Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Selection by Kiera A. Cass

I had no plans to read this one, I kept picking it up at the library and book stores and reading the synopsis and thought it might be my kind of story. In the back of my mind though, I kept remembering how the author reacted to a review a fellow friend on goodreads had given. Just because it had been a non favorable review. That bothered me, but what really bothered me was the lengths the author went to undermine and discredit this friends review. Shame on her. My understanding is that the author has apologized. Let's just be respectful and greatful we all have opinions and that we have the freedom to express them, please.

On to the book, I actually really liked this story. It has princes and will be princesses right up my alley. It is a fun fluffy chic-lit story, which I was in the mood for as I listened to it as we traveled to California on vacation. This story is a crazy mix of fairytale and dystopian combined, which surprisingly worked.
America is one of the girls who is up for the picking to be the future Princess, but there is a catch or two. Does she even want to marry the Prince? Then there is Prince Max, I have to say I liked him better than America. He is more grounded and real. He is of course handsome, kind, chivalrous, sweet, confused, loyal, and just awesome. He is trying to figure out who he loves and will that love be reciprocated. At the same time the country is having political mini conflicts from within the different social classes. He is trying to help keep his country together and find his perfect match.
I thought it was a really fun, light read. I look forward to reading the second in the series.

Audio book well done, enjoyed the voice telling the story.

content what I remember clean, pg13

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