Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Well that was a heck of a way to end the first book and rip my heart out for one of the characters. Geeeeeshhhhhhhh!!

Blaire has just lost her mother, there is no one left for her, except her father whom she hasn't seen in five years. She shows up at his door step to find he is off with his wife and won't be back for a few weeks. Rush, Grant, and Nan are her new step siblings and they aren't sure they are glad to have Blaire in their life's. Rush is the son of a famous Rock Star and whose home she will be staying if he lets her, which he does. Rush comes off so cold at times he made me nuts, and at times I really liked him Blair seemed to bring out the worst and the best in him. I think he really started to see how unhappy he was with his life and how shallow he could be, he wanted more he wanted Blaire. Blaire fought her attraction to her non-related step brother, she didn't like how his life style seemed all consuming and snobbish, or the way he treated the women in his life. Yet she was seriously drawn to him, but he has secrets that could affect any chance they might have at a relationship.
These two characters were great they were fighsty, onary , happy, and genuine, I really liked them. Grant was another great character, he is really taken with Blaire and wants to be a good brother, and tries to tell her to be careful around certain people. Nan she was something else grrr.

The ending was oh my heck it can not end like that and make me wait until March, I want happy ever after! Torture!!
content: not a clean read

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