Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Scarlet Cord by Joan Wolf

This is a beautiful love story and the coming together of two different people do to race, culture, and religious differences. I enjoyed Mrs. Wolf's writing style. I especially enjoyed the way she writes Sala, he is perfect and chivalrous, sweet, kind, courageous, determined, and comes to cherish Rahab okay so I could go on and on about him. It is more than just these qualities, you since how much Mrs. Wolfed loved this particular character by the way she rights him and gives him voice. Okay maybe that sounds weird, but I really really liked him. Am I write Mr. Wolf?
Rahab, is a beautiful young girl when we first meet her that happens upon a terrifying experience. She is strong and resourceful, and manages to get out of said experience with the help of Sala. I have to say that these early interactions were some of my favorites. I liked that Sala viewed Rahab as different in a good way. Rahab is a girl who speaks her mind, which is not common or necessarily acceptable during this time period. There is also a carefree attitude to her that Sala likes and I think envies a little. She is so very brave, and witty, smart, naive, and very courageous. I really liked their bantering with one another.
Time moves forward and we find Rahab in Jericho with part of her family for the Canaanite New Year Celebration of Baal. At the same time Sala is there with his father as spies for the Israelite's. I enjoyed the relationship with Rahab and Sala and how it unfolds, as well as the classic biblical story. Yes, some liberties are taken with the biblical story, so in that aspect it is inaccurate. However I think the social/culture nature of the story is more accurate. Even though there are inaccuracies to the biblical account it was still an enjoyable read. It made me go back and reread and study some of the chapters in Joshua. All in all a enjoyable read with endearing characters, redemption and love.

Thanks Netgalley and Thomas Nelson Publishing

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