Saturday, July 14, 2012

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I really enjoyed Throne of Glass, right up there with some of my very favorite books. I love fairytale/fantasy books, this was a perfect fit for me and was so glad to get my greedy little fingers on it.
We start off with our Heroine Celeana working the Salt mines as a slave in Edovier. The work is harsh, with long days. She has been sent to the mines for being the renowned Adarlan Assassin. She is the best of the best in her field, and then she was betrayed. Prince Dorian is looking for her to be his assassin and competitor for the Kings Assassin competition. If she wins she will become the kings assassin and after three years time she will have also won her freedom. Celeana's freedom means everything to her, she has been a slave, but she has really never been free. I like the effaces that was placed on how highly she regards hers and other's ability to have agency. Each member of the royal council will also bring a competitor to the table. Some of these men are ruthless, and some are not sure what they have gotten themselves into. The captain of the Guard Westfall takes Celeana to personally train for competition. I really liked him and his relationship with Celeana he was wise, tough,kind and worries about her. As the competition nears more and more competitors show up dead. This puts everyone one edge. Prince Dorian is trying to figure out what is happening and protect Celeana, even though she is capable of protecting herself he is chivalrous and needs her. The prince is an interesting character. He is not initially interested in Celeana. It's after several encounters and dinner discussions that he and she start to feel something for one another. This is really only a part of the story, there is much more going on than meets the eye. Parts of the royal court, and the king himself seem to be up to no good. There is a lot of tension between King Adaran and other Kings in in the Empire. Princess Nehemia is on an extended visit from a neighboring country. She is awesome one of my favorite characters, she is smart and mysteries. She notices something, about the Glass Castle which are unique, and will prove helpful to Celeana. I loved her strength, and loyalty. Celeana senses things are not as they should be and does some exploring, she is lead to what is truly at the heart of the problems for Adarlan. Her world is shattered as she knew it yet she rises above it to be what the Prince and the kingdom need her to be....the ultimate assassin for good and evil.
If you love high fantasy you will not want to miss this gem of a story, it was really well written and the story was so engaging. Definitely worthy of all the praise it and Mrs. Maas are receiving. I only touched on a minuscule of what is going on in the story.

Thanks Netgalley and Blumsbury Children's Books Publishing

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