Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Intangible by J. Meyers
I really loved this story, it was great. The writing was smooth and flowing, down right pretty in places. I didn't want to put it down, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Luke and Sera or what unwanted predicament they were about to embark upon.
Luke and Sera are twins, and they are special. They each have a special gift Luke is a Seer and Sera has the ability to heal. I loved that they were twins and have a deep connection with each other and have these amazing gifts. When they were quite young they relized what they could do and that not everybody appreciated their abilities. That in fact some ridiculed and thought them to be the damned. Luke and Sera learned early on to hide there gifts from everyone including their family. To the outside world they look like any other teenagers. Then there is Marc gorgeous Marc tall blue eyed and red haired and so sweet, just what Sera needs but....he has a secret that could destroy the twins. I really liked Marc he is so sweet and good to and with Sera. He feels familiar to her and she can let down her guard a little. With that said at the same time I wanted to knock some sense into him, really how could he grrr. One day Sera heals someone from the other realm which will have catastrophic repercussions for the twins and their friends Fey and Jonas.
These characters are wonderful I loved Luke, he is the perfect guy and brother. He is so good with Sera,he is patient and kind, and willing to sacrifice for those he loves. Sera is sweet, smart, has an uncanny ability to find trouble, doesn't trust easily, artist, courageous, and a good friend. Fey is gorgeous and the best of the best in the best friend department, she has the twins back and she loves them, I would just say you do not want to get on Fey's bad side, she is awesome. Then there is Jonas, I really liked him he too is beautifully gorgeous, sweet, and a terrible force to be reckoned with if need be. I loved his relationship with the twins, and his willingness to help them, which didn't seem to be in his best interest, which of coarse makes him all the more endearing. There are a few other characters that were amazing, Lilith wow do not want to be alone and in the same room. Okay don't want to be any were near this woman she is intriguing and really scary. The Shadows were Marc's worse nightmare, and quit the evil ones.
Great story, really enjoyed reading it and becoming attached to Luke and Sera can't wait to find out what will happen next.


  1. I have this one to read next. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. It was really good, I really liked the twin aspect of this story. Plus they have cool powers. Hope you like it, let me know what your thoughts are on it::)