Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wanderlust by Kitty French
***** Sweet Stars!

Thanks Lisa for recommending this, I absolutely loved it!

Ruby Ford

Just a really sweet and endearing story perfect for this time of year, it has a New year themed wedding happening. Like I said I loved everything about it the characters Ruby and Ford were perfect, romantic, and gently hot together. The story line worked well for this short Novella, wedding with complications. Now Ford he was just awesome helping out in such a crisis. Ah, he is just amazing:D

"I'm not asking to kiss you. I'm telling you that I'm going to"

another favorite quote

"It was the kind of kiss that romantic songs were penned over, the kind of movie-worthy kiss that made women around the world sigh with envy"

The writing I fell in love with! It is so well done, so eloquent. I will be searching for and devouring all her books.

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