Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller
*****  5 Huge Stars Loved this one!
This is such a beautiful series that just captivates the reader. Brilliantly done and can't get enough of Ethan *swoons* The man is hot in all his English glory. He is a the perfect package, flawed do to his time spent in the Afghanistan War, chivalrous, gorgeous from head to toe with the most beautiful azure eyes, the English accent gets me every time, his passion for all things pertaining to love and the bedroom, his 100% alpha male is hot, *sighs perfection* and he is just the most perfect English gentleman. Yes, crushing just a little on Ethan *blushes* I would have to say that Ethan Blackstone is my all time favorite leading male character.
This story takes off were it left off, Ethan has taken Brynne to his sister Hannah's home in the country to ensure she will be safe. I love how he takes charge and takes care of Brynne all alpha male. Ethan is already just perfection, but to see him interact with his niece, Zara was just adorable. She is quite the spitfire and just full of all kinds of information that should have been kept quite, oh boy did she put a smile on my face.
Ethan comes up with a more permeate plan to keep Brynne safe.....marriage. He loves Brynne and wants to do this to protect her, and also make her his. The man is so intense and so in love, you see through this story that she is everything to him and has awaken him from his nightmares. He is a man who is completely and totally smitten and in love. Well you can imagine Brynne's reaction, she is a little concerned with giving all of herself to him, inlue of her insecurities. I admire Brynne she gets scarred and insecure a lot, but she works through it and continues forward. She tries really hard to not let the past corrupt her future. Which is challenging since there is still the mad man that is after her. There are a lot of things going on in this third book. Will they get married? Who is after Brynn? Will Ethan open up about his past? and a few extras that make the story none stop enjoyable.
The relationship part of this story is my favorite. These two wounded souls that find each other, and come to realize over a period of time that they are each others other half. They work for their relationship. They struggle through the bad times, but are always looking out for the other even when they don't see eye to eye. They know what they need from each other and give it willingly which makes for some beautiful scorching love scenes. Their's is a love that is a live and beautifully intertwined with the other. Beautiful series!

content: not clean

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