Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dant's Girl by Courtney Cole
This looks really cute! Well it was really cute that's what I said even before I read the book. This is a fun giggly girly chic lit book if I have ever read one. It was perfect for my mood just what I was looking for. The writing was refreshing and witty. I loved some of the things Reece would think in her head, most of which stayed there but upon occasion would come spewing out of her mouth.... thus the giggling or out right laughter. This is obviously a story of boy meets girl or I should say girl meets boy and they fall in love. I have to say how they get to the falling in love part is a lot of fun. Reece is not a wimpy girl she is strong, confident and boy does she speak her mind, she is very American as Dante would say. Dante okay ladies you might as well just swoon now. He is perfect! Well okay not quite, but pretty darn close. He is chivalrous, gorgeous, a gentleman, strong, confident and yet he is a little insecure which made him all the more adorable. As Reese would say "Sweet Baby Monkeys" That ending was awesome!!
I can't wait to see what will happen next!

content: handful language,under age drinking, sexual tension, sex no details, all in all clean read

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