Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Steel Queen by Karen Azinger
This sounds like something I am going to love! :) And I DID! That was the statement I wrote even before I started this amazing book.
This was such a well crafted and thought out book/series (there will be five in all) and I never thought I would be so excited about so many in a series. However Mrs. Azinger can really write, amazing characters as well as an intriguing plot.
Kath is the unconventional princess of Catlegard. She prefers britches, and swords to breath taking (literally breath taking) dresses. Her kingdom was founded by knights who swore to keep evil from there boarders and are makers of the rare and coveted Blue Steel Swords. She wishes to be trained in the art of the sword, but her father wont allow it. Things transpire that put Kath on her way to becoming a lady whether she wants to or not with the queen of Lanverness. Before she even gets to Lanverness she realizes she wants a say in her life, and feels drawn to The Light Lords and serving them. This is just the very tip of the iceberg if you will. Kath is a great character, in fact all of Mrs. Azinger characters were just amazing and had great depth to them and were incredibly well fleshed out even minor characters were well done. I will only list a few of my favorites obviously Kath who is smart, determine, strong, naive in the face of danger at times, sincere, lovable, teachable, flawed, and a good friend. Blain is one of Kath's knights who is sent to watch over her. He is flawed, funny, smart, smitten, chivalrous, honorable. Queen Liandra of Lanverness wow she is a force all her own in a good way. I really admired her intelligence and level of skill/ability to rule her kingdom. Duncan is mysterious, thoughtful, chivalrous, honorable, flawed and handsome. Steffan is one who has chosen the dark side. I did not like him but I love the way he is written, he is evil and awful and Azinger did well in writing him. There are soooooooo many more wonderful character that I really loved these are just a few. This story is written so each chapters point of view is devoted to one of the characters. I really liked it this way it made it smooth and easy to tell what was going on. I liked knowing everyone else's point of view or there side of the story. I thought it work really well for this story.
The plot was intriguing and with depth. There was lots of adventures going on and lots of twist and turns. There is never a dull moment and the pages just kept flying by.
For those who love romance there is that as well, a few relationships start and a few are in the works. This is not the main focus by any means to this story, but those of us who love it, it is there hurray and for the most part is really sweet.
If you enjoy a good fantasy this is a great find!

language none
romance this is an adult book, strong PG-13 and pushing the outer limits of it. There are briefest of details, and yet no details at all if that makes since. This is definitely not the focus of this story.

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