Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry
This is one of those books that just grabs you from the beginning and says, "hang on for the ride." What a great story of making the best under some of the worst situations, and coming out of it better than just okay.
I love the fact that this story is told in both Echo and Noah's point of views. I really, really like feeling emotionally connected to both of my favorite characters. Having both perspectives, I feel adds another layer of depth and understanding to them. Echo is a beautiful and smart girl she would be considered an over achiever,(not necessarily all her choosing) and a very lonely person. She has few friends and no desire to put her self out there to change any of it. Her life before the "accident/event" she was the in girl, she was a cheerleader, and in with all the popular kids and had a boyfriend. There is not only the accident but also some other losses as well as a new stepmother to deal with. I will just say there are huge family dynamics that are going on and help make the story. Noah too has lost much, his parents died and he and his two younger brothers ended up in the lovely state ran foster care system. What a mess that system is. Noah being significantly older has a hard time finding placement. When he is placed it is not in a "loving family." They are abusive and neglectful homes. Noah is handsome, chivalrous, frustrate, flawed, loved and lost deeply, awesome in the brother department. He use to have it all as well, he was on the football team, smart had great grades and was popular. Now he is constantly in trouble and has a chip on his shoulder. Who could blame him though, he has lost so much and stands to lose even more. There is no one there to help him to succeed and help him out of the mess that is now his life. I think it is a very frustrating and over powering place to be when you feel that there is no hope, and that is were Noah is at. To have it all and then to have nothing, I felt for the poor guy. Just wanted to tell him to hang in there. Well hope comes in the way of Mrs. Collins, the schools clinical social worker and she rocks, loved her. Noah is such a good guy he wants to try and get his brother's back so they can be a family and he is trying to make sure they are safe. He scored big points with me in the big brother awesome department.
Now for Echo and Noah, to emotionally scarred people with lots of baggage and problems. They have lots of hurdles to overcome, and they work through them. The big thing they have going for each of them is that they really trust the other. They give each other time to work through their issues and are there for each other. There is a ton of romantic tension between the two, thought they might com bust at times. lol
I really loved Echo and Noah they are great characters. I enjoyed watching them fall into lust and love, and also to watch them over come their deepest darkest secrets, and losses. To watch them regain hope in life and have dreams come true. A great story with a lot of heart.

lots of sexual tension, sex no detail, drugs, alcohol, wandering hands, pg-13 red.

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