Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke
(Rubs hands together) Who wouldn't love a good pirate story? Well I love them. I find that they are a little hard to find so this made this story all the more appealing. Adding to the wonderful pirates a little magic, assassins, and a curse, great writing and whoala you have a book that I couldn't wait to read.
This story starts off with a bang and carries all the way through, it is full of action and adventure. Ananna of the family Tanarau and Tarrin of the family Hariri mind you they are both pirate families. Well Ananna and Tarrin are to wed. The problem is that Tarrin's would be bride is not to excited about it. In fact she takes matters into her own hands which leads to miss hap and adventure. Which includes the assassins trying to kill her and a curse that must be broken. I really liked the world that is created in this story it is interesting and really pulls you in. It is well written and flows beautifully.
I loved the characters in the is story as well. Annanna was bright, courageous, witty, humorous, strong, and spoke her mind. She was endearing in the fact that she doesn't see her self as pretty, but she is still proud of who she is. Tarrin he was a little full of himself, and a typical pirate, he drove me a little crazy. Naji, I really liked everything about his character. He is not your your typical hero, he is flawed and really needs his heroine in order to get through it all. It worked really well for this story. Made him very endearing as well.
Those who love a little romance in their story there is some and I am sure the other books will have more. Great little story, wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a classic. Excited to see where the adventures will lead them next.

content:handful language, clean read.

Thanks to netgalley and Strange Chemisty Publishing

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