Monday, September 17, 2012

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

" So little time is left. "Take this." He folds the locket into my hand. It throbs as if it has a pulse, giving off a faint white glow. "I'm sorry for putting you in danger." I would do it all again, I tell him. "A thousand times." He kisses me, softly at first and then so fiercely I can hardly breathe. Rain falls, soaking us, splashing into the canals that twist through the hot, dark city. His chest heaves against mine.....He aims the wicked barrel of his pistol at my head. Inside me, something bursts.
I always knew this story would break my heart."
I love Mr. Lawrence's writing the prose were beautiful throughout the whole story. I will say though that the first five to ten pages where a little bumpy for me, as we get accustomed to Aria and what has happend to her. Arie as a character comes off superficial in the beginning of the story but she will quickly redeems herself. Arie Rose is brought up as the daughter of one of the most powerful families in the city. This story takes place in a futuristic New York City were Mystics and humans live side by side. Mystics are magical peoples who have this amazing light/energy force and are capable of healing, manipulating the elements, taking on identities, amongst other things. Mystics were blamed for the war of Confederation and now must under go a terrible procedure twice a year to make sure they will not harm any of the humans. Let me tell you this was barbaric, I couldn't believe the humans could do this to another species whether human or not. Humans have never done anything like that have we in the name of a better good/safety for all.(cough,cough) Aria suffers from memory loss and now finds that she is engaged to her parents most hated enemy's son Tomas Foster. Does she love him? Why are their families best of friends now? What will this mean to the Mystics? Who is her handsome champion who is constantly coming to her rescue? Fun story to watch unravel somewhat predictable but still really enjoyable. Great kissing scenes too:)
I have to talk about the character because they are what make a story for me. Like I said before, Aria comes off in the beginning being superficial, poor little rich kid, but she quickly changes into a courageous, lost at times, strong, kind, caring, and deeply in love individual. Thomas on the other hand is pathetic piece of work, follower, cheater, handsome and knows it, not very humble, or very like able. Turk is a friend of Arias and he is handsome and has an amazing bike, he is also a mystic. He is one of those guys that would either terrify you or put you at ease right away depending on if he liked you or not. Kiki is Aria's best friend, she is an okay friend a little on the flighty side, but means well, immature, but sweet. Hunter is another mystic and my favorite, he is handsome, mysterious, chivalrous, flawed, kind, and  amazing.
Aria and her love interest are fun to watch as they fall into love and help and inspire one another to make the best out of some crummy situations. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

content: language mild handful, sex talk, inappropriate touch no details, drug use and overdose not today's type of drugs used.

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