Thursday, April 11, 2013

Belonging by Karen Ann Hopkins
Belonging, will Rose belong amongst the Amish? Does she have what it takes to live amongst the Amish? Well I have to say Rose does a good job, and I do mean it was a job. Washing, baking all by hand and from scratch, but she does it, yay for her. I don't think I would have faired to well, to spoiled now with all the modern conveniences that are in my life. She has Noah though the love of her life and she is willing to sacrifice and go the distance for him. Rose has to do it alone too, she is not aloud to spend time with Noah other than a few chance moments they are able to steal, until they start officially courting. There are some HUGE surprises in this one. Plenty of heart wrenching moments, hold your breath moments and jump up and down moments. I love the chemistry between Noah and Rose it nearly left my kindle scorched. I love Noah he is so chivalrous, as well as thick headed. Rose is such a good friend too, I was so proud of her subtle ability to comfort Miranda. I love the way Mrs. Hopkins wrights its so engaging and beautiful. I love this series and anxiously await the third.

Clean read sex no details

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