Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catherine by April Lindner
***** or more stars I reall liked this stroy a lot!:)

I just finished reading this beautiful story and I am completely blown away at how good it was and how it touched me in ways that surprised me. I have never read Wuthering Heights, but thanks to Mrs. Lindner and her amazing retailing of it I will be reading it next. I am finding it hard to express how much this story touched me maybe it's because I am a sucker for the underdog getting a chance in life and love. I wanted these characters to have a piece of the goodness that the world and life has to offer. Man Mrs. Lindner knows how to squeeze my heart and leave it battered and bruised, yet hopeful. I loved all these characters, the story and the writing, it moved me, touched me and left me wanting for more. One of my very favorite books ever.

content: language mild
overall a clean read

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