Friday, January 22, 2016

Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

***** Hopeful Stars!

Okay so I took a break before reading the epilogue thinking, this was such an awesome chic flic and I loved it what and awesome story, and yay I didn't cry. Well that epilogue just did me in (I cried), beautiful perfection...the whole book. A unique story, crash landing in the rain forest, realizing what love really is, surviving the elements, letting go. Ah is was just wonderful. Loved the writing really descriptive and eloquent. This is one of those that I will reread many times it is that sad yet hopeful happy good love stories with heart. I don't have to many books that make it to my very favorite list but this one has been added to it.

Tristan "I used to believe that the experiences life throws at us shape us. Now I think that it's the way we cope with what life throws our way that shapes us."

Aimee "Tristan slipped into my soul the way mist travels in the forest after the rain: unseen, unstoppable,and ubiquitous."


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