Friday, January 22, 2016

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

**** Sexy Kulti Stars!

I am finding it hard to rate this one. There were many things I really like about the book, yet there were some that I didn't. I think the length of this book was a definite issue 495 pages. I like long books if the plot can support it, but this could have easily been shortened. The soccer stuff went on and on and on, as did the media bump intos. On the down side was also the lack of romance in a touchy feely way. It is all implied by actions, which some of those actions were awesome. But. At around 60% They openly admit to feelings to each other, and I think a kiss happens, but nothing else physical happens until around 96%. I don't like books that build up to an explosive ending like that. I like it peppered throughout a story line. The reason they can't be physical with one another after they admit they like each other is because he is her coach and she has signed a no fraternizing clause.
Now the stuff I did like. I really like Kulti he is a hot egotistical man. He says it how it is and does what he pleases...mostly. Really like the characters in the story, they were great, found I was thinking about them a few days later.
So plot 3.5 stars The rest 4.5 stars.

Reiner Kulti


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