Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Flame Priest by Karen Azinger

This book was just as amazing as the first, and it takes off were we left off at the end of The Steel Queen. Kath, Duncan and their group are off to stop the Mordant. I was so shocked that he is who he is, I couldn't believe it. Liander and her kingdom is in conflict with its own military. The infiltrated Red Horns are trying to dethrone her. Liandra is a force all her own, and if you are going to play her you better know your game. She is awesome, one of my all time favorites in this story. Mean while Justin, Samson and Grandma Magdna are all trying to survive in Coronth, and take down the Potifax and his Flame God. That is quite an under taking. This story is really well done the righting is good the characters are breathtaking weather for good or for evil they are so well fleshed out. The characters really make the story, as well as the plot, so many twist and turns and oh my heck that did not just happen, and then I was jumping up and down yes, yes yes, that was so awesome. The romance comes full circle for some of our favorite characters and there is even a surprise romance as well woo, woo. Mrs. Azinger had me in awe, in tears, and hurraying. She kept me a very captive audience who is overly anxious for book 3...well all the rest:) Great Story!

Comment section is full of spoilers you may not wish to read:)

clean language
romance pg-13 pushes the limits

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