Friday, March 15, 2013


The Unlikely gift of Treasure Blume by Lisa

The good points first: well written, characters were done well, sweet romance.

Points that drove me nuts: This is one of those books that is just so sticky cutesy sweet that it actually did not work for me. For example: Treasure and Patients are the names of the sisters.... really. Then there is a knock on Treasure's door, it takes her a while to see if she even wants to go open the door for her blind date. Well she opens the door and the idiot keeps knocking on her head instead of the door....really. So if that isn't enough Treasure who is of college age spends every/most Friday nights helping her grandmother and her friends go from one square dancing gig to the next....really. It just doesn't jive, to unrealistic for my taste.

Clean read

Thank you netgalley and Cedar Fort Publishing

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