Thursday, August 23, 2012

In The Dark by Farleigh Greyson
This was a fun werewolf story. I loved Marek and his brothers they were pretty darn chivalrous. David especially! Some of them also had other senses or abilities that were interesting. Marek could hear the inner thoughts of everyone except his mate. David was hyper sensitive and aware of peoples emotions to the point that it was a problem for him. Zoe on the other hand doesn't even know what she is, until she meets Marek. They have an incredibly strong bond towards each other, almost like a remembering of each other. Romantic and a little insta- love, but it worked for me. Did have to skim some pages. I liked the plot of the story the Hunter's are after the werewolves to annihilate them basically, because they are not human. The wolves in this area had been left alone or unknown of for years, but all of a sudden the Hunters are there in force. Hmmm why is that? Any way it is an adventure with twist and turns, they are predictable, but the journey was interesting and enjoyable. I liked Zoe and how she took over the cooking for the pack, some interesting and humorous moments.

not clean

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