Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wake by Amanda Hocking

Mermaid stories always intrigue me and this one was no Disney Little Mermaid story. These mermaids/sirens are the real deal beautiful, callers of the men that work the sea, a little intense and crazy. Penn, Lex, and Thea are new to town, and they seem to be a little overly interest in Gemma. Gemma is the girl next door trying to figure out if she is in love with the boy next door. She loves her sister Harper and there family and would do anything to protect the one's she loves. Gemma loves the water, she likes how strong she feels when in it and how it seem to give her piece of mind when she needs to get away from the pressures in her life. One night when Gimma is out swimming Pen, Lex and Thea talk her into swimming out with them to the cove. Gimma follows.....and everything changes.

I really liked this story, I liked that the Sirens had a little bite to them. I liked that Gimma doesn't like her choices or somewhat lack there of, she is a sweet, kind, strong girl. One of my favorite things about Amanda Hocking's writing is her character development. I really loved all of them, Gimma's mom was a cool character and I liked how Gimma goes to her for help, Gimma's mom is not your typical mom. Alex was great as well he is the geek next door, but super sweet, awkward, and courageous in the name of love. I look forward to reading the rest of this series and finding out what happens.

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