Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the alchemy of forever by Avery Williams

I really liked this book. I am not a huge fan a reincarnation stories in fact I usually avoid them. I am really glad I read this one though. I think why this one worked for me is that you are not reborn a person, you just take over the body of someone else. The writing was just wonderful. I really did not want to put the book down between the rich flowing words and the interesting tale Mrs. William had me hanging on every page.
This story is about Seraphina and Cyrus he is the son of an alchemist and she is the love of his life. They have been together for about 600 years. Seraphina has a conscience and can not bare to take the life of another in order to keep living. So she leaves (that's putting it mildly). She happens upon a girl Kailey who has just been killed in a car accident, while trying to save her she takes over Kailey's dying body. From here the story unfolds nicely, and I will leave it at that to say more I would have to tell you to much and I do not wish to spoil it for you. There is a ton I am leaving out, but if you like well written books, a different kind of reincarnation, villians, and amazing people this might be the book for you. I definitely enjoyed it and hope there is to be a second.

Clean language
clean romance

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