Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shayla Witherwood: a half-faerie Tale by Tamra Torero

This was a really fun and cute faerie, fairytale read. It is a contemporary Fey tale. Shayla has been home schooled her whole life and has lived a somewhat sheltered life. Her circumstances change and she is thrust into public high school. Shayla is not your normal teenager she is half human and half faerie. Shayla doesn't know much about her Fay magic which makes for some humorous moments in the story. As she learns to navigate high school she makes some great friends and learns a little about her magical self. There is also something strange going on, someone keeps whispering to Shayla that they know who she really is. This alarms Shayla because she has been told to keep her faerie identity hidden.
I thought this was a cute tale, and enjoyed it. Shayla is sweet, funny, a good friend, naive, a little unsure of her self at times, and endearing. I enjoyed the sweet romance that occurs in this story. I enjoyed all the characters, I thought they were really well done and relatable. Towards the end the pace really picks up as secrets are revealed and pieces click together. The story is fun, and quick paced light Fey read.

Clean language
Clean romance

Thank you Cedar Fort and Netgalley.

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