Friday, January 27, 2012

Allegiance by Cayla Kluver
***** My favorite series ever!
Brilliant! Wonderful! I loved everything about Legacy and I love everything about Allegiance. I love a good fairy tale but to me this is a great fairy tale, fantasy, and romance all tied up perfectly. The world that Ms Kluver creates is so rich, I felt like I was right there with my favorite characters as events unfolded. “The hall was empty except for a cloaked figure who stood motionless upon a black marble dais. He waited, watching the doors at the far end with eyes as bright as emeralds and as threatening as livid clouds on the horizon.” This is just one of many captivating moments in this story. I loved that this story is not completely predictable. I often thought,okay I have this figured out I know what’s going to happen…,or NOOOOOOO this can not be happening, and then the whole coarse that was being taken changes in a very natural way having a completely different outcome.

Alera is now married to Steldor what implications does this have on the kingdom as well as their hearts. Will Alera be able to get over/push aside her love for Narian? Can she love Steldor? Will she be the ruler her kingdom needs her to be? The much a waited answers to these questions are disclosed. As they were they tore at my heart, made me cheer, cry and scream no, no, no. My emotions, and anticipation as to what would happen next was on high alert. Alera is in such an awful position married to one and loving another. She is so young to have to deal with a kingdom at war, arranged marriage, and betrayals a plenty. Sure she makes some mistakes, she is human, but she does a lot right/good too. I loved her integrity not only to herself but to Steldor and others. She is bright, witty, kind, passionate, naive, and flawed. I think it would be challenging to be such a young queen. Her father was often very judgemental towards her, and yet we find her in this predicament because of him. Steldor is Steldor I liked him in the first story but I really grew to LOVE and appreciate his character in this story. He is very patient with Alera, more so than most men would have been. He really loves her and is hoping she will reciprocate that love to him freely and of her own accord. I really came to admire him and his decisions, WOW there were some monumental ones! Narian finds himself back in Cokyrian, and doing the Overlords bidding. Infuriating!! Why does he do it? Hmm. I am probably one of the few but I love Narian too. He has many good qualities and some flawed ones as well. We learn more about his upbringing and who and what he is about. He reveals more of his feelings for Alera and what that may imply. I will leave it at that don’t want to give anything away. London is one of my all time favorite heroes he is just AWESOME, we get to know him on a more intimate level. We also find out what really happened while he was in the Cokyrian's custody. I was in awe of the man.
This is a great continuation of Legacy. This story had my emotions all a jumble. I found one minute I was jumping up and down with excitement, next I was moved to tears, or staring at the page mouth agape, or so furious I would slam it’s case, upon the rare occasion I felt at peace. There is plenty of intrigue, suspense, love and war to go around. It was a wonderful completely fulfilling read for me, this is my all time favorite series ever. I am excited for number three next fall. That’s along way off, could it come sooner, please. If you haven’t read Legacy I would get it too. Soooooooooo gooooooooood!!

clean language
clean romance

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  1. I loved how your review had so much passion!! Makes me want to read it RIGHT NOW! Do have to get Legacy before that though, and the public library doesn't have it :( New follower!

    Ana @ BookSpark

    1. Thanks, I LOVE this series as you can tell. I hope your library gets it in. You might put in a request for it anyway, they might buy it.:)

  2. I read Legacy per your recommendation and LOVED IT! I just pre ordered Alligiance from Amazon, can't wait to get it. I love your reviews!

  3. I am soooo glad you loved it too:) It is such an amazing book I think. It has everything in it mystery, intrigue, romance, wonderful characters we love and hate, and a great story line. Thanks for the sweet words, glad you enjoy:D Happy Reading!