Thursday, April 11, 2013

Claim Me by J. Kenner
All in all I really enjoyed this book, but I did struggle through the first 20% of the story. I had a hard time settling into Nikki's sense of humor, and it was just a little disjointed. BUT....the other 80% was great! I love the chemistry between Nikki and Damien they are sizzling hot on the pages. Damien is all about control he is very alpha male and knows what he wants and that is Nikki. Nikki needs his control in her life. They are a perfect match.
There is a great story along with all the sensuality. We end book one with Nikki having completed the nude portrait for Damien, it is tastefully done and her identity is hidden or so she thinks..... Then there is Damien and his dark past. We the reader have a few ideas as to what that might be but don't know for sure, more is revealed on that in book two along with other twists and turns. I loved the ending and how Nikki stands up for herself and fights back her demons, that was a great moment. Loved also how she tells Damien how it is going to be. I love how Damien would slowly reveal little pieces of himself to her, I especially like the story about his favorite author and the two books. This was a really enjoyable read I love Damien and Nikki and look forward to book three.
Thank you Bantam books/Random House Publishing Group!

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