Thursday, June 14, 2012

Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins

Okay I finally get me, I am a huge sucker for the intense male who is so into the girl he would do about anything for her, or to keep her. Didn't say it was healthy just I really like stories that are like that. Temptation is that kind of story and more. Rose and her family move next door to the Miller family who happen to be Amish. They have a beautiful son named Noah. Rose and Noah are instantly attracted to each other upon their first meeting. Both try to avoid there attraction to one another but it doesn't work. They manage to find time to spend with one another and fall into love. They are both apprehensive of each other's culture he being Amish and fallowing the strict old order is a little hard for Rose to understand. Noah on the other hand calls her English which applies to anyone who is not Amish, no matter your race,religion,creed etc. He doesn't understand the outside world. This all hits a boiling point when their relationship is no longer a secret and is now public information. What will their parents do? She is only sixteen, he is eighteen? Noah asked Rose to make a huge choice, what will she choose?
There is great romantic tension in just about every page of this story, it was great. Noah is such a chivalrous guy, he is really good to Rose, a little manipulative due to his up bringing, and a little to I am the man hear me roar. This all fits with his character and the story though. Rose is cute, witty, strong willed, courageous, and lonely. I also like both family dynamics Roses family is the typical family in a lot of ways. They all love each other, but have there squabbles and arguments. Here is one scene I enjoyed, Rose to her brothers " When I finally reached the rickety old front porch, I smiled smugly at the dorks who were both standing there without a way to open the door. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the key, dangling it in front of them. In an instant I was tackled to the ground by Sam......" Rose has two brothers Sam who is older and Justin who is younger. They acted like typical siblings, and it was refreshing and funny.
I loved Mrs. Hopkins writing it was so straight forward, smooth and funny at times. She had some great quotes I have to share with you: Rose speaking "I really hated her the way I hated poison ivy or waking up to discover I'd gotten my period." The other aspect of Mrs. Hopkins writing that I liked was that each chapter is told in a different point of view, alternating between Rose and Noah. I love this, I want to hear the guys point of view, how he feels, and what he is, love, love. Here is a quote form Noah " My soul was tugged toward the English girl as if it knew that she needed me. The realization was sitting over me like a warm blanket...." Mmmmm I love romance. One more quote from Rose, " Realizing it was a giant spider web I wondered where Charlotte was, probably crawling in my hair." Great witty writing, I really enjoyed.
Overall a really enjoyable read with lots of romantic tension, choices that need made, consequences, heartbreaking moments, and the end leaves you wanting more. really excited to see how this story evolves in the books to come. Will their love be enough to sustain them through their cultural and religious differences?

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