Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Girl In The Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross
***** very favorites
I really loved this book it is now one of my very very favorite books. It has every thing I enjoy in a really good book. You have wonderful characters that you know intimately and are vested in their welfare. Mrs. Cross characters voices are awesome, and I love, love, love them. I also like that we get lots of points of views. I like knowing what is going on in all their heads, it feels more real an creates an intimacy with each character. The plot/story was fun and adventurous and keeps you on your toes. I also like that it is a steam punk novel, in this way we get to see some cool inventions from today with a twist. I loved the airship it sounds really cool. The writing flows smoothly and effortlessly.
"The Girl in the Clockwork Collar" picks up about five days after Jasper has been arrested Griffin, Finley and the gang go after their friend to find out what is going on, this leads them to America and one heck of an adventure. Is Jasper guilty of killing some one back in San Fransisco? How will the gang help him out, oh my and how will they? Sorry can't spoil it for you. We do get more of Finley in action, and wow she is amazing. I love Finley's character. She is going through so much Griffin recently helped her to consolidate her two selves, but which will she choose the good or the bad? It is fun to watch how she justifies, and figures things out. She is one awesome, frustrating, sweet(yes sweet), good friend, she is stubborn, witty, kick butt, and loyal. Griffin is still Griffin, chivalrous, smart, amazing friend and loyal, and sometimes a little self doubting. There are a few new characters who show up Mei, she is a cute little Asian gal (on the cover of the book), she is stuck in a difficult position with a strange necklace about her neck. Who is she? Then there is Dalton the very handsome, rich, and very bad man. Nikola Tesla the scientist plays a part in the story as well. I really enjoyed this not long ago I had watched something about him on PBS, so it was fun to see his inventions show up in this story. I liked Tesla and Emily's interactions since they are both so intelligent. One of Tesla's inventions has been stolen and Griffin and the gang help him try to recover it along with trying to retrieve Jasper. The romance heats up in this story and it is awesome.... sooooo goooood. There is so much more to this story, it was so much fun to read, I was so caught up in it and didn't want to put it down nor did I want it to end. Can't wait for the next book!

Clean language
Clean romance

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