Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Calling by Kelley Amstrong

I really enjoyed The Calling it is well written with fast pace action. This second book in the Darkness Rising series picks back up right were it left off in The Gathering. The action starts up pretty quickly and goes throughout the story. Maya and friends have been whisked away in the helicopter, to find themselves in danger once again after the helicopter crashes and leaves them in a precarious situation. The action and adventure is great in this story. I loved seeing how they handled each situation thrown their way. We also get to find out more about Maya's friends and there different powers which I enjoyed. In this story we are told more about what is going on with the lab and with the kids, the who and what of it all. A few surprises there. Yes we get more Danial and Rafe in this story as well. I love them both, I am in trouble. One minute I think Rafe is the perfect guy for Maya. Then Danial does something amazing and I think no he would be perfect for her. Usually I have a clearer conclusion to who I think should get the girl , but I just can't choose. Daniel is forever thoughtful and protective of Maya. Rafe is charming and caring too. It will be nice to have closure on this with the final book. This was a fun well paced, well written story that I couldn't put down and completely enjoyed.

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