Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends & Foes

I love Sarah's books they are always a fun read, and this one was really cute. I also love the cover, perfect. This story is about Philip, and boy is he to swoon for he is full of chivalry, smart, incognito, humorous, and stubborn, puts his foot in his mouth often too. He works undercover for the Royal Government, and has been in pursuit of a known spy. During this assignment he encounters Sorrel and boy is he annoyed with her as she is with him. He makes light of things he knows nothing about which spikes her temper, and makes her have self doubt. Poor Philip had no idea that he had hurt her though. Sorrel is proud, flawed, lonely, beautiful,smart,determined and stubborn as well. I loved being apart of their story seeing how they each give a little, and confide, in each other until magic happens. Really a great story!

clean language
clean romance

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