Saturday, July 14, 2012

Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
WoooooW this story was just amazing and full of heart, life and crazy. This was my first Jennifer Echols books and it was quite the experience and did not disappoint. Mrs. Echol's writes so beautifully with a fullness to her writing. I didn't feel I was left out or missing anything. I was hooked from page one, her writing literally takes and transports you from the here and now to Leah's life, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more of her works.
I loved how real this story felt and was. Leah's life story is tragic, yet not. She is a smart girl, with not so smart a mom. Yet at the same time her mom has major issues as well and doesn't know how to be a parent. Not to excuse her completely, I think she could have figured it out better than she did. Leah though takes responsibility for her life and her mothers and makes something of herself. She doesn't just stand by and let the harshness of her life and environment dictate who or what she is, well most of the time.
Leah lives in Heaven Beach, North Carolina in a trailer park, not just any trailer park. This one is run down, unkempt, scary pit bull tied to a tree, hope you make it to your own run down trailer with out any unwanted attempts made on your person, next to the airport. She loves the sound of the planes, and watching them come and go. Because Leah needs to keep a roof over her head and the airport is in her back yard she seeks out a job there working in the office. What she really wants though is to fly. Mr. Hall from Hall aviation, helps her become that pilot she has always dreamed of becoming. He also becomes a surrogate father to her in his own way. Mr. Hall has twin sons Greyson and Alec and Jake who is the eldest. Leah has always crushed on the handsome brooding Greyson, but the boys do not really seem to notice her or like her much....they have their supposed reasons. One day tragedy strikes and then Greyson needs something from Leah, and he is willing to do what ever he has to to make it happen. From here the story continues to unfold.
This story is just so good there is so much to Leah's story besides just the airport, the twins and her relationship with them. Who does she like, and why? Why does Greyson keep pushing her into the arms of another? Okay, I get what he was doing and he is an emotional mess rightly so....but how could he keep pushing her towards another, after crazy. Speaking of Greyson, I loved his character, he is raw, full of pent up anger/energy, smart, courageous, kind, flawed in big ways, but perfect for Leah. Alec is a softer version of his brother, he is not so raw, but still crazy, and kind. I really liked Molly, Leah's best friend, she is the popular girl who Leah feels took her on as a charity case. Their relationship is very dynamic, a little warped at times, but works for them. Mr. Hall was one of my favorites do to his kindness to Leah, he was willing to help her and not pity her, he is flawed and lonely.
I loved all the flying scenes in this story, I felt like I was flying with Leah watching the world from above. I like that this story was so different from my normal read and that aviation was the means used to make it unique.
This was a very dynamic story with so much to it. We the reader get to see in a small way what it is like to grow up extremely poor, unloved, harassed at school and beyond. Why people might make choices that don't make since to the average person, and yet that choice makes all the since to someone living it. Hope for a better way of life and thinking, a healing of sorts. Leah's story is so full of just that hope, and determination to make her dreams come true.....such a rush.

some language
sex no details

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