Thursday, April 11, 2013

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt
Way cute story! It all starts off with a nosy girl named Mallory who is to tempted by her boyfriend Jeremy's alluring computer sitting unsupervised, locks are off and Mallory is cruising his accounts when it happens she finds evidence that he has cheated on her in a not very conventional way. Yet it is a form of cheating and I can see why she is upset. Rumors are flying via testing, phone, e-mail and Mallory has had i,t she decides she is going Vintage giving up her modern technological conveniences for a simpler time. She has been helping her father clear out his mother's home when she runs a crossed an old notebook that has a list from 1962. Reminded me of a bucket list yet different. Mallory decides she is going to complete her grandmothers list she enlists her sister into doing some off it with her. I really liked their relationship they are sweet and silly, and get each other. And the adventures begin, as well as a little romance with Jeremy's cousin. Really a fun light hearted read. Made me want to give up my phone for....well just a day. It was fun to see the lengths she would go in order to stay true to her commitment of no technology. Cute, fun read!
Love the cover!

clean read

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