Thursday, June 14, 2012

Providence by Jamie McGuire
I wasn't sure what to think of this story, when I first read the synopsis. The whole fighting over heaven and hell for a three book novel made me a little nervous. I read a review though that said the story is mostly about the relationship, so I decided to go for it. I was glad I did. I enjoyed it from page one and I am now on the third book and still loving it.
Nina has just lost her father to a car accident, she is completely devastated. On her way back to the dorms she meets a stranger at the bus stop his name is Jared and he is gorgeous, and kind, they part ways. However after that initial meeting Nina starts noticing Jared at her favorite cafe, on the street etc. They have little conversations, and soon Nina is anxious for these little encounters. From there they form a relationship, secrets are reveled huge by the way. Nina has some choices to make. Ryan the love triangle enters the picture, and he is a sweetheart. Jared is AMAZING though. He is soooo into Nina, he is hot, chivalrous, smart, flawed no he isn't, perfect yes. I like him this way it works for his character. I like all the dialogue in this story you really get to see these characters grow and bond. Nina's inner dialogue is quite funny at times too. Beth is Nina's best friend and I loved her she is great. Kim is the sarcastic, dry hummer friend that made me smile. The characters are all great and I enjoyed each one of them.
Oh yeah hell doesn't want Nina and Jared to be together. Nina has something hell wants. Nina's father has some secrets of his own that are now becoming real threats to Nina and her friends.
For me I love it, love seeing the inter-workings of their relationship. This story does have a Twilight feel to it, but I like Twilight so it worked for me.

language handful
romance adult read, goes to bedroom cloths disappear no major details.

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