Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot
This was a really fun, cute, sweet regency romance. A really quick read when you want something fun and light to read. This story is about Nicola who is orphaned yet has some means in which to survive, her father did not leave her completely destitute. She does somewhat rely on friends to take her in, so she can go to all the amazing social outings that they had back in the day. Her best friend Eleanor and family are wonderful and take good care of her. Both girls have a crush on the God (yes they refer to him as this,P please rolled my eyes.) Nicola is naive, and after one thing because of her station, a man well not any man the God to be exact. She is not a very deep person, very in the moment, proper, shallow, but she does get a little better, and the story is still a good story. Eleanor, is a little more grounded but not much, they are both just silly girls and typical for the time period. The god is gorgeous, and a little to agreeable in my opinion, but for good reason. The characters and the story are both written really well and were fun to read. There is a mystery that Nicola is trying to figure out as well, someone is trying to take something from her that she holds dear. Plus an added surprise that I will not say anything about. Fun and Cute!

Language maybe one or two mostly just god referring to this guy
romance clean

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