Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder
This series has been my first Maria Snyder experience and definitely will not be my last. I love her writing style as well as this story. The first book Touch of Power was wonderful and intriguing and so was Scent of Magic. This story pretty much takes off where the first one left off. Kerrick has gone back to his kingdom to make sure all is well, which it is and isn't thanks to his brother Isak. Isak is standing in for Kerrick and has made some really dumb choices, in regards to their kingdom, wanted to throttle him sometimes. He does mean well, just a little naive. There is rumored that the Northern tribes are moving south, Kerrick goes off to check things out, and finds all sorts of trouble along the way. I really like Kerrick he is chivalrous, kind, stubborn, handsome, has awesome magical talents, humorous, and he loves Avery. Avery more than has her hands full as she tries to help Queen Etried and her army conquer and defend against King Tohon, heal the injured, try and figure out who is spying for Tohon, get back in the good graces of her sister Noelle, worry over the well being of her soul-mate Kerrick, and find away to stop the undead creatures those things give me the creeps gross. What is up with Tohon thinking it is no big deal to use dead humans and make them the undead. Can't he see this is not going to endear Avery to him, yep he has lost his mind. The funny thing is I want to like him there are moments where he comes off so honest and sincere, gets that he is a total mess thanks to his dad, then he goes and does psychopathic things. His character is written so well the guy you love to hate:) All of our favorite characters are back, and won't you be surprised about some of them. Avery does figure out who the traitor is, oh my. The ending was perfect, tied up the loss ends, and sets up nicely for the third book. This has become one of my all time favorite series.

Mild language
clean read

Thanks Netgalley and Harlequin Teen

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