Monday, June 18, 2012

A Long Way from You by Gwendolyn Heasley
What drew me to this book was the advertisement that popped up on my goodreads,lol. It just looked like a fun summer read. This is the companion story of Kitsy Kidd, Corrine's friend from "Where I Belong." I had not read the first story and found I could still navigate my way through this story just fine.
I would actually give this story a 3.5 rating.
This story is about self discovery, Kitsy has always been in love with the concept of going to New York and following her dream of being an artist. When an opportunity arises she jumps at the chance. As Kitsy explores New York for the first time by herself, and with a few friends she meets along the way she learns that she doesn't know quite who she is. Is she New York Kitsy or Broken Spoke form Texas Kitsy, and who does she want to be. Kitsy meets some really interesting people in New York and her experiences help her grow and find the real Kitsy. She realizes there are things she needs to fix in her family life. Her mom is depressed and an alcoholic. Kitsy is the mom, and the caretaker in her home, which is a lot for a child to be responsible for. There are things that her and Hands need to discuss concerning what they both want out of life and their future. These things need said and dealt with in order for her to have a happy future. I was glad her experience opened her eyes to a world full of opportunities, and that he could follow her dreams if she desires too. I was glad she was mature enough to see that she needed to confront her family issues in a responsible way. Good job Kitsy!
This was an enjoyable to okay read for me. I enjoyed watching Kitsy experience New york for the first time, and the ah that she felt in the big Apple. Kitsy is a sweet hospitable southern girl, optimistic, naive, flawed, smart, kind and courageous. I really liked her character, her story is sweet,simple, and pretty predictable. Which was okay. Her all most love interest Tad was just that an all most. Which worked for the story, because I found that I didn't want her to be with him, and that I like Hands much better. I was hoping for some romance of some kind in this story but there isn't really any, just a very little with her and Hands that was it. I felt a little miss lead from the synopsis and photo cover. If you are looking for a coming of age/self discovery book that is light and fun this would fit the bill.

Clean read

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins

Okay I finally get me, I am a huge sucker for the intense male who is so into the girl he would do about anything for her, or to keep her. Didn't say it was healthy just I really like stories that are like that. Temptation is that kind of story and more. Rose and her family move next door to the Miller family who happen to be Amish. They have a beautiful son named Noah. Rose and Noah are instantly attracted to each other upon their first meeting. Both try to avoid there attraction to one another but it doesn't work. They manage to find time to spend with one another and fall into love. They are both apprehensive of each other's culture he being Amish and fallowing the strict old order is a little hard for Rose to understand. Noah on the other hand calls her English which applies to anyone who is not Amish, no matter your race,religion,creed etc. He doesn't understand the outside world. This all hits a boiling point when their relationship is no longer a secret and is now public information. What will their parents do? She is only sixteen, he is eighteen? Noah asked Rose to make a huge choice, what will she choose?
There is great romantic tension in just about every page of this story, it was great. Noah is such a chivalrous guy, he is really good to Rose, a little manipulative due to his up bringing, and a little to I am the man hear me roar. This all fits with his character and the story though. Rose is cute, witty, strong willed, courageous, and lonely. I also like both family dynamics Roses family is the typical family in a lot of ways. They all love each other, but have there squabbles and arguments. Here is one scene I enjoyed, Rose to her brothers " When I finally reached the rickety old front porch, I smiled smugly at the dorks who were both standing there without a way to open the door. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the key, dangling it in front of them. In an instant I was tackled to the ground by Sam......" Rose has two brothers Sam who is older and Justin who is younger. They acted like typical siblings, and it was refreshing and funny.
I loved Mrs. Hopkins writing it was so straight forward, smooth and funny at times. She had some great quotes I have to share with you: Rose speaking "I really hated her the way I hated poison ivy or waking up to discover I'd gotten my period." The other aspect of Mrs. Hopkins writing that I liked was that each chapter is told in a different point of view, alternating between Rose and Noah. I love this, I want to hear the guys point of view, how he feels, and what he is, love, love. Here is a quote form Noah " My soul was tugged toward the English girl as if it knew that she needed me. The realization was sitting over me like a warm blanket...." Mmmmm I love romance. One more quote from Rose, " Realizing it was a giant spider web I wondered where Charlotte was, probably crawling in my hair." Great witty writing, I really enjoyed.
Overall a really enjoyable read with lots of romantic tension, choices that need made, consequences, heartbreaking moments, and the end leaves you wanting more. really excited to see how this story evolves in the books to come. Will their love be enough to sustain them through their cultural and religious differences?

Eden by Jamie McGuire
I really enjoyed this series, it was a lot of fun to read. I am sad to see it all come to an end. I loved the characters, Jared, Nina, Beth, Ryan, Clair, Lillian, Cynthia,and Bex. I was completely vested in them, and loved their story. The writing is good, I would have to say though that the last two books had a few editing errors, wasn't that big of a deal for me.
This story takes off were Requiem left off, and boy did it fly by. This book focuses on Jared, Nina and the baby that is due and how that is affecting their lives. Because Hell doesn't want Bean(nickname for baby) born. Kim also is trying to return the book taken from one of Hell's Dukes, back to Jerusalem so that her family's curse will be lifted.
The ending was great full of action, oh my, crazy! All the lose ends are tied up, but I want more. My favorite parts were the intense romantic tension, the dialogue was great, as well as the inner thoughts of Nina. This story does have a very Twilight feel to it, but if you liked Twilight you will probably enjoy this series.

language handful
romance adult read in room know what is happening but no great details.

Requiem by Jamie McGuire
The story picks up were it left off in Providence, and just continues to get better and better. Finally Nina and Jared get a little reprieve from Shaux and hell itself. Don't worry it doesn't last long. Don't want to give anything away. Once again really good. It did start off a little slow but don't let that detour you it picks up and never stops. Just a couple of things. What was Ryan thinking, crazy boy. We get to know more about Jared's family in this story Clair, Bex, their mom. They are one awesomely talented family. They all really care and love each other too, which I think is awesome. Nina and Jared's relationship is more solidified, less drama with the triangle. They are now after something Hell has that they need to save Nina. Lots of twists and turns. Loved it! small warning this at times does have a Twilight feel to it, but in reverse. Didn't bother me though.

language handful
romance adult read no details

Providence by Jamie McGuire
I wasn't sure what to think of this story, when I first read the synopsis. The whole fighting over heaven and hell for a three book novel made me a little nervous. I read a review though that said the story is mostly about the relationship, so I decided to go for it. I was glad I did. I enjoyed it from page one and I am now on the third book and still loving it.
Nina has just lost her father to a car accident, she is completely devastated. On her way back to the dorms she meets a stranger at the bus stop his name is Jared and he is gorgeous, and kind, they part ways. However after that initial meeting Nina starts noticing Jared at her favorite cafe, on the street etc. They have little conversations, and soon Nina is anxious for these little encounters. From there they form a relationship, secrets are reveled huge by the way. Nina has some choices to make. Ryan the love triangle enters the picture, and he is a sweetheart. Jared is AMAZING though. He is soooo into Nina, he is hot, chivalrous, smart, flawed no he isn't, perfect yes. I like him this way it works for his character. I like all the dialogue in this story you really get to see these characters grow and bond. Nina's inner dialogue is quite funny at times too. Beth is Nina's best friend and I loved her she is great. Kim is the sarcastic, dry hummer friend that made me smile. The characters are all great and I enjoyed each one of them.
Oh yeah hell doesn't want Nina and Jared to be together. Nina has something hell wants. Nina's father has some secrets of his own that are now becoming real threats to Nina and her friends.
For me I love it, love seeing the inter-workings of their relationship. This story does have a Twilight feel to it, but I like Twilight so it worked for me.

language handful
romance adult read, goes to bedroom cloths disappear no major details.

Endure by Carrie Jones
Endure, hmmm. The more I thought about this book after I read it the more frustrated I think I became. So from 4 stars to 3.5 instead. The story picks up were it left off. I was so frustrated with Nick and his stupidity grrr, or maybe I should howl instead. Seriously he is so immature over the fact that Zara is fairy. She changed to save his life. WHAT is his PROBLEM! Once again the evil fairies and other strange things are still trying to kill them. Zara, Astley, Cassidy and their friends are trying to figure out how to stop the apocalypse. There are many adventures and twist and turns in the journey. In a lot of way the story was good, there were just moments were things felt forced or rushed. Astley I think is my favorite character he is awesome, chivalrous, patient, so in love, kind, flawed, and kingly. I really liked him. Zara is Zara, I think I have a love hate relationship with her. Sometimes it is cheers to her and then other times I think I want to thump her. All in all it was a like able ending to a series that I overall enjoyed. Could it have been better, I think so.