Saturday, December 29, 2012

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
Avery of Kazan is one of just a few healers left after the plague has wiped out the peoples of the 15 kingdoms. The people are fearful of the healers thinking they are the cause of the plague. Avery has a unique way of healing other's, I thought, cause and affect are well balanced and believable concerning her method, I liked it. She has been in hiding for the past three years, when she is caught, and then offered an opportunity to escape she begrudgingly takes it. At least she will be alive. Then enters handsome, stubborn, head strong, infuriating, and ornery, Kerrick. Sometimes I wanted to tie him to a tree, he was so infuriating. Poor Avery had to put up with him and his continual badgering her to heal his friend. Avery isn't quite sure that she thinks that is the best thing to do. Their banter is wonderful,and fun to watch play out. Avery is smart and will not be pushed, lulled, tortured into doing what ever he wants her to do. She is strong, but not over the top, she has weaknesses, but chooses to percever. I really liked her character. I actually liked all the characters even the bad guys. Maria Snyder has a way of writing amazing characters and a great story. Most of the kingdoms are over run by mercenaries or internal problems,or King Tohon wanting to conquer them. He is the handsome bad guy. His powers are strong and lead to all sorts of problems, one of which is wanting Avery and all the kingdoms as his own. Slight problem for him,the other kingdoms know he is a little mad, and Avery is inlove with someone else. Which is really sweet and takes it's time to evolve. A few of my other favorite characters were Belen, such a sweet teddy bear, Lorin, Quinn the monkey's they were quite funny, and Flea, ah Flea he is such a kid and just so endearing.
Great story with lots of adventure and twist and turns. One of my all time favorite series.

Mild language
clean read

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