn't really any, just a very little with her and Hands that was it. I felt a little miss lead from the synopsis and photo cover. If you are looking for a coming of age/self discovery book that is light and fun this would fit the bill.

Clean read

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins

Okay I finally get me, I am a huge sucker for the intense male who is so into the girl he would do about anything for her, or to keep her. Didn't say it was healthy just I really like stories that are like that. Temptation is that kind of story and more. Rose and her family move next door to the Miller family who happen to be Amish. They have a beautiful son named Noah. Rose and Noah are instantly attracted to each other upon their first meeting. Both try to avoid there attraction to one another but it doesn't work. They manage to find time to spend with one another and fall into love. They are both apprehensive of each other's culture he being Amish and fallowing the strict old order is a little hard for Rose to understand. Noah on the other hand calls her English which applies to anyone who is not Amish, no matter your race,religion,creed etc. He doesn't understand the outside world. This all hits a boiling point when their relationship is no longer a secret and is now public information. What will their parents do? She is only sixteen, he is eighteen? Noah asked Rose to make a huge choice, what will she choose?
There is great romantic tension in just about every page of this story, it was great. Noah is such a chivalrous guy, he is really good to Rose, a little manipulative due to his up bringing, and a little to I am the man hear me roar. This all fits with his character and the story though. Rose is cute, witty, strong willed, courageous, and lonely. I also like both family dynamics Roses family is the typical family in a lot of ways. They all love each other, but have there squabbles and arguments. Here is one scene I enjoyed, Rose to her brothers " When I finally reached the rickety old front porch, I smiled smugly at the dorks who were both standing there without a way to open the door. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the key, dangling it in front of them. In an instant I was tackled to the ground by Sam......" Rose has two brothers Sam who is older and Justin who is younger. They acted like typical siblings, and it was refreshing and funny.
I loved Mrs. Hopkins writing it was so straight forward, smooth and funny at times. She had some great quotes I have to share with you: Rose speaking "I really hated her the way I hated poison ivy or waking up to discover I'd gotten my period." The other aspect of Mrs. Hopkins writing that I liked was that each chapter is told in a different point of view, alternating between Rose and Noah. I love this, I want to hear the guys point of view, how he feels, and what he is, love, love. Here is a quote form Noah " My soul was tugged toward the English girl as if it knew that she needed me. The realization was sitting over me like a warm blanket...." Mmmmm I love romance. One more quote from Rose, " Realizing it was a giant spider web I wondered where Charlotte was, probably crawling in my hair." Great witty writing, I really enjoyed.
Overall a really enjoyable read with lots of romantic tension, choices that need made, consequences, heartbreaking moments, and the end leaves you wanting more. really excited to see how this story evolves in the books to come. Will their love be enough to sustain them through their cultural and religious differences?

Eden by Jamie McGuire
I really enjoyed this series, it was a lot of fun to read. I am sad to see it all come to an end. I loved the characters, Jared, Nina, Beth, Ryan, Clair, Lillian, Cynthia,and Bex. I was completely vested in them, and loved their story. The writing is good, I would have to say though that the last two books had a few editing errors, wasn't that big of a deal for me.
This story takes off were Requiem left off, and boy did it fly by. This book focuses on Jared, Nina and the baby that is due and how that is affecting their lives. Because Hell doesn't want Bean(nickname for baby) born. Kim also is trying to return the book taken from one of Hell's Dukes, back to Jerusalem so that her family's curse will be lifted.
The ending was great full of action, oh my, crazy! All the lose ends are tied up, but I want more. My favorite parts were the intense romantic tension, the dialogue was great, as well as the inner thoughts of Nina. This story does have a very Twilight feel to it, but if you liked Twilight you will probably enjoy this series.

language handful
romance adult read in room know what is happening but no great details.

Requiem by Jamie McGuire
The story picks up were it left off in Providence, and just continues to get better and better. Finally Nina and Jared get a little reprieve from Shaux and hell itself. Don't worry it doesn't last long. Don't want to give anything away. Once again really good. It did start off a little slow but don't let that detour you it picks up and never stops. Just a couple of things. What was Ryan thinking, crazy boy. We get to know more about Jared's family in this story Clair, Bex, their mom. They are one awesomely talented family. They all really care and love each other too, which I think is awesome. Nina and Jared's relationship is more solidified, less drama with the triangle. They are now after something Hell has that they need to save Nina. Lots of twists and turns. Loved it! small warning this at times does have a Twilight feel to it, but in reverse. Didn't bother me though.

language handful
romance adult read no details

Providence by Jamie McGuire
I wasn't sure what to think of this story, when I first read the synopsis. The whole fighting over heaven and hell for a three book novel made me a little nervous. I read a review though that said the story is mostly about the relationship, so I decided to go for it. I was glad I did. I enjoyed it from page one and I am now on the third book and still loving it.
Nina has just lost her father to a car accident, she is completely devastated. On her way back to the dorms she meets a stranger at the bus stop his name is Jared and he is gorgeous, and kind, they part ways. However after that initial meeting Nina starts noticing Jared at her favorite cafe, on the street etc. They have little conversations, and soon Nina is anxious for these little encounters. From there they form a relationship, secrets are reveled huge by the way. Nina has some choices to make. Ryan the love triangle enters the picture, and he is a sweetheart. Jared is AMAZING though. He is soooo into Nina, he is hot, chivalrous, smart, flawed no he isn't, perfect yes. I like him this way it works for his character. I like all the dialogue in this story you really get to see these characters grow and bond. Nina's inner dialogue is quite funny at times too. Beth is Nina's best friend and I loved her she is great. Kim is the sarcastic, dry hummer friend that made me smile. The characters are all great and I enjoyed each one of them.
Oh yeah hell doesn't want Nina and Jared to be together. Nina has something hell wants. Nina's father has some secrets of his own that are now becoming real threats to Nina and her friends.
For me I love it, love seeing the inter-workings of their relationship. This story does have a Twilight feel to it, but I like Twilight so it worked for me.

language handful
romance adult read, goes to bedroom cloths disappear no major details.

Endure by Carrie Jones
Endure, hmmm. The more I thought about this book after I read it the more frustrated I think I became. So from 4 stars to 3.5 instead. The story picks up were it left off. I was so frustrated with Nick and his stupidity grrr, or maybe I should howl instead. Seriously he is so immature over the fact that Zara is fairy. She changed to save his life. WHAT is his PROBLEM! Once again the evil fairies and other strange things are still trying to kill them. Zara, Astley, Cassidy and their friends are trying to figure out how to stop the apocalypse. There are many adventures and twist and turns in the journey. In a lot of way the story was good, there were just moments were things felt forced or rushed. Astley I think is my favorite character he is awesome, chivalrous, patient, so in love, kind, flawed, and kingly. I really liked him. Zara is Zara, I think I have a love hate relationship with her. Sometimes it is cheers to her and then other times I think I want to thump her. All in all it was a like able ending to a series that I overall enjoyed. Could it have been better, I think so.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler
Can I just say that was an excellent read. I really, really enjoyed it. I love shapeshifter stories and I would put this one at the top of my list of favorite ones. The story was interesting as well as the characters. The writing was great, I appreciated Mrs. Ostlers attention to detail, as well as the dialogue between her characters. To me this is what really made the book so enjoyable all the great dialogue. I really like this cover to it is very alluring, made me want to find out what was on the inside of it's pages after looking at it and reading the synopsis.
With that said, this is more than just a pretty cover. The story is full of mystery, suspense, and romance. Julia is from New York, and is about to get her whole world rocked, when she discovers her true identity. She is a shapeshifter from another realm, and someone wants her. I really liked Julia she is very down to earth, stubborn, strong willed, good friend, and courageous. Oh my there were several twist and turns in this story, as we try to find out what is going on. I don't want to say to much and ruin the story, so I will be very vague. I really liked that a majority of the story takes place at a special academy. Julia makes some pretty amazing friends that really round out this story and make it so awesome. I really liked Sierra her best friend ,she was Julia's conscience trying to help her make smart choices, she was also really sweet, funny, and competitive her love interest was pretty cool too. Gabe was another he was ultra smart, witty, and had social awkward moments. Caleb was great he was stubborn, smart, would not put up with certain peoples crap or immaturity, he is chivalrous, and stubborn oh ya I said that, sometimes though it made me want to bonk him on the head ( and yell wake up or you are going to regret it, big time!) Terrance is Chivalrous, and sweet, caring and moves fast, maybe a little to fast, but I still liked him. He has some great cat climbing moments. Lancer her dad was one of my favorites he is really strict, but just because he loves Julia and doesn't want her to get hurt. In the beginning I thought he was a little over the top, but once you see how much he loves and cares about her well being, you get it. The romance in this book is great, slow, but not slow for some of the characters. I liked the pace, I liked that there is more than one relationship going on in the story. Now for a personal rant, NO, NO, NO, I want the other guy hehehe. Great story, it just seemed to get better and better with every turn of the page. I didn't want to put it down, and when I did put it down I kept thinking about it. Now that is a mark of a good book. I really hope I do not have to wait a year for the next one please come out soon!

no language
clean, fun romance

Thanks to Netgalley and Cedar Fort Publishing

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Divergent I thought was a refreshing look at a dystopian society. I thought it was interesting that in this particular society everyone was placed into a factions of Virtues they are of Candor (the Honest), Abnegation (the Selfless), Dauntless (the Brave), Amity (the Peaceful), Erudite (the Intelligent). Made me think which one would I fit into and I hate the thought of fitting into anyone of them. Thank goodness we are all beautifully Divergent.
At the tender age of 16 a test is administered to tell each person which faction he or she would fit the best in. Ultimately they will get to chose which one they want. Then they will have to spend the rest of their life in it. I thought it was like giving them the choice without giving them a choice, if that makes sense. Were is the agency in can see were future problems might evolve. Beatrice (Tris) undergoes the test and is told which faction she would be best suited for and then she chooses... her choice could have vast consequences for her, her family and the faction she has chosen.
Tris's initiation into her faction is rough, and demanding both physically as well as mentally. Who is friend and who is foe, how to reveal things about herself, but yet not to much? Tris is a great character, I loved watching her struggle with choices, figure out who she is, and continue to be true to herself. She is so courageous, strong, and a good friend/person. I really liked her. Eric, scared me he was a really good bad guy. Four is awesome sometimes he frustrated me because he seemed to lack compassion for others, he is very courageous, smart, calm and flawed. All the characters even minor ones were well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them.
Things start to fall apart as secrets are revealed, and other factions have different ideas as to how things should be. Really a fun story with lots of action and a non stop pace. The romance in this story builds nice and slow, which I could appreciate, and it was soooo sweet at times.

I listened to the audio version of this story and thought it was done very well.

Serahpina by Rachel Hartman
***.5 stars
I had such mixed emotions over this book early on, so I am going to get those out of the way first. When I read the premise for this book I fell in love with it. I love dragon stories and looked forward to reading this story. Seraphina starts of well for about the first 20% and then for me it just stalled out to the point I wasn't sure I wanted to keep reading it or not. Then at about the 45% mark it picked back up. At this point one thing after another was either being set up to unfold or was unfolding which happily drew me back into the story. In the end I was glad I preserved, and for me it was worth it.
Seraphine is a beautifully written story there is no flaws in the writing itself or in the world building. The descriptions were great of the City of Goreddi as well as that of the dragons. One of my favorite parts of the story is Seraphina's Garden of Grotesques. I like how that is apart of her and the whole story. I thought it was quite unique how it all came together in the end. Conceptually I think this story is unique and interesting. I just wonder if there were parts that might have been edited to have helped with pacing of the story. I liked the world that was created were humans and dragons lived together. Dragon's had to live in disguise as humans as per the treaty of Comonot. There was still a lot of unease between the groups. This unease may reach a breaking point if prejudice cannot be set a side and war may be emanate.
The Characters in this story were interesting as well, some more fleshed out than others. A few of my favorites were Seraphina she is the assistant music director to the Queens court. Her family life is stressed, her friends are far and few between, which was a little sad. She is strong, intelligent, witty, loving, kind, flawed, sincere, and in search of finding out who she is and what she is made of. Ormar is her tutor, and I really liked him, not so much in the beginning but latter on. Can't really say much more about him without giving to much away. Princess Glisselda is next in line to be queen. She is immature, prejudice, good friend to Seraphina, sweet, strong and redeemable. Prince Lucian is fiance to Princess Glisselda and also her cousin. He is full of chilvary, integrity, good friend, flawed, stubborn, and strong. I also really liked Abdo who is a dancer from pygegyria troupe and so much more.... There were many more characters I enjoyed in this story but I won't list them all.
In the end I was glad I stuck it out. I really liked how the story unfolded in the end. I do want to continue Seraphina's journey as it unfolds in the next book.
Rating I would say 3.5 stars.

Clean read

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Children's Books Publishing.